Twitter Marketing Strategy For Beginners: How to Use Twitter to Improve Your Marketing Reach

As a beginner in the social media marketing realm, Twitter can feel like one of the most daunting platforms.

It’s a platform with a reputation for disagreements, trolling, and being an echo chamber. Despite the negative aspects of Twitter, the platform does have its upsides, benefits, and happy communities. We like Twitter for its easy access to brands and celebrities, concise format, and opportunity to form connections with an audience.

All of these aspects to Twitter make it a great social media platform for brands looking to reach a wider audience. In this article we will discuss a Twitter marketing strategy for beginners, how to use Twitter to improve your marketing reach, and the importance of a high quality Twitter content strategy.

High Quality Twitter Content Strategy

When crafting your Twitter marketing plan, it’s important to have a thoughtful and intentional content strategy.

Every tweet you craft should provide value for your audience. Providing value can happen in a multitude of ways.

  • Your tweets should either provide entertainment to your audience that keeps them coming back for more
  • Inspire them to think or act a certain way
  • Provide information on particular topics.

Sorting your tweets into these three main purposes helps you stay on tracking when creating your content strategy.

When brainstorming Twitter marketing ideas, planning out your content at least one month in advance gives you enough time to come up with creative ideas that are also intentional in their purpose to entertain, inspire, or inform.

With the 280-character limit per tweet, Twitter forces its users to be more concise and thoughtful in their wording.

It doesn’t leave room for fluff.

Having a creative Twitter content strategy that provides value for your audience will keep your existing follower-base engaged while also drawing in new followers.

Your existing followers and your potential followers can tell when you’re posting high quality content versus when you’re posting empty content that’s annoyingly filling up space on their timeline.

Frequency and Timing of Your Posts

Twitter is the main social media platform where it’s more common and completely acceptable to post more frequently.

While posting three times every day on Instagram or Facebook would most likely irritate your followers, tweeting three or more times per day is normal and wouldn’t raise a red flag.

However, this doesn’t mean you can go overboard and start posting every hour. You don’t want to spam your followers and drive them away.

The frequency with which you’re posting should be set forth by your marketing plan. Posting multiple times every day also gives you the opportunity to post a variety of content that still keeps your audience engaged.

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When putting together your Twitter marketing strategy as a beginner, it’s also important to know the best times of the day to post for your audience and your industry. Also you need to know that increasing followers is very essential to boost your Twitter profile. That’s why you may look for the best sources to buy real Twitter followers.

Is your audience more active first thing in the morning before work, or late at night after most people have gone to bed? Meeting your audience on their time schedule is a great way to improve your Twitter marketing reach.

Scheduling tools can make this easier so you don’t have to log on the platform multiple times per day to push out tweets. Keeping your content schedule a mix of scheduled tweets and organically posted tweets will keep your timeline feeling fresh and like it’s run by actual human beings.

Having an Engaging Presence Through Replies, Retweets, and Tags

Another way to use Twitter to improve your marketing reach as a beginner is to create an engaging brand presence on the platform. This can include

  • Replying
  • Retweeting
  • Tagging
  • Liking other people’s content

Twitter can be a great platform for sharing helpful information, learning from other people, and telling interesting stories. Interacting with other users through replying and retweeting provides an opportunity to build these connections.

Part of establishing your brand’s personality on Twitter is the way you interact with other users. Your Twitter content strategy for engaging with other users should be just as thoughtful as your brand’s Twitter marketing plan.

Only retweet content that provides value to your audience and aligns with the values of your brand. Retweets are essentially endorsements, and there should be thought behind which content you promote to your audience.

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Your Twitter Social Media Marketing Strategy Should Be Visually Appealing

Visual content is more interesting, exciting, and engaging for social media users. Infographics, memes, and images all add visual interest and draw in your audience.

They also receive more engagement when compared to text-only tweets. Sometimes Twitter can feel like a sea of text, and thoughtful images can break this up and stop users from mindlessly scrolling past your content.

Visuals like infographics keep your existing audience entertained while also drawing in potential new followers.

Visuals also provide you with another opportunity to establish brand recognition of your logo, colors, and overall branding. Once your audience can start associating a certain style of images, graphics, or memes to your brand, you’ve established brand recognition in their mind and can get them to stop scrolling when they see your content.

Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags

When it comes to a Twitter social media marketing strategy, hashtags are the glue that keeps it altogether. Even the most well-thought-out Twitter marketing plans can run awry if the hashtags are not right.

  • Hashtags provide an easy way for users to search for and find your content.
  • Hashtags give smaller brands and Twitter accounts a seat at the table next to big brands and Twitter handles with a large amount of followers.

In addition to using currently popular hashtags for your industry, you can also establish your own brand hashtag. Brand hashtags could simply be your brand name, slogan, or something that’s synonymous with your brand.

Establishing a brand hashtag provides an easy way for followers to interact with your brand and for you to find the content. If users are tweeting about your brand and using your hashtags, you can easily find the content, interact with the content, and measure your engagement.

You can also create new hashtags for individual campaigns and contests. Campaigns and contests can be seasonal, promotional, etc.

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While crafting a Twitter marketing strategy can be difficult to traverse as a beginner, having a high quality Twitter content strategy can help you navigate this difficult terrain. Through consistent and intentional efforts, your brand’s Twitter following and number of engagements should continue growing over time.

Which Twitter marketing strategies are you currently using? Which strategies are you looking forward to implementing next month?