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Userlane is a software adoption platform designed to help businesses train the workforce to get the most efficient use out of software packages. For example, research has shown that individuals spend – on average – more than 20 minutes in a working day trying to work out how to accomplish a task using a software package they are only partly familiar with.

Userlane sets out to achieve its goal by way of interactive step by step guides to software packages, which show the user quite simply what to click, where and when. The guide runs as an overlay of the software itself, there is no coding or IT experience required, and there is automated live assistance throughout.

Useful for businesses looking at the expense of training employees, and for outfits of all types and sizes, Userlane does not list specific prices and offers a custom price package tailored to each client, which they believe gives the customer the most cost-effective solution. Let’s talk about the various areas it can be utilised.


  • All plans have unlimited userlanes
  • Great way to have people to learn a product
  • Heavy on GDPR & Security


  • No transparent pricing
  • Not for smaller companies (500+)

Employee training and support

Userlane can be used to help employees learn how to use any software package that is browser based. The Userlane dashboard appears as an overlay on top of the software hence the employee can learn to use the software as they work. The time saved justifies the use of Userlane and it is a cost-effective method of training employees in the use of most software packages.

Userlane can be used as a personal training package or can be used in real time work situations allowing the user to concentrate on achieving their goals rather than learning how to use the software. With proactive automated help as part of the package Userlane Also features a virtual assistant that can be called upon to help with any individual problems.

Customer Onboarding and Support

With Userlane as a customer onboarding and support tool, consumers can enjoy a more interesting journey and achieve an understanding of the systems involved very quickly. Automated onboarding tours can be designed to introduce the customer to the business, while personalized touches include tailored software that is aimed at guiding individual customers to their goals.

As such, Userlane is an effective lead generation and brand enhancement tool for smaller, medium and large businesses, and will be of use in all areas of industry and commerce where online service is provided.


Userlane is also used by many clients to standardize training in the use of the company CRM platform, in order that all users can always get the best out of it. By reducing complexity and conversion times, Userlane for CRM is a tool that can increase productivity and improve on return on investment with little effort involved.


An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform can help a business run smoothly, but they can also be complex to understand for those with little knowledge. Using Userlane for ERP allows for seamless training of all employees in the purpose and use of the ERP the company utilises – usually a cloud-based system – enabling the entire workforce to get the best out of the ERP system, which is something that not all businesses achieve.


The Userlane package can also be integrated with the Human Capital Management (HCM) system, bringing greater efficiency and data collection and usage to the HR department. By simplifying training in this area, and empowering the staff with greater brand loyalty, the Userlane package can further increase productivity in certain areas of the business.

Whether used in an office situation or an industrial plant, Userlane is a comprehensive package offering a range of benefits that are of interest to companies of all sizes, and that will help reduce complexity in training to use various browser-based software package.


As a training aid Userlane may be invaluable for smaller to medium sized businesses who would otherwise be subject to expensive training costs. As Userlane operates via integrated and interactive overlays on the software in use, it offers a real-time on the job training opportunity, and can also be used for individual training purposes where necessary.

Price plans are based on the number of users and the features required. This means that you will only pay for what you want and need in your tailored Userlane package. Custom pricing will certainly be a better deal than paying for a package that includes features surplus to requirements. In short, we think this an interesting platform that will appeal to many different businesses, and that will cut training costs considerably.

Userlane is an onboarding software that provides personalized, automated, and gamified training to employees and new users directly in the software application. It enables companies and software designers to create interactive solution familiarization processes, leading companies to foster employee engagement and improve vendor customer retention.
Userlane’s official page does not give detailed information on prices. Instead, it offers individualized prices for each of its clients, since they share the idea that “personalized prices are the best way to effectively serve such a diverse client base”. To find out about personalized plans, you must contact Userlane. They offer a free trial and do not have a free version.
September 2015. According to several prestigious sites and Userlane’s own page, the company was founded in Germany, on September 20, 2015, by Felix Eichler and Hartmut Hahn.
Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are powerful software platforms designed to enable customers and employees to learn corporate software or programs quickly, seamlessly, and without the need for in-person training. One of its basic concepts is that learning the tool as it is used in real life, in a suitable environment, makes knowledge faster and more profitable.
Assistance in the application, without users having to close windows and open other applications. Ability to create interactive onboarding experiences for new users, such as goal achievement. An automated and personalized experience for each user. It allows software providers to incorporate multilingual layers so that each user can choose the one they prefer. Rapid deployment, which means immediate use for training.
Among the most popular alternatives to Userlane are: UserGuiding, WalkMe, Appcues, Pendo, Intro.js, Crumble, Pipefy, BrainStorm, Spekit, FlowShare, FlowShare,, SoGoSurvey, Apty, Together Enterprise Learning, Newired, HintEd, HintEd, Whatfix, SAP Enable Now, Simpo, JumpSeat, Thought Industries, Spekit, Lemon Learning, Apty, OnScreen, Minerva, Pendo, SmartKarrot, iSpring Learn, WebHR, PlusPlus, NiiKiis, among others.


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