How Outsourced Sales and Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Business

Outsourcing is becoming more of a common practice amongst companies who want to grow their business in a cost effective way. It has sparked the growth of new industries and businesses which help companies find the right people for the job. 

In this article we will take a look how outsourced sales and marketing can help you grow your business. We will also look at some of the best outsourcing companies on the market to help you do so. 

What is Outsourced Sales?

More companies are realizing the massive savings they can have over time by outsourcing part of their sales process . Outsourced sales is the process of outsourcing your sales method or team to a third party company. Instead of having your sales in house, a third party company who specializes in sales handles part or your whole entire sales process for you. 

Outsourcing sales allows companies to have a full time sales force without having to make individuals full time employees. The amount of money and time spent on finding qualified candidates for a sales related role can be quite high. These costs can be significant for small companies which can really prevent them from growing to the next level. 

Outsourced sales companies can help lower the hiring risk for companies by providing valuable outsourced sales solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional sales employees. This relationship can help increase the profitability of the company which can allow them to grow to the next level. 

It’s worth mentioning that outsourced sales will not work for every industry type. The fit has to be on both ends of the spectrum in order for the relationship accordingly. 

Examples of sales where outsourcing works:

  • Lead generation 
  • Digital product selling
  • Subscription selling
  • Territory management
  • Affiliate products
  • Outbound Calling
  • Social Selling
  • Sales Chat

These are sales segments which are commonly outsourced to third party companies. 

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What is Outsourced Marketing?

There are plenty of companies that chose to do their marketing in house. While that has it’s benefits it can be quite costly. This is due to the fact that you need a whole separate department in order to handle your marketing. The cost of having employees tends to rise every year and it can be challenging as a small business. 

Companies who want to completely focus on creating and building the best products and services often choose to outsource their marketing. They feel more comfortable letting a third party company who already has experience and the necessary staff to handle their marketing at a much lower cost and more effective scale.

Some of the benefits of using outsourced marketing solutions include:

  • Companies can quickly find qualified people to handle marketing at a much lower cost
  • They can find specialist that can help market their product or service to a more targeted audience
  • Allows companies to scale much more efficiently
  • Companies can develop better b2b relationships

Companies to Outsource Your Sales

If you are serious about outsourcing part of even your whole sales process it’s important to do the necessary research before you decide the type of firm to select. Outsourcing your sales to a third party company may not always be the best fit. The company has to be a good fit and the sales process has to align accordingly. 

Below are 3 different companies who specialize in outsourced sales management. 

  1. SalesPartnerships.comThey specialize in product launching, customer engagement, customer acquisition and client retention strategies. Great for companies who are just starting out and want to successfully launch a new product or service.
  2. This company aims to help business to business companies build brand awareness, acquire new leads for their business and close them. Great for companies who have the necessary budget in place to outsource their entire sales process and have a satellite team. 
  3. – This platform allows you to hand select and vet individual remote reps who can help you scale your existing lead flow and close them. They provide you with a full end to end process to help you find a custom solution that is right fit for your business.

Companies to Outsource Your Marketing

Companies who don’t understand marketing and want to focus their attention on their products and services tend to outsource their marketing. It helps them by saving costs and allows them to put their focus where it matters. It also allows experienced marketing professionals to handle their brand awareness and marketing processes. 

Below are 3 different companies who specialize in outsourced marketing management. 

1) They specialize in outsourced digital marketing and creating a long marketing strategy to take your business to new heights. Some of the businesses they focus on include B2B SaaS marketing, mobile marketing, healthcare marketing and much more.

2) Cloudstaff.comCloudStaff helps companies find offshore talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring traditional marketing employees. They only recruit the best talent and focus on long term retention to help the needs of your business flourish. Great for smaller scale companies who still want to have some involvement in the day to day marketing decisions. 

3) Antimattermarketing.comThey focus on analyzing your business needs first and then focus on building the right marketing team with the right experience to help handle the needs of your business. Some of the standard marketing tasks they focus on include, paid acquisitions strategy, advertising on Google and Bing, email marketing, CRM and sales team integrations and so much more. 

Once you determine the type of needs your business has in terms of sales and marketing you can then make the necessary decisions whether or not you want to outsource your sales and marketing process.

In the long term it can be a great addition to your business strategy. This is because it can cut costs, open up room for expansion and allow you to focus on your products and services so you can have a leg up on your competitors. 

Pro tip: Fiverr is a great platform to find marketing freelancers