10 Ways to Generate More Leads on LinkedIn

Let’s admit it, no matter how good your brand idea or team is, your business won’t sustain longer if you fail to generate more & more leads.

Another fact: LinkedIn is today the gold mine for B2B lead generation. It is one of the most popular networking platforms to connect with CEOs, business owners, marketing consultants, managers, and decision-makers than any other social site, like Instagram or Facebook.

And here are some interesting statistics you must consider before we proceed further.

  • LinkedIn boasts over 740 Million active users (2020) and has become one of the top social media platforms.
  • LinkedIn is the most prevalent platform for B2B marketers.
  • Lead conversion rates on LinkedIn are 3X higher than other major ad platforms, including Google Ads.
  • Nearly 76% of business executives check their LinkedIn accounts on a daily basis.

So, it is pretty evident that LinkedIn generates more leads than any other marketing strategy like Facebook posting, tweeting, or blogging. And there are ample ways to exploit this fantastic platform for lead generation & monetizing it.

Here are the 10 most accessible ways you can use to generate more leads on LinkedIn.

Get ready to pen down!

Be Sure About the Right LinkedIn Target Audience

Knowing your buyer persona is crucial for any marketing strategy to succeed. It annoys people to be retargeted with the same outreach approaches. Trust us, it sounds spammy.

So, to acquire the right audience on LinkedIn, you must consider your sales cycle. Understand what you want to sell and whom you should approach. Besides knowing your target audience, you should also consider things, like:

  • popular LinkedIn & Facebook groups they are a part of,
  • the type of LinkedIn posts they look for,
  • the influences they follow,
  • their pain points & how your product or service can serve to resolve them.

Optimize Your Profile

ways to generate more leads on linkedin

People will connect with you only when they know enough about you. An incomplete, irrelevant profile won’t attract any of your target audience. So, before you proceed with your LinkedIn marketing plan, spend time perfecting or optimizing your profile. Be specific about what you do & what you are the best at. In addition, create a compelling heading and summary to catch attention instantly. Add a decent profile picture and provide your work experience.

Also, provide complete details about your brand, including its location, size, operational years, products/services, etc. Add website URL & company logo for more awareness. Remember, an up-to-date profile makes you & your brand trustworthy.

Work on Your Content

LinkedIn is the best platform to showcase your company’s industry experience & knowledge. However, you must think strategically about the content type you share on this platform. Post organic & curated content that is relevant to your target audience.

It is always a good marketing strategy to post detailed & thought leadership articles on your LinkedIn, so your audience doesn’t have to leave LinkedIn to visit your website. Don’t forget to offer them a Call-To-Action (CTA) to engage with you or your company (contact form, newsletters subscription, etc.). This will help you achieve faster conversion results.

Click the “Connect” Button Often

One easy way to broaden your network is to click the “connect” button often on the “People You May Know” list on LinkedIn. The biggest mistake you can make is to overlook these suggestions. Exploring this list can connect you with thought-leaders, corporates & professionals whom you should definitely connect with. Just remember, everyone you meet or talk to about business is a potential LinkedIn connection.

Recommend & Endorse

Just like you want your audience to know you & praise you on a social platform for others to see & take notice of, your connections also want the same. Hence, for those you know in person or have worked together with, you should leave recommendations on their profile. In addition, you should also consider spreading goodwill by endorsing skills on their LinkedIn profile.

If you do so, they are likely to return the favor in some way, which can be a significant move for your lead generation strategy.

Keep a Check on Your Profile “Viewers”

Another noticeable feature of LinkedIn is the “Someone viewed your profile” list. It helps you know who all are interested in your brand or profile & what makes them look out for you. You can always approach or connect with someone who looks like a prospect.

See how you can help but don’t indulge in direct selling. Lead with content, and you will have increased chances for conversion.

Engage in LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are one of the best ways to easily and quickly find quality prospects. Do not restrict yourself to join groups that only pertain to your industry/niche. Instead, look out for groups that interest your prospects & target audience and join them. Besides, join groups with a decent number of members. Also, choose groups where people are active & interact regularly, and follow rules of engagement.

Don’t Miss Out on LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

Paid campaigns are an integral part of any marketing strategy. And that is why even LinkedIn offers paid advertising options, including sponsored messaging, text ads, and dynamic ads.  What’s best about LinkedIn ads is that you can create them around your specific business goals & can work through all the stages of a sales funnel – awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Be Persistent

Persistency is the only golden rule for any social media marketing strategy. No person, business, or brand can succeed without being consistent with their social media marketing & the same goes for LinkedIn.

No matter how good your LinkedIn lead-generation strategy is, it won’t benefit if you don’t post updates regularly. Hence, spend a minute posting “What’s in your mind?” to your LinkedIn feed each day. It can be an article or a link to some article, video clip, a new product or feature update or even customer feedback. By sharing your ideas, you can spark conversations about new opportunities with your connections & prospects.

Also, be consistent in keeping track of your LinkedIn profile to re-plan or improvise your lead generation strategies. Leverage tools that can help you automate your LinkedIn and polish your lead-generation & conversion actions.

Leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator

ways to generate more leads on linkedin

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is a masterpiece when it comes to B2B lead generation. This feature equips you with a number of tools to find, follow & connect with top prospects. You also get more export contact data at scale for manual or automated email outreach. However, you will need to become a premium LinkedIn member to use this tool.

Bonus: Follow the Norm of Reciprocity 

It’s simple: What you give, you get. The norm of Reciprocity is all about serving each other for mutual benefits. So, be authentic and engage with others and look for a win-win. Help people in your space achieve their goals while you work on your own.

The Final Words

So, if you haven’t thought of including LinkedIn in your marketing strategy, you must start considering & acting upon it seriously. Make LinkedIn a part of your routine and follow the above-discussed ways consistently, and you will get wonderful results for your business soon.