Social Selling

Social Selling

What is Social Selling?

When you use social media to find and engage with new prospects. Often it involves providing value to prospects via the different social media channels to spark a conversation. Social selling is used throughout the entire buying process – from awareness to consideration.

In the good old days it was very common to do your sales via cold calling, after it changed to cold emailing and with the rise of social media a new channel stepped in. See below an image between the old sales model vs new sales model. Which explains it very well.

Social selling 2.0
Image from Superoffice

We focus the most on B2B marketing hence most of the Social Selling we come across happens on Linkedin & Twitter. Both are used a lot for work and are great to find your buying persona quickly. Make sure before you do any social selling, you know which channels are most relevant for your business.

Get started with Social Selling

We can help you to get started with Social Selling! Want to get started as a team of individual with social selling so you can hit your targets again? See our standard services below, contact us if you have any other requirements/wishes. Our trainings are offered by the best in the business and you are able to get quick ROI when you get started.