Best Hashtag Generators for Instagram Marketers in 2022

Best Hashtag Generators for Instagram Marketers in 2022

Instagram marketing is now an unrivaled method for increasing brand awareness and boosting sales.

The competition in Instagram marketing is so fierce that many marketers can’t get success while they’re spending a ton of money and time on it.

That’s why many of them try to buy IG accounts that have many followers. This way, they don’t need to do many tasks because they already have thousands of followers.

You might ask what the secret of success in Instagram marketing is and how you can be successful with your own account.

Remember that you can’t win the competition using some mediocre posts and stories. In fact, all the whopping 1 billion Instagram users are doing this. So what is the difference between those who get more attention and others? How could they hack the Instagram algorithm and gain more followers?

You need to know that these days there are lots of tools for every simple task, and Instagram marketing is no exception. You have to use efficient Instagram tools for every task in marketing to outperform other competitors.

One of these tools is hashtag generators. As you know, hashtags are central to social media searching algorithms, and you can’t put your posts in the eyes of niche audiences without them.

You might think that using hashtags s so simple, and that can’t make any difference. But you’re wrong. Creating and using hashtags is so important that lots of smart tools have been designed specifically for hashtag generation.

Here, you can become familiar with some of the best hashtag generators for Instagram marketing in 2022.


This is one of the smartest tools available out there. It suggests hashtags for you using powerful AI technologies.

You can use a keyword, a photo, or a URL to find suitable hashtags. Ingramer is generally a service that tries to help you obtain more followers and increase traffic to your Instagram page.

You may use hashtags to rapidly find relevant results, and you can add up to five keywords at once. You’ll be able to acquire a lot more results if you utilize this multi-keyword option, which will help you increase your efficiency and save time.

Ingramer lacks features for organizing hashtags, which is a drawback if you’re seeking a means to do so. The good news is that hashtag metrics and performance can still be tracked, which is a positive point for this tool.


Kicksta’s hashtag generating tool can also be regarded as one of the top tools in 2022. It helps you find hot hashtags, unique hashtags, and perfect hashtags for your sector. As a result, it is our top choice.

You may use the search box to input a topic or term that your hashtag should be related to. After that, you’ll get a list of hashtags related to your initial search.

Kicksta makes precise hashtag recommendations that are useful for your Instagram posts. You may also use the following categories to narrow down your search:

It’s a simple tool that offers you just what you need to boost Instagram impressions and interaction.


Flick will assist you in locating and managing your hashtags in a more efficient and effective manner. You can also monitor which hashtags are gaining the most traction for you.

Instead of generic, broad hashtag ideas, Flick’s hashtag generator tool will propose hashtags that fit your personal Instagram account.

When you utilize Flick, you may anticipate the following:

  • Suggestions for relevant hashtags
  • Monitoring of results
  • Remove hashtags that aren’t relevant.
  • Support in a variety of languages
  • Look for hashtags that aren’t allowed.


Later is most known for its Instagram scheduling tool, but it also offers some very unique hashtag capabilities. Its hashtag generator is a blend of a few distinct tools that can help you save time while increasing reach and engagement.

You can do the following:

  • Keep track of how well your hashtag is performing.
  • Create a hashtag management system.
  • Use hashtags to find information.
  • Posts should be scheduled.
  • By using the hashtag, you may find user-generated content.
  • Captions can be saved for later use.


MetaHashtags is a brand-new hashtag tool that debuted in 2020. You’ll get a lot of comprehensive analytics information on the hashtags you’re using, such as:

  • How many times has the hashtag been used in a post?
  • The number of postings per hour
  • The average number of likes for the most popular posts
  • Average feedback

You can also use MetaHashtags to generate hashtags based on searches, and you can look at competitor accounts to see which hashtags they use most frequently.


Instavast lets you look for hashtags based on pics, posts, or phrases. It can also create hashtags based on the content of your postings. However, Instavast is one of the most simple hashtag generation apps available.

Instavast will provide you with a number of options, but you won’t be able to store any of them, which may be a drawback for some. It’s a simple tool, but it would provide you with some fresh ideas depending on your search query.

Instavast’s core service is an Instagram bot that focuses on increasing your Instagram followers; therefore, the hashtag generator tool is really a bonus.


This is one of the most comprehensive generating tools available on the internet, but it comes at a cost.

When you utilize Keyhole, you’ll obtain the following results:

  • Monitoring of results
  • Hashtag tracking and analytics
  • Hashtag lookups
  • Topics and hashtags related to hashtag creation
  • Dashboard
  • Management of hashtag campaigns


Hashtags are playing a great role in being discovered by new customers, and as a result, driving more traffic to your sales pages. Try to use this feature in an appropriate way—the wisest course of action is to use smart hashtag generators. Also, please remember the number of allowed hashtags in a post or story. Finally, don’t push too hard for it because using too many hashtags might bother Instagram users.