Expandi review

Features and options

Expandi is a LinkedIn automation tool that enables its users to generate new leads using an omni-channel approach. It helps users to collect the right target audience, and create an unlimited number of outreach campaigns for various market segments. 

Automate your LinkedIn outreach and stand out from the crowd with Expandi’s unique campaigns and the opportunity to personalize your approach. 

Expandi is the most powerful sales tool for B2B business, and can help you become a LinkedIn expert with a few clicks. 

Contact your prospects on LinkedIn and by Email via smart automated sequences and watch the leads fly in.

Whoever you are or however you use the platform, this smart software can think for you to create the highest number of personalized touch points with your audience. 

Over twelve thousand companies are using the Expandi tool for smarter outreach, with the aim to maximize the number of potential customers for their businesses.

Main features of Expandi tool include:

  • LinkedIn outreach
  • Email outreach
  • Smart sequences
  • Image and GIF personalization

Pros and cons Expandi


  • High quality automation processes
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Multiple outreach channels
  • Affordable price


  • Short trial (7 days)
  • Could be blocked by Linkedin
  • Linkedin could prohibit automations

Expandi competitors:

Benefits of Expandi

Saving time and money

On LinkedIn, people spend a lot of time engaging with their business communities and the audience. With Expandi, users can automate these processes and achieve their main LinkedIn goal – staying relevant on the platform and reaching potential prospects without spending a lot of time and other resources.

With the cost of a monthly subscription, there is no need to spend extra time managing the LinkedIn account. This way businesses can cut costs on employing a person that usually takes care of their presence on LinkedIn.

The tool automates the initiation of conversations, to save up resources in the initial phase of conversations. Later, users can manually continue communicating with users that respond to your reachout.

There is no need for users to have a premium subscription from LinkedIn in order to use Expandi. This is another way to cut costs for their users. However, Sales Navigator search or a Recruiter search options are only possible to access for users who have these subscriptions in the first place.

Moreover, it is a completely cloud based solution, which cuts hardware and software related costs that come with running a software. Users will save resources here as well since they don’t need a computer to run the tool constantly. Everything operates on the cloud, 24/7, or in intervals that the users predefine.

In order to help their users onboard faster, Expandi website provides users with a knowledge base. It helps them easily go through its important aspects. From onboarding and improving their LinkedIn profiles and behavior, to building campaigns, the users are covered. 

Besides that, there is a team of people that is there to help users with anything they need to handle.

Building a network automatically

LinkedIn is a network that is about creating connections. 70% of B2B leads generated on social networks come from LinkedIn. With the growing number of users it is difficult to reach them. 

Usually, people have to send multiple connection requests and keep creating content to attract the right audience. With Expandi, building networks is becoming easier.

The tool can send out connection requests automatically. There is a randomized delay between actions, so human behavior will be replicated.

There is a personalized LinkedIn outreach option. Users can send up to one hundred messages and invites daily.

Auto-warm up feature is there to provide a gradual increase in campaign limits. This helps users mimic human behavior on the network. 

Creating campaigns with follow ups for first, second or third degree connections with personal invitations and messages is automatized as well. There is a personalization option that comes in the form of dynamic placeholders based on characteristics of a lead. 

The tool has a ​smart inbox and in app chat option. It is integrated with both LinkedIn and email so the communication with potential leads can be kept in one place.  

Ease of use

The tool comes with an intuitive dashboard. It provides detailed analytics and real-time updates. That is how users can identify the campaigns that create the best results and modify their behavior based on the data. 

Users can import the list of leads they want to reach to the dashboard with a couple of clicks and begin connecting with them automatically.

There is an option of integrating Expandi with other apps through webhooks or API endpoints.

Besides being user-friendly, the dashboard is fully customizable. That’s how the usual drawbacks such as security duplication or troubles logging are avoided. 

To make the use even easier, there is a Smart Sequences option that allows users to devise different scenarios for different workflows, all depending on the behavior of their leads.

There are nine different actions that can be combined into one sequence. Time delay between them can be customized and users can add steps in between them by their preference. 

The actions that the users can take are the following:

  1. Viewing of the lead’s LinkedIn profile
  1. Following the lead’s LinkedIn profile
  1. Following the lead’s LinkedIn company page
  1. Skill endorsement
  1. Sending a connection invite to the 2nd, 3rd-degree and group connections
  1. Sending a follow-up LinkedIn messages to user’s 1st-degree connections
  1. Sending an InMail to user’s 2nd and 3rd-degree connections
  1. Liking the latest posts of the lead 
  1. Combining email with LinkedIn outreach

Price range

Unified price of $99 per seat per month. There are no price brackets that depend on the features provided – every user gets the same package with all the features that the tools provide.



There are many processes that can be automated with Expandi, from automatically sending LinkedIn connection invitations to automating skill endorsements. Users can like posts, automate profile views, follows and reactions, as well as set up campaigns. There is an option of automatically targeting leads that interacted with the posts users make, among others.
There is a fixed monthly cost of $99 per seat.
Yes, there is a seven day free trial. All features that the tool provides are included in the free trial so the users can get accustomed to all the functionalities Expandi provides.
Yes, there is an option of becoming a reseller of Expandi software. The whitelabeled solution can be customized by choosing a suitable theme and color.
No. There is just one option, providing all features of the tool to all of the subscribers.
No. Expandi is a completely cloud-based solution, which means that it works seamlessly without the need to download any files.