9 Reasons Why Hybrid Events Are Crucial for Your Business.

9 Reasons Why Hybrid Events Are Crucial for Your Business.

As the world becomes smaller and individuals become more health and safety conscious, the need to redevelop and revolutionize the way events and meetings were handled became a top priority. Businesses and organizations that had a message to share pushed through this hurdle and moved toward a more innovative design.

This innovative design seeks to take advantage of the impact in-person conferences and public speaking has on attendants and maximize the reach. It paved the way for hybrid events to make their way onto the scene.

What are Hybrid Events?

A hybrid event platform is the combination of a virtual event platform and an in-person venue that is used to host attendants and speakers from around the world without all of them having to gather in one space. This is done by:

  • Securing an Enterprise Event Platform: Although many, if not most of your attendants will be utilizing the virtual platform, incorporating the physical platform contributes to the traditional event and conference feel.
  • Streaming The Event to Virtual Attendants: Giving local and possibly international attendants access to the speakers and demonstrations from home gives everyone that desires to participate a chance to experience the event.  
  • Providing All Attendants with Access to Q&A: Not only can those in person participate in the interactive portions, but with a hybrid event platform, both in-person and satellite viewers can contribute.
  • Reaching Further than Ever Before: Before, events were limited to the capacity of the venue, and increasing the number of attendants meant renting larger and more costly venues. With the hybrid event platform, reaching more people than ever before becomes the standard.

This revolutionary strategy for hosting events far exceeds the limitations set by in-person and virtual event platforms. It provides the hype of in-person events to a virtual setting for everyone to enjoy. 

Who Can Host a Hybrid Event?

Anyone can host a hybrid event. There is no minimum or maximum in-person or online presence required to host a hybrid event. This means that an event can be hosted by any of these organizations or companies for any reason:

  • School: Now your school can host meetings, conferences, and awards assemblies for everyone who wants to participate.
  • Company: Your company is now able to reach more clients and associates with valuable information about products or upcoming changes.
  • Golf Club: When it is time to plan your next 18 holes, your Golf Club can utilize a hybrid event platform to gather everyone together.
  • Birthday: While this is not a company or organization, using a hybrid event platform to celebrate a special occasion, like a birthday, is a great way to get the whole family together.
  • Etc: If you plan it, a hybrid event platform can host it. 

There are no limitations to what a hybrid event platform is capable of hosting.

9 Reasons Why Hybrid Events are Crucial for Your Business

There are many ways a hybrid event can improve your business. Here are just a few key points that are crucial for your business that you should consider.


With inclusiveness and individuals with different needs participating at a larger scale than ever before, providing more options for them to attend events is necessary. A hybrid event platform allows individuals that would not have been able to attend due to personal accommodation needs, to be a part of the experience.

Reduced Overhead

Hosting an event can be exceptionally expensive. If you are planning an event with thousands of people, you should expect to rent a large venue. If you incorporate a hybrid event platform, many of those that would have otherwise attended in person may seek a more convenient, in-home option. 

More Guests

Since there is a built-in cap for attendants regardless of the size of the in-person venue, incorporating a virtual event platform in conjunction with the in-person venue allows your message to reach further. More guests can attend, creating a greater impact for your company or organization.

Environmentally Friendly

Large events are inherently bad for the environment as attendants may travel from across the globe. Permitting speakers and attendants the option of utilizing a hybrid event platform reduces the carbon footprint the event creates. 

Increased Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors help fund your events and contribute to your company’s needs. With a hybrid event platform, the options for sponsors increase substantially and dynamically. Your online viewers can receive advertisements catered directly toward them through cookies and other ad disbursement data.

More Opportunities for Additional Headliners

One of the unfortunate elements of events that are solely in person is the requirement to forego one amazing speaker to ensure that you are learning from another. With the hybrid event platform, you will have the opportunity to watch other speakers at a later time, which means you might be able to learn more about subjects you previously didn’t understand.

Increased Flexibility

Canceling or changing a hybrid event is more simple than if it were solely in person. Large platforms require significant deposits that may or may not be refunded. Expanding to a virtual platform allows more freedom to change things if necessary. 

More Opportunities for Engagement

Your attendants will have more opportunities to engage with speakers and other attendants by participating in all the presentations. In a practical sense, attendants that wouldn’t otherwise have been able to engage, have direct access and are able to participate in all elements.


With a hybrid event platform, your company or organization has more opportunities to change things up as required. The versatility built into the platform’s presentation strategies allows the hosts to provide various elements that appeal to both the online community and in-person viewers.

Where can Hybrid Events be Hosted?

Your hybrid event can be hosted anywhere you would like. Due to the nature of hybrid events, the venue you choose is up to you. A few examples would be:

  • The Office: Your office, no matter how big or small, can provide a place for in-person communication as well as virtual participation.
  • Home: Just because you are homebound, it doesn’t mean that you are incapable of hosting a hybrid event. You can bring together as many people as possible in persona and connect with the world virtually.
  • Venue: Hosting your hybrid event can be done at any rented venue as long as there is wi-fi or dedicated wired internet service.
  • Outdoors: If the internet reaches for streaming purposes, a hybrid event can be hosted, even if it requires live attendants to be outside.
  • Anywhere: The only limitations to the location of your hybrid event are access to the internet and the ability for in-person attendants to be there.

This means that your hybrid event can be hosted whenever and wherever you would like, regardless of the size and purpose.

Steps to Run Your Own Hybrid Event

1. Plan

Set goals and objectives for your hybrid event. Ask yourself every question imaginable about your goals and what you want to achieve and include in your event. Don’t leave any stone untouched

Hybrid Event Platform: Research and book your hybrid event platform. There are many to choose from and booking the one that is best for your needs is crucial.

2. Venue

Place deposit and secure in-person venue. Venues will sometimes book out months or years in advance. Don’t miss out on a great in-person venue by focusing too much on the virtual hosting aspect. You want both to take priority so that the event is dynamic for all those attending. 

3. Itinerary

Develop a schedule and book speakers to fill the blocks. This can be achieved by booking more speakers than there is time because attendants are able to listen and watch other speakers at a later time. Keep in mind that this does reduce some attendance participation possibilities.

4. Environment

Develop a landing page for virtual attendants as well as plan booths and presentations. Don’t forget about creating a positive environment for those not physically attending. They need an aesthetically pleasing view as well.

5. Promote

Depending on the purpose of your hybrid, promotion is key. Head to social media and other platforms to promote your event to possible attendees that may or may not be directly involved with your company or organization.

6. Communicate

Ensure that you are prepared and ready for any possibility and change by communicating with all parties involved in planning the event. Connect with vendors, speakers, venues, and platform hosts to make sure everything goes smoothly.

There are more steps involved in running your own hybrid event but following this general outline will put you well on your way to hosting the best hybrid event possible.

Prepare You Next Hybrid Event:

With the ease and versatility that a hybrid event provides, taking advantage of this modern approach to hosting events and conferences is the best way to go. The reach and cost-effectiveness of this event hosting strategy are unmatchable.

If you are planning an event, make sure that you look further into hybrid events to maximize the impact. Don’t limit your conferencing possibilities to one platform. Check out EventEngage as they are able to help you organize events worth remembering.