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There’s a lot to be considered when running a business in the modern era. Whether a smaller, growing outfit or an established company, many factors come into play. Sales and marketing, HR and day to day management of the business are part and parcel of the road to success, and so is a useful and effective business management software package.

Asana is a popular solution that offers a comprehensive selection of features designed to streamline many areas of day to day, to help with marketing and to improve lead generation. It is similar to many other such packages yet has its own unique attributes that make it worth a second look.

For the growing business, the fact that Asana can easily be scaled to individual needs is a bonus, and it is very versatile in many areas. Before we check out some of the features of Asana, here’s a quick look at how it works and why you might need it.


  • Simple to use
  • Free to get started
  • Allows you to view the workload of your team


  • Lacks budget management
  • Lacks calendar management

How Asana Works

Asana is essentially split into two categories of operation – Team and Workflow. It has been popular recently thanks to its efficient method of helping remote teams operate successfully. For many companies, having employees work from home has been an eye-opener, and something that may change the way some operations are performed in the future.

This is very much where tools such as Asana come to the fore, as they enable changes to be made in various areas of business with little in the way of disruption. Let’s talk in more detail about what Asana can do, and we’ll begin with the Teams features.

Asana for Teams

One factor to consider is that Asana is designed to work with Agile development processes, so you can design and implement sprints and so forth with ease. If you work with Agile, then this should give Asana a step up over rivals which may not be so optimized. For marketing, Asana allows you to implement full campaigns with effective tracking of leads, and plan launches with many communications channels available.

Asana is compatible and can be integrated with all the major social media platforms, enabling the use of ads on Google, on Facebook and more, and offers a streamlined product sales and shipping portal. Teams can communicate seamlessly and the details of all actions are arranged so that all who need access can see precisely what is happening at any given time, without the need to scroll through many emails or messages to get to the information that is relevant.

The Teams section of Asana will appeal to businesses who are up to speed with digital marketing and promotion, who operate in Agile and who may be growing at a fast rate.

Asana for Workflow

The most comprehensive aspects of Asana come within this sector, where the ability to actively manage teams is impressive. Asana can be used to create and share workflows and enables all members of a team – and others with vested interest – to see what is going on, where and who is involved. It’s a very thorough tracking and workflow management system with some essential features.

Asana can be used to plan entire projects and people can also add individual tasks where needed, and when used with a calendar is useful for keeping up to date with workforce absences and planned holidays. As a time management tool Asana is also effective and can be used as a productivity planner and to manage priorities.

As mentioned already, where Asana is of particular interest is in the remote working possibilities. This has been one of the most popular of all functions of late and is set to be investigated by many potential users now that the effectiveness of home and remote working is more obvious. The connectivity options for remote working are effective, and using Asana will help people work together despite distance between locations.

What do we think of Asana overall?


If you are looking for a well-designed and effective business management tool that is in tune with the digital age and working practices of the era, then Asana is certainly one to consider. By incorporating specific features designed for Agile Asana is up to date and forward-thinking, and growing businesses may find it is suitably versatile and can be easily scaled for future changes.

The Basic version of Asana will work well for start ups and smaller businesses, but it is recommended you check out the Premium and Business options which are sensibly priced and offer far greater capability.

Asana is a powerful online tool that allows you to bring your entire team together in one place to coordinate and organize tasks of all kinds. Asana is very easy to use, it can be configured to manage workgroups in marketing, operations, sales, it departments, finance, engineering, design, product, and more.
Absolutely, Asana simple and intuitive interface with a vibrant design allows team members to plan, order and track tasks together in an accountable, efficient and productive way. Asana is your best choice if you are looking for a teamwork collaboration tool that is easy to install, quick to set up and simple to use.
Asana has a basic plan totally free and with no usage, limit to sharing projects or tasks up to a maximum of fifteen members. However, if you have a larger number of collaborators and require permissions to manage, Asana has three monthly paid plans to choose from Premium $ 10.99, Business $ 24.99 and Enterprise (Custom).
Asana is a tool used to manage and focus team workflow, allowing planning and organizing tasks and projects to meet specific goals. It is very versatile because it can be used in personal projects such as the renovation of a house or in a business for offering multiple advantages such as unlimited file uploading, integration with other tools, etc.
The Asana workflow management tool is fully customizable. In addition to creating templates and charts, it allows you to create fields with the information you need to make it easier and faster to record, organize and track any project or task as well as create real-time reports with a unique and personal touch.
Yes. The Asana app is an online tool that you can access from any iOS and Android mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, or Samsung. Download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store and you will be able to keep up to date with your personal or team tasks or projects.


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