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The era we live in is often referred to as the Digital Age, and in the past couple of decades we have certainly seen great changes in the way we do business. Commerce relies very much on digital marketing channels, and as a business owner or manager, you need to know how those marketing channels are performing.

Automation is always a bonus, and with Hotjar – a platform that is becoming increasingly popular due to its effective gathering and analysis of marketing data – you can see exactly what is going on in easy to understand formats, without the need to be bombarded with endless numbers.

As a leading automated data collection platform, Hotjar is designed to integrate with most of the major tool used in business analytics and marketing automation and comes with a variety of features that make it a very versatile package.


  • Easy to use and only takes minutes to integrate
  • Great insights and helps to understand your visitors
  • Clean interface


  • Can slow down your load time
  • Can be expensive for sites with lots of traffic

How Hotjar Works

Hotjar offers a variety of features that are used to collect information from sources you specify and send them to locations you choose. As it is comprehensive in the platforms it can be used with, Hotjar is easy to use and highly effective.

How does it differ to other data acquisition and analysis tools? It is true that it offers similar benefits in terms of streamlined online marketing, and analytics tools, but it does bring everything together in a unique way that makes it interesting to users. Some of the features of Hotjar are described below.


A very neat and usable feature of Hotjar is the Heatmaps function. This allows you to see what visitors on your site are doing by visual representation. The analysis includes clicks, scrolling and taps – these being the main indicators of intent – and you can choose your heatmaps as you wish, move them around, download them and share with others. This is a great function for keeping a sales and marketing team on top of their game.


Marketing funnels, when designed well, are a great way of discovering where your visitors jump off. In other words, how far they are taking the consumer journey you are providing. This function helps you visualise this in simple form, and you can then see which pages are performing, and which are not. A tool for optimizing your website that doesn’t hit you with reams of numbers, the graphs and visuals are easy to follow and informative.

Incoming Feedback

You can design a feedback form that encourages your visitors to give you information that is useful to you, such as what they like and don’t like, what they would prefer to see on your site, where they think you could improve and much more. A website or app will always be open to improvement, and Hotjar allows you to invite the people who use it to tell you where and how it can be better optimized.

Create Surveys and Forms

As a way of getting information from your visitors, tailored and bespoke surveys are difficult to beat. With Hotjar you can create surveys using simple forms, making it easy for your visitors to participate, and the results are displayed for you in easy to read, visual form so that you can see exactly where you need to implement changes and improvements. You can also do the same with online forms, and analysis shows you where people are reluctant to fill them in – perhaps they require too much text or are difficult to negotiate – so that you can design them efficiently.

The above are just some of the features that are highlighted by Hotjar and there are many more. There is great scope for analysis in all areas of marketing, and it can be automated to bring you the best advice on how to revise and improve your website, app, or blog. Here’s what we think of Hotjar overall.


Hotjar is a comprehensive data collection and analysis tool that will appeal to smaller, growing businesses as well as those that are already well-established. The overall theme of presenting information in easy to read visual representations is welcomed, as numbers do not always give you the best indication of performance.

By using graphs and imagery, the onlooker can see immediately where problems lie, and these images can be sheared with others. The tools for designing forms and surveys are also very effective, and this is a well-priced, easy to download – there’s just one script to add to get going – data collection and analysis package. Add Hotjar to your list if you want ongoing information about the behaviour and requirements of your visitors.

Hotjar Alternatives

  • FreshMarketer
  • VWO (not listed)
  • Mouseflow (not listed)
  • SessionCam
  • Reactflow

Hotjar is a marketing tool whose purpose is to help brands and businesses to understand their public and users. This tool does this by the use of user behavior analytics and the collection of the user’s feedback response. Hotjar is supposed to complement the insights obtained from other tools such as Google Analytics.
Hotjar gives data about a user’s behavior on the determined website, so it is used by big brands to understand what is working and what is not. It does so by the use of different tools like heat maps, recording of visitors, conversion funnels, form analysis, opinion polls, feedback, surveys, and recruit testers.
The plans go from the Basic one, which is free and collects data from up to 2,000 page views per day, to the Pro plan which costs $ 39.00 per month and collects data from 10,000 page views per day, and to the Business plan which is $ 99.00 per month and collects data from 20,000 page views per day.
The Hotjar Tracking Code is the one that collects and sends the data of the website and its interactions to the user’s Hotjar account. The use of Hotjar starts with this code and its installation is as simple as copying and pasting the unique Tracking Code inside the site that will be tracked.
Hotjar is designed to integrate with most of the main tools used in the business analytics and automation market and it uses many features and functions that altogether make it a versatile tool. Some of those features are heatmaps, funnels, incoming feedback, and the creation of surveys and forms.
The Hotjar tool offers to protect your website data and respect the privacy of visitors. To achieve this it stores data in Ireland on Amazon Web Services (AWS), visitors are given a user (UUID) and the IP address is suppressed before being stored, it uses firewalls, data is encrypted, back-up is done via Amazon Cloud Storage (AWS S3), etc.


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