The Ultimate Guide to Ubersuggest for 2022

‍In this guide we will be taking a look into Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is a tool that is meant to help you improve your SEO, find great keywords, generate content ideas, analyze backlink data and much more.

It’s meant to serve individuals and small scale companies who want to improve their website performance and gain more organic visitors. It’s not as extensive as other SEO tools but it still does a great job of helping you find valuable keywords and content ideas.

Let’s dive in and take a look at this amazing tool.

Reading advice; how to do keyword research for SEO

How does Ubbersuggest work? 

Much like other SEO tools online, Ubersuggest works by analyzing keywords, backlinks and domain data to help give you an accurate idea of how valuable and competitive they are.  You can type in a keyword inside their search bar and see all the important data the tool returns for you to analyze.

Let’s take a look into the keyword  “improve photography” for example.

screenshot from the homepage of Ubersuggest on how to use their keyword search

There are essentially 5 levels of data that the tool allows you to look into and they include:

  • Keyword Overview
  • Keyword Ideas
  • Content Ideas
  • Top Ranking Pages
  • Keywords

You can also perform backlinks analysis and site audits which are part of their SEO analyzer. They are essentially available to you throughout other sections of the tool.

Let’s take a look into the keyword ideas to gain a further understanding from an SEO perspective about our keyword “improve photography”.

Pro Tip: All  keyword traffic estimates should be taken with a grain of salt.

Ubersuggest Keyword Overview

Ubersuggest results after typing in a keyword on the homepage
  • Search Volume – We can see that the keyword overview show us the estimated amount of monthly traffic generated by our keyword. ( 480 )
  • SEO Difficulty – The keyword difficulty is a score that is meant to represent the estimated competition in organic search. The lower the number the less competition there is for that particular keyword. (19)
  • Paid Difficulty – The paid difficulty is a score which represents the estimated competition for the keyword in paid search results. The higher the score the more competitive that keyword is in ppc ads.(2)
  • Cost Per Click – This is the average cost per click for paid search results in Google. ($1.34)

We can also gain an idea of the traffic behaviour for our keyword over the past year from the trend graph. On top of that we can see the amount of traffic that is coming from mobile and the amount of traffic that is coming from desktop.

The traffic breakdown is important because it gives you insight into how someone is searching for their content for a specific keyword.

Quote from Neil Patel on the homepage of Ubersuggest

Another cool component of the tool is that it shows us how many backlinks on average the top 10 search results have for the keyword.

This is very valuable because if you want to compete to rank for the keyword you will need to build some backlinks to it. Having an idea of the amount can put you at an advantage.

We can also see that pages which rank in the top 10 search results tend to have a domain score of 75. Although the keyword “improve photography” isn’t competitive, you need to have a pretty high domain authority to score in the top 10 search results.

Ubersuggest Keyword Ideas

Get keyword ideas with the Ubersuggest SEO tool

The keyword ideas section inside Ubersuggest is pretty unique. It allows you to look at keyword ideas on 5 different levels.

They include:

  • Standard keyword suggestions
  • Related keyword suggestions
  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons

Why is this important?

If you are building a piece of content online you’re not going to build something for one specific keyword. It will usually be a combination of interests, questions and additional ideas around that keyword.

These different keyword idea components allow you to create a list of topics you can cover inside your content. Let’s see some of the unique keyword topics we can cover for our keyword “improve photography”.

Keyword Suggestions (exported into Excel)

Export keyword suggestions into excel with Ubersuggest

Related Keywords (exported into Excel)

Get insights in related keywords and export them to excel with Ubersuggest

Keyword Questions (exported into Excel)

See what questions are asked based on a keyword within Ubersuggest

Keyword Prepositions (exported into Excel)

Excel export from the ubersuggest data

Keyword Comparisons (exported into Excel)

compare keywords against eachother based on search volume, cpc, and difficulty

What this allows you to do is create your own list of possible keywords you can target in order to effectively rank your content. If you cover at least 1 or 2 of each of these keyword components inside your content your content can do very well in the SERPS.

These keyword ideas allow you to create long form content that can stand out and beat your competitors. It also allows you to focus on targeting keyword ideas which have higher amounts of traffic.

Ubersuggest Content Ideas

The content ideas section gives you sample articles and pages which rank high in search engines for your target keyword.

This is extremely valuable if you want to see what kind of content ranks high in search engines. It can help you generate ideas on how you can create a better piece of content and beat your competitors.

You can also see the estimated keywords the page ranks for along with the amount of visitors per month.

This is extremely valuable when deciding which keywords you want to target for your content and what kind of traffic you can expect if you can rank your content in the top position.

On top of that you have visibility into the SEO difficulty behind each different keyword. This can help you isolate which keyword to focus on in order to get the most traffic.

If that wasn’t enough you have visibility into which websites the backlinks are coming from for the particular piece of content that ranks high for your target keyword.

This allows you to compile a list of the websites you need to target for backlinks if you want to achieve similar rankings.

Ubersuggest Traffic Analyzer

The Ubersuggest traffic analyzers can help you gain an idea behind the kind of traffic top pages and keywords can generate for a keyword or domain.

Let’s take a look at what kind of traffic has.‍

We can see that these are some pretty serious traffic stats.

It ranks for over 954,000 organic keywords with an estimated monthly traffic of close 1.5m organic visitors. You need some serious server power to handle that much traffic.

It boasts a domain score of 90 which is extremely high and has over 22 million backlinks.

Yes, you heard that right. 22 million backlinks !!!

You can also see SEO keyword ranking distribution and how many keywords rank in each different position scale.

‍This can show you how dominant a website is when it comes to getting a top position in search results.

Another important element we can see is their top ranking page in terms of the amount of traffic it generates for the website.

Having visibility to how much traffic a specific page brings in for a website is very valuable because it helps you gain an idea what kind of traffic you can get if you manage to rank high for a specific keyword.

Ubersuggest also gives us visibility into the top keywords by country for which a specific domain
ranks for.

If we click on a specific keyword inside the SEO keywords section we can see the data specific for that keyword.

Let’s take a look into the keyword top keyword “youtubing”

This is very valuable because it allows you to tap into keywords which are driving the most traffic for a domain you are interested in analyzing or one of your competitors.

Power at your fingertips.

Is Ubersuggest Worth it ?

If you don’t want to spend any money or SEO tools or you simply don’t have the budget for it, the free version of Ubersuggest is totally worth it. It has tons of data which you can use to gain valuable SEO insights and ideas about what kind of keywords you should target.

You can also get the Ubersuggest chrome extension and analyze keywords and data from Youtube.

Check out Our Full Article on the  UberSuggest Chrome Extension 2.0

If you want to more flexibility and keyword management capabilities you can get the paid version of Ubersuggest

But you can pretty much get all the data you need with their free version.

Check it out and see how much you can improve your keyword research and SEO skills.