22 TikTok Stats For Marketers In 2022

As 2021 slowly nears its ending, predictions, and speculations for the following year’s trends and buzz have already begun to stir. That being said, there’s unanimity that TikTok’s hype is nowhere to deflate (and it’s not going to shut down anytime soon either). Indeed, the recent years, along with a global pandemic to make things more interesting, have emphasized TikTok’s importance and role in our lives quite well. Here are some interesting TikTok statistics, ‘fruit for thought’, for those who’ve yet to join TikTok (aka, the fastest growing social media app).

#1 Meet TikTok: The Social Platform That Sports The Highest Average Session Time

In numbers, this big statement amounts to an average session of 10.85 minutes. TikTok’s engagement rate is about 5 times higher than Instagram and Twitter (as of 100k-followers’ accounts). (Backlinko)

TikTok’s ‘upbeat’ pace helps marketers fulfill the potential of their posts and win the perks this brings more easily.

#2 TikTok Has Already Surpassed The 2.6 Billion Times Downloads Benchmark (WallRooMedia)

Are you in doubt whether it’s profitable for your business to make a TikTok appearance? There’s no better time to do so than now! And before you continue to the next TikTok stat – here’s another piece of advice about TikTok growth.

#3 ‘TikTok’ Is The 5th Most Searched YouTube Query

Another factor showing how trending an app is finding how often its name is used on another viral platform’s search query. This is exactly the case with TikTok.

Now think of the campaigns you could run on TikTok and the impact of any cross-promotion that follows. If your campaign is intriguing enough, it could make a name for itself solely by having other people ‘YouTubing’ it. (WeAreSocial)

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#4 TikTok Content Sports The Highest Social Media Engagement Rates Per Video (WallaRooMedia)

This notion strongly proves marketers’ wishing to increase their brand’s outreach to establish a TikTok presence ASAP. While this might sound like a cliche, or everyone’s two-pennies worth about the app, this is actually true. The ‘experiment’ Jennifer Lopez conducted in 2020 comparing the performance of the same video on both Twitter and TikTok still holds water. 

#5 Entertainment – The Content Category That Dominates TikTok

More about content: has your business just set foot on the platform, but you don’t know how to tackle the app? The following table arranges the most popular TikTok video categories according to their potential to go viral. 


Now all that’s left is finding the right challenge and adapting it to your niche. Notable TikTokers from the entertainment category include Zach King, Liza Koshy, and Brittany Broski.

#6 Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

Another tip for newcomers on TikTok – do yourselves a favor and check the Guinness World Records page to see what type of content it produces. The latter has made a name for itself as the most followed brand on TikTok. (Statista)

#7 TikTok Redefines The Music Indsutry

Indeed, common first-sight scrutiny of the app judges TikTok as a silly app. Don’t hurry to judge it too fast, though, as TikTok has got a lot going for it. Among the myriad functions TikTok caters to, it’s also one of the most fertile grounds for discovering new music. In its unique way, TikTok could bring long-forgotten songs to the heart of the mainstream almost overnight. (Businessinsider).

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#8 Tiktok’s Surging Usability

Here’s another misconception about TikTok: contrary to the common belief about the app, as TikTok ages, its users mature with it, tool. Then again, the statement that the platform might not be compatible with particular niches loses relevancy over time. And, practically speaking, saying that your brand isn’t there yet means you remain outside of the hype train. In other words; you let your competitors reap your absence’s seeds by nabbing at your potential followers for their own good. Are you willing to miss this chance? (InfluencerMarketingHub)

#9 Only 22% Of American Millennials And The Gen Z Are On TikTok.

Apropos of the previous anecdote, Techjury’s article offers some inspiring TikTok statistics about TikTok’s American customer profile. This might be the wake-up call you waited for to update your marketing strategy towards using TikTok in your campaigns.

#10 TikTok Marks The 2nd Listing Of All Apps Regarding Consumer Spend

Besides a steady increase in usability among older age groups, TikTok is also booming consumer-spend-wise. As seen on the chart below, TikTok occupies the 2nd position; the only app above it is Tinder.

App Annie

#11 54% Of Active Tiktokers Commented On Another Person’s Video (Global Web Index)

This insight is especially useful for marketers since engagement is the bread and butter of successful marketing campaigns. 

#12 Tiktok’s Worldwide Internet Penetration Amounts To 18% Of The Global Users (Aged From 16-64) (GlobalWebIndex)

Another stat that gives first-timer on TikTok a headstart; this list will catch up on the most- followed accounts on TikTok.

#13 10% Of B2C Marketers Use TikTok

This very reason, along with TikTok’s high engagement rates, makes TikTok a go-to platform for B2C marketing. (Statista)

#14  Over 63% Of The Leading CTR Videos Delivered Their Key Message Within The First Three Seconds Of The Post (TikTok)

According to TikTok, businesses should highlight the key product/slogan during the video’s first three seconds. Moreover, it’s mandatory to be direct and adjust your posts according to your audience’s preferred narrative. A final note about performance: playing on the audience’s ‘emotional strings’ also contributes to better performance rates.

#15 TikTok Creator Fund For Quicker Monetization

Everyone who creates valuable content is invited to share it there. Who knows, maybe your next viral video will win you a place in TikTok’s Creator Fund, turning this hobby into a reliable income. (Mashable)

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#16 Unique Algorithm Functionality

With TikTok’s magical algorithm work, we don’t have to have great initial numbers of followers and likes to get exposure for our content. Rather, the app’s algorithm considers different elements in showing content for others, thus giving almost equal chances for everyone to go viral.

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#17 50% Of The Top Brands In 2021 Have Yet To Set A TikTok Page (InVideo)

You’ve read correctly. Their absence could be you and your brand’s golden opportunity to shine and increase sales and profits tremendously.

#18 TikTok Is On The Express Way To Be A World-Favorite Social Media Platform

Despite its relative ‘young age’, nothing could stop TikTok. In the very few years it’s been around, it’s already found a place at the 5th position of a ‘Favorite Social Platforms’ survey. 


#19 Boost Your Posts’ Impact With Influencers

45% of the TikTok marketers collaborate with TikTok influencers in their campaigns. You could apply this strategy to your brand just as well for improved outreach and engagement rates. (Influencer MarketingHub)

#20 One Thing To Consider Before Reaching Out To Influencers (Dataprot)

How would you know if the TikToker you give the once over is a successful one? If they upload 15-20 daily, they might be a viable option to consider for a collaboration featuring your brand. Forget anything you’ve heard that being a social media icon is 100% fun and games. The volume of content this status demands is nothing short of a full-time job. Ambitious TikTokers aiming to turn their TikTok activity into a source of income become ‘employees’ of their TikTok page and have to maintain it regularly.

#21 How Revolutionary Is TikTok? We See Its Rivals Offering Similar Features:

For its part, Instagram introduced Instagram Reels in summer 2020. The feature follows a similar concept to TikTok’s ‘secret’; videos of 15 seconds long. YouTube and Snapchat also launched their own TikTok adaptations:

  • YouTube’s take is called ‘Shorts’. How will you recognize them, you wonder? Basically, ‘Shorts’ maximum duration is 60 seconds that include some popular song playing in the background.
  • Snapchat’s ‘Spotlight’ is this app’s reaction to TikTok. Similar to the latter, Spotlight videos’ length is also up to 60 seconds in length. This type of video constitutes an ideal opportunity for the app’s users to earn money. 

#22 Us Influencers Yield Relatively Higher Engagement Rates With Their Tiktok Content, Compared To Youtube And Instagram (SproutSocial)

If you want to establish a solid base around your brand, TikTok is the ‘it’ platform to do it. This is backed up by studies showing that micro-influencers on TikTok generate engagement rates of nearly 18%. As for Instagram and YouTube, TikTok has surpassed them in 3.86% and 1.63%, respectively.

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As you can see, TikTok offers way more than meets the eye and is no longer the entertainment hub it used to be. It’s been a while since the app set foot in the marketing game. So far, TikTok has given a rather fair fight to its gigantic rivals (Instagram, for one) at that. A ‘fair fight’ is an understatement; the fact that other platforms pay their tribute to TikTok and introduce similar features to TikTok show just how big TikTok is. We hope this article is the wake-up call for any marketer who hasn’t made a TikTok appearance just yet to start doing so ASAP.