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Successful digital marketing is about getting your website, brand and products or services noticed by the right people at the right time. The right software can make a lot of difference in terms of converting leads into customers and when automated, can also save time while booting your business.

Vainu is one of many marketing automation packages available and is aimed at helping businesses get more leads while saving time and effort. It does so by way of some clever and innovative tools that come as part of a sensibly priced product.

Vainu uses many of the tools that all CRM solutions will use – tailored emails, custom forms and more – but also has some unique features that make it very popular with a wide variety of users that include both agencies and business users. Let’s have a look at how it works, and the features that will appeal to you.


  • Easy to use
  • Sending the data to your own systems


  • Are not covering every market yet

How Vainu Works

Vainu is a highly rated marketing automation and lead generation tool that combines the features you would expect to see with its own unique and tailored ideas. It is versatile and able to collect and analyse data to streamline your marketing efforts.

The Vainu package is highly rated for being easy to use and not expensive and can be used in many different industries and commercial settings, as well as by agencies looking for a simple and effective tool for marketing. Here are some of the features that come with Vainu.

Vainu Prospect

Vainu Prospect is among the most interesting features and is designed to help you target new leads that are specific to the business, as well as analysing existing customers for possible extra custom. It does so by way of a series of 7 filters, which you set to chosen parameters. You can narrow down your search to companies in particular cities, to those of certain numbers of employees, revenue and more, and add triggers such as change of address, so you are notified of changes. This is an impressive marketing tool and one reason that Vainu deserves consideration.

Vainu Sync

This element of the Vainu package allows you to build databases that can be used for direct marketing and tailored communications and keep them updated via the usual CRM that you utilise. Vainu is compatible with all the usual CRM’s – for example it can be integrated with Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and Pipedrive – and will automatically keep your records updated. For new companies, all you need to do is add the name and the Vainu Sync tool searches and adds the rest.

Vainu Trigger

The third of the main elements of Vainu is the Trigger tool. This allows you to keep up with changes to companies that you deal with – or that you are looking to involve as customers – by way of various personally selected triggers. You can choose between your customers or your prospects, from a variety of reasons for the trigger, and from which CRM you want the information to relate to. Such a level of customisation means you will always be up to date with both potential clients and changes involving existing customers.

Target Market Analysis

One area in which Vainu is particularly effective is in analysing target markets. It is as easy as importing a list of clients or potential clients and using the CRM integration ability to build a picture of the most likely and highest scoring leads. By streamlining your lead building you are targeting the right companies at the right time, and this in turn leads to greater conversion rates. The ability to integrate with the top CRM packages is a major bonus when looking at Vainu as a marketing and data analysis automation tool, and on that will certainly appeal to users for whom business to business commerce is the main method of operation.


Where Vainu scores very highly is in its ability to integrate with the most-used CRM platforms and use this for accurate and useful data analysis. It’s strong in getting databases created from information that is drawn both from the user’s existing data and that of the businesses that the user is targeting. The Trigger tool will also benefit many users as it is a clever way of keeping up with changes.

Vainu is not strong on communication, but it is clearly designed for business to business commerce as opposed to those users who need to target individual visitors as potential clients. If you are in a business that has other companies as the main customer base, Vainu may be worth checking out in more detail.

Vainu is an automated B2B platform that unites Marketing and Sales in one place to help companies get leads with accurate data at the right time. Vainu is the new way to do sales prospecting and achieve success. It has an easy-to-use, integrated interface, and a database of over 170 million companies has been used by companies, such as Sap, Bridgestone, Santander, etc.
SaaS company Vainu is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. It was founded in 2013. This automated platform for finding business customers instantly also has offices in different cities around the world, such as New York, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam.
To get more leads and close more deals, you can seamlessly connect Vainu data to Salesforce automatically without manual processes. Or, if you prefer, you can use Vainu information in Salesforce without integrating, for this use the Company Views feature with the Company ID field. Vainu also integrates with other programs such as HubSpot, Dynamics 365, and Pipedrive.
Vainu does not count with a free trial or a free version of its services. The only payment method they offer is an annual subscription either by credit card or invoice. The prices are divided by the number of users in a team, and it starts at $ 6600.00 per year for a team of 5 salespeople.
Vainu is meant to help brands or businesses to get more leads and it works with many basic features of CRM tools. It also offers some unique options like Vainu Prospect, which analyzes customers, Vainu Sync, which builds databases, and Vainu Trigger, which allows keeping up with changes with companies previously dealt with.
Vainu is designed towards a B2B (Business to Business) commerce, as opposed to the idea of users that may need to target potential leads and individual users or clients. It is meant to improve sales and facilitate the time of brands or businesses that has other companies as their main customer base.


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