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Data collection and analysis is a massive part of any digital marketing campaign. You need to know where your money is being spent and time dedicated with results, and where it is underperforming. The digital age has not just changed the way we do business but the way we live, with people accessing information of various types while on the move as well as at home or in the office.

Your website is your first port of call. You need to know how it is performing and in detail. Furthermore, your social media channels are also vital in finding leads and bringing them onboard. You will also have ad campaigns the are part of your budget – how are they doing, and could that budget be better spent in other areas?

There are tools that can gather information for you that come for free – Google Analytics is the obvious one and you should be using it – but in conjunction with that we’d like to introduce you to Cervinodata. What is Cervinodata and why should you be using it? We’ll tell you a bit about how it works, then look at some of the features it offers in more detail.


  • No coding required; drag and drop interface
  • Combine your GA and your advertising data
  • High reliability of data delivery


  • No free plan
  • Some integrations start at higher packages

How Cervinodata Works

Cervinodata is a data-gathering tool that is designed to help business of all kinds and sizes streamline their digital marketing. It works by bringing in data from a variety of sources and is easy to integrate with many existing platforms. The data can be stored where the user wishes and is able to be analysed via various metrics.

Cervinodata comes with templates for the popular data sources and is simple to set up and easy to use, so let’s have a look at some of the features and functions of Cervinodata and see if it will be useful for you and your business.

Multiple Data Sources

One of the advantages of using Cervinodata is that it can draw information from a wide range of data sources. This allows users to analyse their performance on various social media platforms, ad portals and more, and gives great insight into where a marketing budget should be dedicated. It can also help with improving ads and ad copy where this is seen to be underperforming. The platforms you can bring performance data from include Facebook and Twitter Ads, Instagram and Snapchat ads – indeed, all the major social media platforms.

It can also integrate with Bing and LinkedIn, Google Ads and Google Analytics, with the latter being of particular use for website analysis. Data can be imported into the Cervinodata system and displayed as required for reporting and analysis purposes.

Data Studio

Cervinodata calls its central processing point the ‘Data Studio’. Here, you can access templates for displaying specific data from Facebook Ads, for example, or bring it all together in a Multiple Ad Platform template so that all your performance information for adverts is presented in one easy to read report. There are many templates that are designed for certain uses, and you can tailor them to suit your business.

The information displayed is up to you, and it is very strong when you use Cervinodata with Google Analytics. It’s easy to see where website pages and ads are not getting the leads they should be, and to decide whether to rewrite those pages or turn your attention to other ads that are showing better results.

Cervinodata is heavily optimized towards working with Google tools, and this is a sensible way to go. Google is the web search tool that practically everyone uses, and the one that is the most powerful in the digital world, so any information that can help you with your performance re Googles is certainly worth looking at.

Send data in Cervinodata to Multiple destinations

Once you pulled the data in from the different sources into Cervinodata you can send it to multiple destinations. You can send your data to Google Data Studio, Klipfolio or GoogleBigQuery. Getting your marketing data to other platforms is very easy and comes with extra benefits. Cervinodata will store your marketing data so you will not lose anything if something goes wrong. Send your marketing data with ease to other platform with extra benefits.

Drag-drop interface

Building advanced queries for Google BigQuery made simple. With Cervinodata you are able to use an easy drag-drop system to combine all the data you want. You can group specific campaigns together so you can report on all your campaigns separately.

What normally was available with the help of developer (or your own coding skills) is not accessible to all marketers. Get more out of your marketing data.


Data acquisition and analysis is a vital part of digital marketing, and you need to be using the very basics at least to keep an eye on the performance of ads, websites and your social media marketing performance. It’s easy to set up ads and leave them, and then find that one or two are doing the job while the rest get no response.

A tool such as Cervinodata – when used in conjunction with the likes of Google Analytics – can help see where the holes are in your online marketing campaign and plug them satisfactorily. It’s not expensive for what it can do, and it is certainly worth your while investigating further.

Easy tool to get your advertisement and e-commerce data into into Google Data Studio, Klipfolio, GoogleBigQuery and your application. A true no coding experience. Combine different Google Analytics views or any other views into one dashboard. 

Cervinodata is a data-gathering tool meant to help businesses and marketers of all kinds and sizes to track their campaign performance and clients data. It works by collecting information from a variety of sources and storing it where the user desires, making easier the analysis of said data.
Cervinodata counts with various plans that vary in prices and features. It offers a Free plan, that does not have any cost just as its name says, and the Essential, Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans, which prices go from 29 (the Essential plan) to 399 (the Gold plan) euros per month.
Cervinodata comes with pre-made templates for the most popular data sources with the purpose of making it easier for marketers to store and analyze the information collected from marketing campaigns. It even allows grouping the data of multiple campaigns from different platforms.
It counts with many functions, all with the same purpose of being useful for businesses. The most recallable ones would probably be its ability to collect information from multiple data sources, its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and the templates it offer for displaying specific site data.
Integrated digital marketing can be defined just as its name says; as the integration of various strategies to form a new and personalized (and cohesive) marketing approach for a specific business. It is normally meant for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and web development and design.
Once the user has obtained the data from the different sources provided by Cervinodata, it is also possible to send it to multiple destinations. Sending this information to other platforms comes with a lot of benefits and it can be done very easily with Cervinodata. It is possible to send it to Google Data Studio, Klipfolio, and GoogleBigQuery.


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