Instagram Marketing Strategies To Help Drive Traffic

Instagram is a popular social media platform primarily focused on sharing pictures and videos. It’s a visual platform where followers like, share, and comment on other people’s posts. In recent years, Instagram has added features like stories, IGTV, and slide decks, which allow users to create unique content and further engage with their followers. 

Instagram can be an intimidating platform for new users, or people newly using the platform to share their brand. In this article we will explore Instagram marketing stories to help drive traffic, such as adding a link in bio, writing thoughtful captions, tagging products, using Instagram stories, creating IGTV videos, and partnering with influencers. 

Although you cannot have active links in your captions, the Instagram bio page has a spot to place a clickable link. This leads to the classic line written frequently in Instagram captions:

You can update the link in your bio as often as you’d like. 

If you truly can’t decide which link to put in your bio, websites like Linktree provide the opportunity to create a social media landing page that includes multiple links. Here you could link to a particular article on your website, other social media pages, and specific product pages on your website. 

Thoughtful Captions

Instagram captions provide the opportunity to create call-to-actions for your followers. Your captions should be engaging , interesting, and feel authentic to your brand. 

They should be written in the same voice that’s found on your website and other places your brand is represented. 

Consistency with your brand voice across all platforms helps create consistency in the minds of the consumer. 

Captions also help you encourage your followers to do something, whether it be to click the link in your bio, to comment on your post, or to enter the contest you’re running. Common Instagram contests request followers to like the photo, follow them, and comment something on their post.

This helps drive engagement with your page. It also helps your posts show up in your engaged followers’ feeds. 

An Instagram marketing strategy to help drive traffic is to hold a contest where users must click the link in your bio and complete a task on that webpage, like providing their email address to subscribe to your e-newsletter. Followers typically have to be motivated or specifically asked to interact.

Tag Products

Instagram has the option to tag products on your posts. In order to be able to tag products, there are certain steps you have to go through first. You must have a business page, be connected to Facebook, and upload your product catalog before you’ll be able to tag products in your photos. 

Once you’ve completed the necessary steps, you’ll be able to add product links on your posts that will go directly to your website for purchase. 

instagram marketing strategies

Think of these types of product posts as free advertising. You’re able to write a caption discussing the product, provide a photo that displays your product beautifully, and put a clickable link right in front of your followers. 

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Instagram stories allow you to engage with your following, display your brand’s personality, and build a connection. Instagram stories go beyond just pictures. They help you elaborate on yourself, your website, and your brand in an interesting video. 

Beyond creating engaging Instagram stories, you can also add links to your stories. 

Followers just have to “swipe up” on your stories to be taken to the webpage you linked to. In order to add links to your Instagram stories you have to either have a business profile, verified account, or 10,000 followers. 

Adding links to your Instagram stories allows you to make call-to-actions very easy for your followers because you are putting it right in front of them. 

If you want them to read a new blog post on your website, click the link to enter your giveaway, or sign up for your email list, you can put the link directly in your video so it’s easy for people to participate. 

Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights allow you to save particular stories on your highlight reels. You can create your own labels for each highlight reel. This helps you organize your videos so it’s easy for followers to look through. You may follow several techniques to increase your follower count. If you still do not manage to get your goal followers. Then you should try to find an authentic growth tool for boosting your Insta profile. Beware of spams like Simplygram and research properly to get an organic service.

A few examples are “Product Demonstrations,” “Blog Posts,” and “Podcast Episodes.” This gives people the opportunity to find specific content later. 

Perhaps someone remembers a specific story you posted a month ago about a blog post on your website. They can look through your “Blog Posts” highlight reel to potentially jog their memory. 

instagram marketing strategies

It’s important to remember that not every story you post is worth saving to your highlight reel. Your highlights should truly be a highlight reel. 

They should be crisp and concise. Think of them as helpful file folders for followers to look through your content. 


IGTV videos have the interest of an Instagram story with the stability of an Instagram post. On your Instagram profile, there is a tab where your IGTV videos are stored. 

This means your followers can always refer back to the same place to watch these videos, just like how they can always go back and review your posts. 

Unlike Instagram posts, you can put live links in the descriptions of your IGTV videos. You can create call-to-actions in these videos and put the link in the video description. For example, you could create a separate IGTV video for each tab on your website, and then include the link in each description. 

IGTV videos give you the opportunity to further explain something in a video with the link for more information right in front of your followers. Similar to “link in bio,” IGTV videos typically say “click the link in the description.”

Partner with Influencers

Influencers have an engaged following interested in specific topics. Partnering with influencers helps you engage with their following and draw them to your brand. Perhaps you don’t have the budget for an influencer with a large following. 

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Think beyond the typical mega-influencers and look to work with multiple micro-influencers instead. 

Even though their audience is smaller, micro-influencers are typically in a niche category and have an engaged following. Working with micro-influencers allows you to tap into their network of loyal followers to help increase your followers and website clicks. 


Instagram is a visual platform fueled by creative content designed to engage with followers. Focused on helping drive traffic, a few Instagram marketing strategies are to add links to your bio, Instagram stories, and IGTV videos. 

In your posts and videos where you talk about your website, you can put the link directly in front of your followers so it’s easy to click on and engage. 

Instagram stories can be saved to your highlight reels so followers can still find important information after it’s disappeared from your stories. Make sure to only save the stories that deserve to make the highlight reel. 

Once our account has access to this feature, tagging products in your posts is another option that makes it even easier for followers to access your website and products. Partnering with influencers helps you engage with a niche following and draw them to your brand. 

Instagram can be an intimidating platform initially, but an engaged following can help drive traffic to your website and create an interest in your brand.