Referring URL

What Is A Referring URL?

A referring URL is the URL of a website whose link is pointed to a different domain page. Websites receive traffic through these URLs, and those are some of the best ways to do so and build a backlink profile and improve a site’s development.

Why Are Referring URLs Important?

As said above, referring URLs are one of the best ways to improve a website’s traffic, but why?  The short answer is that referring URLs are probably one of the better ways to build a good reputation on the web and for search engines.

On the other hand, the long answer is that search engines need the users to enjoy their browsing on the web with the purpose of raising the chances that users keep coming back. Through this, search engines can sell more of their services.

For accomplishing this, a Search Engine wants to show the best content and websites to users, and to make sure it is the best content; a search engine relies on the reputation and authority of a website to place it on search rankings; referring URLs increase those factors because they are a signal that the content shown on a web page is reliable and trustworthy because otherwise another page would not have referred to said webpage.

How To Get Referring URLs?

Getting referring URLs is a big part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because they can significantly help improve a website’s traffic. There are even some webmasters that affirm that referring URLs with external links are both one of the most important factors when working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO); it is important to note that at the end of the day, both of those resume in backlinking and building reputation and Domain Authority. Here are the best ways to do this:

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a really good practice for getting referring URLs to a website. It gives benefits to both of the parties participating in it. It consists of making content for another web page. This one will refer to the writer’s own page. The content writer will get in exchange a backlink to his website, and the website owner will get fresh content.

Good Content

Of course, good content and well-done marketing will make other websites get interested in what a page has to offer. If a site thinks that content is interesting and relevant, it will most likely add a link to it. So, good content is a way to ensure that other web pages get interested in a page and consider it worthy of a referring URL.

Social media marketing

Social media engagement makes a really big difference in a website’s placement in organic Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) ranking. This goes from likes and comments to shares and clicks; more engaging content means more websites will want to link to certain pages. To accomplish this is good to make content that encourages user interaction.

Referring URL And Google’s Analytics

Referring URLs are part of the Search Engine Optimization’s method called backlink. Links from a site to another are a signal to Google that the webpage being referred to is making good content, so, when Google’s web crawler comes across with that a high domain website is linking to another one, Googlebot notes it as proof that the content presented by the latter site is useful and will probably be enjoyed by users, so this website should rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

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