Integrated Marketing

What does Integrated Marketing mean?

Integrated Marketing can be said to be a way to approach marketing with strategy; integrating communication means interactive experiences that target defined audiences and individuals, which coordinates and organizes all aspects of marketing of a brand, making it so the marketing is better perceived for the targeted public and the brand will gain better recognition.

Why is Integrated Marketing important?

Integrated marketing communication is the method by which a company ensures that the different promotional methods that exist within a marketing campaign are clear, consistent, and working toward the same goals so that the different marketing campaigns don’t get in the way of the other.

This means that integrated marketing communication plays a really integral and important role in transmitting the brand message to a greater audience. Integrated Marketing communication helps integrate all the essential parts of marketing to communicate a similar message to potential and existing end-users.

Builds Brand Recognition and Trust.

If a brand can reach its intended consumer multiple times across various channels, they begin to be memorable with its audience. Suppose the various channels do a good job of communicating the brand and message consistently. In that case, the viewership is even more likely to recognize and trust the brand and prefer it over others.

An integrated marketing communication strategy makes this constant delivery possible. Without this communication, the audience might receive a disjointed brand experience, and it becomes less likely that the intended message will translate.

Allows the Brand to Reach Larger Audiences.

Utilizing more and new channels to communicate increases the number of people a company can reach. If a brand launched an advertising campaign strictly on radio advertising, they would be missing the audience that might be gained from the audience that goes to work by overlooking subway posters advertising and billboard ads.

Having an awareness of integrated marketing communications allows a company to create a great number of strategies like a multi-pronged marketing campaign that targets bigger audiences.

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Yields Higher Revenues.

After a company can deliver a clear branded message that communicates its message in a way that’s attractive to the audience across various channels to wide audiences, naturally, revenue growth will happen. Businesses are highly competitive and use a mishmash of efforts to rake in revenue, including their research team, strategists, public relations team, digital and social media marketing team, design team, and more. It is no longer profitable, and it no longer makes sense to focus on one department independently; that way, it lays lower revenue yields. If a business wants to remain competitive in their given industry, they have to get comfortable communicating between all departments.

How to build an Integrated Marketing Campaign.

Several steps come in how to build an integrated marketing campaign and making it work in a way that makes it worth the effort for the company, those steps are:

  1. It is important to establish the overarching campaign goal; having a set goal makes it easy to determine and research what must be done.
  2. Choose the marketing channels and set goals for each one so that the different departments can work in making them work.
  3. Define the buyer personas by channel.
  4. Identify the channel managers.
  5. Create adaptable marketing assets and messaging.
  6. Establish the plan for collecting leads.
  7. Launch, measure, and iterate the campaign.

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