What is Linktree? – Using Linktree For Your Marketing

What is Linktree?

Linktree is an app that allows you to create a custom page that contains important links you want to share with your audience and followers. The app can be used across many different social media platforms such as Facebook,TikTokInstagram, Twitter, Twitch, and more.

What is Linktree Used For?

Linktree is mainly used by influencers and brands to create and manage unique URL links which you can insert inside your bio’s. The links are meant to help your audience find your merch, products you’re promoting, or to fill out custom forms. The links and link templates generated by Linktree can be a very simple and effective way to help your audience discover further content that you have created. 

Linktree Features

Linktree is a very simple app, but it’s also very effective. It has three primary features to help you improve your social media bio. They include:

Linktree features different link in bio templates that can help your audience connect with your content on Linktree. Below are a few examples of the different link in bio templates you can create with Linktree.

what is linktree

The great thing is that you can use the free templates available or you can customize your own to fit the style of your brand.

Content Sharing

content sharing

The app is super intuitive to use and also allows you to share links to your other social media profiles so your users can find you on different platforms.

Growing Your Audience with Analytics

Another great feature with Linktree is that it gives you access to your analytics. It can show you how many views, clicks, average click-through-rate that have happened on your links.

linktree analytics

This can be an extremely valuable tool to use to see how frequently your audience is engaging with your links and what kind of conversions you are having. On top of that you can see the different locations that  audience is coming from.

If you want to see a full list of the analytics available, check it out here > Linktree Analytics.

On top of all these features, Linktree has plenty of integrations that can help you link out to other social media profiles very easily.

The Linktree pro version gives you access to more features, including custom backgrounds, landing pages, custom buttons and colors, social media links and icons, and access to leap links. Their pro version is only $6 per month which is extremely affordable.

Getting Started with Linktree

How to Create a Linktree Account

Creating a Linktree account is very straightforward. Below is the step by step process along with a helpful video guide.

1.) Enter in your email and verify your account

2.) Create your username ( this is what you will use for your Linktree URL)

3.) Create a password and register

4.) Select 3 categories that describe your content and business

5.) Select a plan ( get started with the free version and upgrade if needed in the future)

After you have registered and created your account it’s time to start creating some links you can share with your audience.


Can you see who viewed your Linktree?

While you can’t see which individual user clicked on your Linktree link, you can see the location from which they came.