Best AI Marketing Tools To Transform Your Business in 2022

AI Marketing tools are gaining more traction in today’s marketing landscape and transforming how professionals work, manage their employees, and communicate with customers. Companies are realizing the necessity of these tools and how they can enhance their day-to-day operations along with the quality of work.

In this post, we will explore some of the best AI marketing tools and how they can help you improve your business from all aspects. Before we get started, it’s important we clearly define how AI in marketing works.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing?

AI marketing is a new marketing paradigm that uses AI marketing tools to perform automated decisions and actions. These decisions and actions are based on pre-set rules specified within the AI marketing tools that enable marketers to automate time-consuming tasks.

AI marketing tools also collect data, perform data analysis, make note of trends, and speed up tasks to help marketers perform their jobs more effectively. There are AI software tools for a wide variety of tasks and use cases.

Different Marketing AI Tools

Ai Tools for Writing



Grammarly is perhaps one of the most popular AI writing tools on the market. It’s a comprehensive writing tool that automatically helps you to write clearly by making grammar suggestions, spelling and punctuation suggestions and much more. They offer a free Chrome extension for users to download in order to help them spell correctly anytime they are on the web.


Acronlinx is a powerful AI writing tool that helps you create better content with ease. It helps you write your content in a way that is better optimized for conversions. It makes suggestions that structure the tone of your content and ad copy to induce the customer to buy.

Different content type calls for different language use. Acrolinx helps you to write in a clear way depending on the goal of your content. This is used by marketing professionals who want to optimize the overall performance of their content. It can have a massive impact on your content production and improve your ROI.

AI Tools For Chat

Many Chat

many chat

Many-Chat is a multi-platform AI chatbot that can help you automate communication with new and future customers. The tool can be used on both desktop and mobile to communicate effectively with your clients. It can help you accomplish some of the tasks below automatically:

  • Qualify leads
  • Send Customers Order Updates
  • Share Coupons & Updates
  • Book Appointments
  • Recover Abandoned Carts
  • Answer Customer Questions

The tool can help you automate a lot of customer related tasks with ease. It can be used on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Shopify, and more.



Chatfuel is another powerful AI messaging system to help you retain customers and improve their experience. They allow you to custom build your own chatbot within minutes. It’s easy to setup up and its very visually appealing. Chatfuel can help you automate mundane customer tasks such as:

  • Getting customer contact information
  • Sending customers requested information
  • Booking appointments
  • Answering customer questions

Chatfuel offers a free trial version of their software as well as very affordable paid options.

AI Tools For Scheduling



Bizzabo is an enterprise-level AI scheduling tool that can help you handle work for large-scale events. They specialize in helping companies like concert venues, sporting arenas, and large-scale networking companies schedule and coordinate events. Some of their capabilities include:

They are used by companies such as CNBC, SalesForce, Siemens, and many others. Their software also has strong analytics and reporting suite that can help you make sense of all your data.


ai marketing tools

Smartsheet is another powerful AI scheduling and time management tool. This tool can help businesses with much more than just scheduling tasks. It can help your company:

  • Manage enterprise-level projects
  • Automate workflows
  • Monitor and manage digital assets
  • Steam-line business apps
  • Process Management at scale

This type of AI software is used by large organization such as construction companies, financial services companies, healthcare facilities and higher education to make work more effective.

AI Tools For Content



Uberflip is a content management tool that can help you build more targeted content for your audience. This tool helps you identify points in your content marketing that are struggling that could be changed in order to improve conversions, get better customer engagement and scale current marketing campaigns. Uberflip can be used for things such as:

The great thing about this tool is that it has a large suite of integrations that can help you improve your content management.



Unmetric is another great AI tool to help you manage and improve your content at all levels. It features a powerful content tagging and analysis tool that can help you get insights into unique content categories and competitor content. This can help you identify new content to target as well as help you to keep an eye on your competitor’s strategies.

AI Tools For Data Analysis



Cortex is an AI tool used by high-level firms in engineering to help them make better sense of their data and how their decisions impact their business. It helps teams become better at managing engineering projects, managing and changing code, defining standards and protocol and so much more.

They also feature a query-builder that can help engineers query large sets of data across different levels of infrastructure. It can be extremely useful for projects that are spread across different technology stacks.


Pathmatics is a powerful data analytics tool built specifically for digital marketers. It gives marketers access to their data in an easy to consume UI. Their Pathmatics Explorer tool helps digital marketers get transparent data from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more.

AI Tools For Customer Service and Support


ai marketing tools

Live-Person is a great AI tool to help you better manage and serve your customers. The app takes conversations from customers that happened in chat and creates custom sales channel based on the conversations.

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It does this by integrating to industry chatbot tools like WhatsApp, Google Assistant, ManyChat, and many others. It can alert you to real conversations with customers when they hit certain pre-created triggers, like scheduling a call, getting a quote, or doing a demo. This allows you to spend time with customers when they have high intent.


ai marketing tools

Amelia is a next level conversation AI that helps digital marketing companies have lifelike interactions with customers. This AI is much different than other customer service bots because it has 6 powerful capabilities that other companies lack. These capabilities include:

  • Deep Contextual Understanding
  • Multi-threaded
  • Affective Connection
  • Unsupervised Analytics
  • Speech Flexibility
  • Machine Learning Built In

This tool is used with companies like Toyota, Honda, and other high-level IT companies.

AI Tools for Advertising


ai marketing tools

Emarsys is built to help marketers take their advertising to the next level. Their platform offers next level data analysis conversion engines that are built for large scale advertisers. Their tools allow you to:

  • Consolidate complicated sales and customer data
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Make smart decision with AI and data driven tools
  • Create custom multi-channel campaigns
  • Automate marketing and advertising tasks

This software is used by large brand such as Puma, Nike, Pizza Hut and many others.


ai marketing tools

Gum-Gum is another powerful tool to help marketers analyze their digital marketing data in a unique way. They allow you to manage your contextual advertising and targeting in a way that puts your brand at an advantage over your competitors.

It gives you the ability to have a high level of precision with your ad targeting. Their contextual intelligence engine Verity uses AI to deliver sophisticated targeting to maximize your advertising dollars. It analyzes text, images, videos, ad copy and so much more.


As you can see, these AI marketing tools can empower businesses to improve, scale, and take their operations to enterprise levels. These tools have helped many organizations improve their operations and change their organizations for the better.