GetAccept Review 2021

Sales enablement for digital & remote sales departments

GetAccept Review 2021

Businesses have a wide choice of tools designed to help aid lead conversion and growth. Smaller businesses find such tools useful as the automate the sales and data analysis process, releasing individuals to continue with their dedicated role. One such tool is GetAccept. A sales enablement tool with many satisfied users and good reviews, GetAccept is described below including the main features of the software. 

What is GetAccept?

GetAccept is describes as Sales Enablement software for digital and remote selling. As with many such packages the aim is to cut down on time spent chasing leads by way of personalized messages and automated data analysis. GetAccept has some innovative features that may be unique to this software package. The software focuses on three main segments of commerce these being Sales Enablement, Contract Management and Product Solutions. 


  • All-in-one tool for Sales
  •  Reasonable pricing
  •  Clear ROI for your company


  • Could be complex to setup
  • Will do another tool for sales next to your CRM

Sales Enablement

The Sales Enablement sector of the GetAccept software is a comprehensive package offering a range of features designed to streamline lead generation and increase conversion rates. GetAccept includes a collection of well-designed ready to use proposal templates for pitching to potential clients, or the user can personalize their own designs. Proposals are followed by a real-time tracking tool that keeps the user in touch.

Proposals may include video or images – indeed all file formats are accepted – of any size thus providing a unique and original proposal that will engage the recipient, and with a workflow organisation tool included each individual prospect and proposal can be followed closely. This is a simple yet effective feature that will be appreciated by businesses of all sizes and types and especially those undergoing growth. 

With live tracking the user can keep an eye on the behaviour of prospects and know in real time when they are ready to commit, while a very welcome feature is detailed in the next stage of the process, Contract Management.

Contract Management

Once a prospect has indicated an interest the GetAccept system will notify the user of that workflow, and the Contract Management sector comes into play. This is another simple, easy to use and practical – yet also innovative – feature designed to make life easier. Workflows can be planned to send to multiple recipients internally and externally, enabling complex contracts to be completed by the right people in the right roles, complete with e-signing which is an important inclusion.

The use of e-signing is becoming more prevalent as people recognise the convenience of not having to travel or take time to find each individual signatory. GetAccept allows for all signatories to sign and also verifies and authenticates the signature. The time-saving element of this particular feature is a major bonus where potentially complex contracts and agreements are involved. 

Flexibility is a strong point of the GetAccept software as is the ability to create archives and files to keep track on workflows and contracts. 

Product Solutions

GetAccept can integrate with all of the major CRM tools including Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics and more, making it easy for users to streamline workflows and send, receive and sign documents via GetAccept without leaving the application being used.

The GetAccept software package is designed for use across a variety of industry sectors such IT and Tech, Retail and Real Estate, Transport, Recruitment, Media and more, and the templates included can be customised to suit particular industries for a personal touch. 

The automated aspects of GetAccept will help all businesses achieve a greater ROI by providing seamless contract and workflow management as well as impressive prospect contacting and communications. Easy to set up and use, GetAccept is a sensible choice for smaller to medium sized businesses who are looking to add eSigning capability and sales enablement to their armoury.

Pricing and Final Word

The GetAccept software package is available in four different price packages. The first is Basic, which allows for a maximum of 4 users, comes with a chat function, branding options and all document types. It’s priced at $25 per user per month. 

We would recommend that business managers consider the Business plan, the most popular of those on offer. This one includes everything the Basic plan offers and is suitable for up to 5 users. It comes with additional tracking and templates, full authorization ability, SMS, Google Docs, and more. With everything suitable for the medium sized business it is priced at $40 per user per month. The Enterprise package is $60 a month with up to 10 users, while an API version for developers is price on application.

In short, GetAccept is a useful and easy to use sales enablement software package that will be of interest to businesses looking to streamline their contract and workflow management. 

GetAccept is a sales enablement and contract management software designed to integrate all sales processes of B2B companies in one place. This tool allows you to send video and chat messages to potential customers to close new deals in the shortest amount of time possible and has an excellent and fast electronic signature verification system.
To choose a CRM software that suits your needs you must take into account that: 1. Automates routine operations and processes. 2. Guides the sales team in evaluating potential customers and suggesting steps to follow to convert them into customers. Integrates seamlessly with multiple programs 4. Is adaptable and customizable. 5. It is an online tool.
GetAccept provides a remote digital sales enablement platform. This software for B2B companies helps manage the entire sales cycle from customizing quotes for leads, optimizing workflow, and outsourcing and insourcing process. This program also helps to track in real time and can be connected to different business tools without leaving the application.
GetAccept has a 14-day free demo and offers different paid plans with monthly or annual pricing, depending on the number of users and needs: Starter from $ 25.00 – up to 4 users, Business from $ 40.00 – up to 5 users. For pricing of the more advanced plans, Enterprise for 10 users or more or API (for developers), please contact GetAccept sales department.
You can connect GetAccept with your usual tools such as recognized CRM, open API, and Zapier, among others. Some of these are: HubSpot CRM, Salesforce, Pipedrive CRM, Freshsales CRM, Zapier, Slack, Linkedin Sales Navigator, Facebook Business, Marketo, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Analytics, HubSpot Marketing Hub, and Chargebee, BluSnap, Perfect Audience, etc.
Sales enablement software is a process that helps the sales team close more deals effectively by offering those tools, information, and relevant content in one place. There are sales enablement platforms for all financial models, for example, in the case of B2B companies there is the GetAccept platform that allows optimizing tasks.


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