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Gmelius Features

Gmelius lets teams work together from multiple tools, including Gmail, Trello and Slack, in a single collaboration platform. Connect your teams in seconds to make working on projects easier and more streamline.

The platform is free to try, and there’s an option to request a demo.

Email is central to the Gmelius platform, with a lot of powerful tools:

  • Shared inbox
  • Email tracking suite
  • CRM for Gmail


  • Have a dedicated free plan
  • Works on top of your current tool stack
  • Helps you to automate your work


  • Can be a bit ‘buggy’
  • You will need a Google Account to get started

Shared Email Inbox

Gmelius works to make sharing email as easy as possible. You can quickly share emails with your team right inside of your Gmail account. The function includes a drop-down list that allows you to share an entire lead conversation with team members.

Once shared, the conversation will automatically be synced to the team member you shared your contact with.

The goal of a shared inbox is to enable you to have a fast, easy way share your conversations with integral members of the team. Perhaps you need to delegate tasks with other members of your team.

If you’re out of the office, team members can use the shared inbox to work on client projects even when you’re not there.

But a shared inbox takes collaboration to a new level with:

  • De-cluttering your team’s email
  • Delegating emails to team members
  • Automating the collaboration process

You can create “if this, then that” flows inside of Gmelius to automate the collaboration process. Workflows and sequences will allow you to assign certain team members to an email or add the email to a board automatically.

Sequences allow you to automate tedious tasks in a way that works best for your workflow.

A complete flow builder allows for single click flow creation. With filters and labels, you can automate the tasks you do daily inside of Gmelius.

The shared inbox also provides insight into a recipient, with powerful tools that offer:

  • Add information to a recipient’s email so that the entire team is on the same page when following up on a lead
  • Add notes and mentions inside of the platform
  • Keep all notes and information private so that it’s only shared with the users you choose

Gmelius provides the tools and notes you need to be able to amplify your sales.

Email Tracking Suite

Email tracking with Gmelius allows you and your team to understand what’s occurring long after you send off an email. You’ll be able to adjust notifications inside of Gmelius to be able to know when:

  • Messages are opened
  • Links are clicked

You’ll receive full notification so that you can see which leads are engaged. In the activity report, you’ll be able to track:

  • Last opened emails
  • Unopened emails
  • Teams

You’ll see the number of opens, clicks and location of all recipients. When a lead has engaged with your email, it’s time to send out a follow-up email to close more deals. Gmelius uses per-recipient tracking that provides insights for every individual user on your list.

BCC and CC mails also have metrics provided.

Detailed reports and an in-depth view allow you to supercharge your marketing campaign with valuable insights.

CRM for Gmail

Teams are versatile and mobile in today’s technology-first environment. Gmelius is designed for teams that work in email and incorporates a Gmail-friendly CRM. Gmelius allows you to:

  • Manage your company pipeline
  • Automate outreach

Send emails to an entire CSV list including the date and time that every recipient will receive their email. Full personalization is possible and will allow you to use custom variables right inside of Gmail.

Potential variables in your uploaded spreadsheet will be parsed by Gmelius, allowing you to quickly plug in new variables into your email.

Fallback options can also be included that will use the fallback if certain information was not included when the contact was added to your list.

Full report can be seen inside of the platform, with a campaign report newsletter available, too.

Monitor all of your performance and connect with Gmail in one powerful platform.

Optimize and manage your teams right inside of Gmelius. You can also use alerts that will allow you to see when an email hasn’t been viewed so that you can choose the right action to take. Personalize follow-ups or turn the lead over to a member of your team who is better suited to close the lead.

You can also create and share templates with your entire team. When you have an email that converts well, share it without spending hours copying and pasting or editing mails to add templates.


Gmelius merges that power of a CRM and collaboration tool right inside of Gmail.

Gmelius Alternatives

Gmelius is a visual team collaboration and email management platform for Gmail. It is created for Google and it connects a group of people or work team synchronously within Gmail or G Suite, no matter where they are. It is compatible with other tools so there is no need to migrate to another site, making communication and team workflow faster and more efficient.
The Gmelius email collaboration platform has features that positively change the performance of teamwork. Among these are: it allows personalized Gmail Inbox sharing and to track recipient activity, it has ‘Send later’ to schedule email sending automatically, includes a function to delegate emails, offers pre-designed templates, sends email follow-up reminders and more.
Gmelius has a free plan that includes basic functionalities such as Kanban boards, templates, email tracking, limited integrations, among others. It also has three paid plans per user and per month, which are the following: Plus $ 12.00, Growth $ 24.00, Enterprise $ 69.00. If you pay for the full year you wll get a 25% discount.
Of course, Gmelius has an App available for any Android or iOS mobile device. This app can be accessed by installing it from the App Store or Play Store. When using the Gmelius mobile app the changes will be immediately reflected in your browser’s inbox and synchronized with the tools you have selected, e.g. Slack, Trello, Zoom, Zapier, etc.
Gmelius integrates with other solutions in two directions, from Gmail to other tools and from the latter to the Gmail inbox, without the need to leave the application that the user is using. These tools can be Slack, Trello, Zoom, Google Meet, Zapier, Google Calendar, etc. It also has an API to configure any tool that Gmelius has not yet integrated.
You can connect your Gmelius account to Zapier which will facilitate access to a huge amount of web services automatically to exchange tasks and workflow between applications. To do this just log in to Zapier, click on “connect a new account”, select “Gmelius” and follow the steps below. select “Gmelius” and follow the steps to create an automation.


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