10 Best TiKTok Tools For Explosive Growth in 2022| Free and Paid|

TikTok is the most popular app on the market right now and new influencers are popping up every single day and quickly building an audience. The flurry of new influencers and creators is quickly causing the app to become more and more competitive every day.

The rising popularity of TikTok, combined with the rising competition can make it difficult for new and aspiring creators to get noticed. The good news is that if you want to stand out on the platform and harness growth and followers you can make use of TikTok tools to help you grow your audience.

In this article we will explore some of the different TikTok tools and what they can help you accomplish, the different types of TikTok bots and how they work, along with some of the most popular TikTok tool providers in the industry right now.

Let’s dive right in!

What are TikTok Tools and Which ones are the Best?

TikTok automation tools, explained what they can do plus examples of tiktok tools

TikTok tools are small third party apps which are installed alongside the TikTok app in order to help you gain more engagements, growth and popularity as a content creator or influencer.

They are meant to automate some of the manual tasks which are needed to help grow your following and audience.

These tools allow you to automate tasks such as:

  • Choosing accounts to target
  • Interacting with other TikTok accounts
  • Gaining followers, likes and views
  • Video Editing
  • TikTok Analytics
  • Managing Marketing

And so much more.


Fueltok is a TikTok tool which allows you to automate your actions in order to gain you more followers, likes, views and increase your overall exposure on the platform.

Their TikTok bots will target your potential audiences and use your account to automatically interact with them while you focus on creating better content. You can count with Fueltok to generate attention towards your account inside the social media platform.


Loomly is the all-in-one brand success platform that is meant to help your team communicate more effectively through all your social media channels.

The Loomly platform allows you to manage your content, team meetings, approve workflow and so much more. It brings a cohesive method to making sure your team is well connected and engaged on all your projects.

Social Blade

Social blade is an online platform that allows you to analyze data and statistics for Youtube channels, Twitter accounts, TikTok accounts and so much more.

It’s a tool that is meant to help you visualize the performance data between social media accounts with the goal of helping you to track your growth across all your content accounts.


Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that is meant to help you gain insights into influencer’s performance by analyzing all levels of their engagements.

It allows you to run marketing campaigns and stay on top of your relationships to run your marketing more effectively. It’s extremely effective in helping you to find influencers, create relationships and market yourself and your products more effectively.

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Fanbytes is another platform that is meant to help brands engage with GenZ audiences more effectively.

They feature tools to help you gain fans on TikTok, they allow you to tap into their large influencer network and allow brands to tap into the younger generation of social media users and influencers.

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a comprehensive social media marketing tool which enables professionals, small teams and businesses to completely automate their social media marketing activities. T

Their tools enable brands and businesses to boost their teams efficiency by fully automating some of the cumbersome tasks that come with managing social media.


Autotokker is a TikTok growth service. Much like Fueltok, it’s meant to help you gain more followers, views and engagements to your TikTok account.

It’s meant to help TikTok creators and influencers grow their audience by automating certain TikTok actions. These include following and unfollowing accounts, auto-liking, auto-commenting and so much more.


Grampresso is a platform which allows you to gain more TikTok and Instagram followers. Their tool is extremely easy to use and allows you to quickly acquire real authentic TikTok and Instagram followers.

They have unique filters which allow you to find the most targeted accounts and pages to interact with in order to grow our followers and engagements.

Hashtags for Likes

Hashtags for Likes is a tool which focuses on helping you discover and research the most relevant hashtags on TikTok and other platforms.

They allow you to create hashtags campaigns to grow your following organically, analyze your performance and track your results. Their tools allow you to see how effective your posts are through their interactive dashboard and reporting analytics.

All these TikTok tools are unique in regards to the types of services and functionalities they provide for creators and influencers. But one of the most common functionalities they offer is the ability to automate tasks through the use of TikTok bots.

What are TikTok Bots?

tik tok tools

TikTok bots hook up to your creator account and automatically interact with your audience by liking their content and following them. The bots automate the process of attracting attention to your creator account which in turn ends up increasing your number of followers, likes and views.

Some of the best TikTok bots to help automate your growth include features as:

  • TikTok Followers bot
  • Likes bot
  • TikTok Views bot

The correct use of these TikTok bots can help you boost your overall growth and exposure on the platform.

TikTok Followers Bot

A TikTok followers bot works by automatically following other accounts on TikTok that are in your target niche. By sending auto follow requests to users that like your content, they will see your account on their notifications feed and there’s a great chance they will follow you back.

The best thing about TikTok follower bots is that you can customize the settings to options human eyes will probably miss or that would take too long to replicate.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger, you can order the automation tool to only follow people that have posted on the #fashion hashtag in the last 2 hours and that have less than 1000 followers themselves.

By doing this automatically, you increase your chances of them noticing your follow request. Since these are active accounts that don’t have a lot of followers and they will probably follow you back.

Using Fueltok followers bot will guarantee you up to 50-100 followers every day from your desired niche that are active and that will most likely contribute to your TikTok success journey.

If you want to optimize your results you should consider the option to buy followers first before using a TikTok followers tool. Fueltok offers a service that will help you once you send a follow request. This is because it will boost your account status/authority and the chances of people following you back will greatly increase.

It’s no question that TikTok is gaining more and more popularity. As a result, competition, advertisers and major brands are quickly flooding to make use of the app and it’s exposure potential.

Having more followers on your profile boosts your influence, credibility and has the ability to bring you sponsorship deals.

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TikTok Likes Bot

TikTok likes bots are tools meant to help you get more TikTok likes on your videos from real users which find your content engaging and entertaining. 

If you spend your day engaging with other users’ content, they will also return the favor by engaging back with more likes and views – but it’s time consuming. That’s where TikTok like bots come in handy. They will automate all your liking activity, getting you the extra likes and you get the added benefit of not investing any time into it.

A great example of a TikTok like bot is Fueltok, the team has invested in optimizing the liking algorithm so it always replicates your actions safely and to the most targeted users inside the platform.

Although bots work well, there are other ways to improve your engagement. These include the TikTok like tools. The main difference is you don’t need to engage on the other users’ content and they will engage on yours as soon as you post.

These tools give you the ability to control the delivery speed of your likes so they have a natural organic appearance. All you have to do is simply buy TikTok likes and set your delivery schedule.

Getting high-quality TikTok likes can help your profile gain visibility and exposure on the platform a lot quicker. The like tools can also help with ranking your videos higher for the relevant hashtags you use and also help you get featured on the infamous ForYou page.

Not only that, but if you are an influencer it can help you get noticed by brands who may be interested in striking a deal with you.

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TikTok Views Bot

A TikTok views bot can get your profile hundreds of views every day delivered to your content. It works the same way as the previous bots but this time it will exchange views with other users. This can increase your overall number of views as well.

You can also choose to buy TikTok views from real users at Fueltok’s website. This is one of the best tools to gain an initial burst of views to your videos if you are just getting started with TikTok or want to take your exposure to the next level.

Getting more views when you first post a new video can help get you featured higher for a specific hashtag or niche.

Fueltok offers custom packages that can help you improve your exposure as a creator on the platform. These go from getting engagement in 1 single post from up to 30 posts monthly (the best deal).

tik tok tools

If you are serious about TikTok you can choose one of their monthly packages, which will deliver your desired number of views as soon as you post for a period of 30 days.

The Benefits of Using TikTok Bots

As a creator you should be focusing on creating engaging and original content which your audience enjoys and interacts with. Constantly following other accounts, liking their content and posting comments can eat up quite a bit of your time.

Using TikTok bots to automate some of these cumbersome tasks allows you to focus on creating better content which improves your chances of succeeding.

If you are an influencer and someone who takes the platform very seriously for your brand and business, using bots to automate certain functionalities on the app can help you maintain consistent growth.

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If you are new to the TikTok platform or are already an established creator or influencer who wants to take things to the next level, we highly recommend using TikTok tools to help you gain more followers, likes and exposure on the platform.

Fueltok is currently one of the best TikTok tools available and they’re currently offering a 7-day Free trial which allows you to test their service before you make any type of commitment.