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Whether you run a smaller business that is looking to grow or an established outfit, you need to keep on top of data analysis if you are to grab new leads and keep existing customers on board. Your website is your first port of call for everyone, new and existing, but gone are the days when you simply had a site built and left it to do its job.

The customer in the digital age wants more than just to visit and buy, they want to be engaged and enjoy their shopping experience whether it is for an exciting product or an essential one. So, you need to know where your website is performing, and where it is losing you business.

With tools that allow you to design bespoke dashboards for specific clients, and share them with clients and your team, to enable accurate data collection and analysis Klipfolio is a tool you might want to take a look at.


  • Pre-build templates
  • Easy connecting all your data sources
  • Award-winning support


  • No free support
  • Long learning curve
  • Would need to upgrade to bigger plans when building big things

How Klipfolio Works

There are many features that make Klipfolio a viable choice for any business looking at enabling growth. It combines data analysis with integration with all the major platforms including accounting, sales, CRM’s and much more, and is designed to help improve lead generation by way of targeting specific customer groups and other clever metrics.

Through its three main units – PowerMetrics, Klips and MetricHQ – and the dashboard building function which uses a simple drag and drops, Klipfolio is a useful tool in online marketing. Let’s have a look at those features and what Klipfolio can do for you.

Pro tip: Have an analytics tool to measure the ROI of your marketing strategy


PowerMetrics brings together all the data from your teams in one easy to access place. Overall market performance and lead conversion rates can be displayed alongside return on investment and spending in different areas of your marketing campaign, allowing you and your team to see at a glance where money is working for itself and where help might be needed. It’s an overall view of the Klipfolio data gathering and analytical ability and can be used to great effect.


The second of the Klipfolio reporting tools, Klips is cleverly designed to enable the user to see everything they need in excellent visual representations, either all in one or piece by piece – hence ‘Klips’. The customizable reporting templates can be tailored to your needs – or those of a specific client – and automated, giving you everything you need quickly and efficiently. Klipfolio also offer 1 to 1 expert help in designing dashboards and there are more than 80 interactive examples to choose from, or you can modify to your own requirements.


The central point in Klipfolio if you like, this is where you can learn in detail about all the metrics involved in analyzing your performance, and create a response that will enable you to improve performance, engender leads and engage your existing customers.

Client Reporting

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Klipfolio is the ability to create tailored dashboards for different types of businesses, thus giving them exactly what they need with attention to detail. You can design your own, or Klipfolio offers dashboards already optimized for the likes of financial services, software developers and marketing agents, and there is plenty among the standard templates to help get an idea of the information you want to present.

Klipfolio is notably able to be integrated with a wide range of data sources which could include web-based apps, spreadsheets, databases, and whatever you tend to use. All the big names and more specialized areas such as accounting are covered, making this a comprehensive package that deals with just about everything.

A final note is that with Klipfolio you can choose to use complex formulas when processing your data; some tools limit the formulas to basics, but with this one, you can go a step further. What do we think of Klipfolio overall?


The various aspects of Klipfolio combine to make what is a neat package with the emphasis on tailoring marketing towards certain customers. With many dashboard templates to choose from there is bound to be something here for all, and it’s easy to customize with simple drag-and-drop editing as the method.

For data analysis, this is a tool that can be used to get at hard metrics successfully and allows for effective processing of that data gathered to keep on top of necessary improvements. Overall, Klipfolio is a good tool for growing businesses and may be of interest to established outfits who want to look deeper into their data analysis.

Klipfolio Alternatives

Klipfolio online solution offers three programs to design dashboards, manage data, and turn them into light and clear reports: 1. Klips to help you create organized, easy-to-understand and eye-catching dashboards. 2. PowerMetrics to import and transform multiple data into useful and manageable information. 3. MetricHQ online dictionary to consult KPIs and metrics.
Klips by Klipfolio is a powerful platform for generating dashboards and business reports from many data sources in real-time, which helps to visualize them in a quick and summarized way. You can use its pre-built dashboard models or create and customize dashboards for more effective data analysis and timely decision making.
Yes, Klipfolio within its security measures uses the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud services platform to host all its applications in a reliable and secure way and, for the connection and services, uses TLS 1.2 encryption and authentication with SHA256 certificate, it also uses firewalls in the network to prevent unauthorized traffic, among others.
The Klipfolio technology solution offers on its website to take a 14-day free trial and the prices of the packages are: Klips has plans for Businesses, Agencies, and Enterprises starting at $ 49.00 per month, for its PowerMetrics program it offers a free plan and paid plans (Plus Pro, Custom) also starting at $ 49.00 per month.
The Klipfolio web application can integrate Klips with data sources from all the most popular apps available today such as LinkedIn, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, Trello, Flojo, Dropbox Business, WordPress, Mailchimp, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Google Analytics, Gmail, OneDrive, Asana, Hubspot Marketing Hub, Hubspot CRM, Shopify, Pipedrive, Zero, Zapier, Zendex, WooCommerce, AWS, Twitter, etc.
With Klipfolio companies can: track the most important KPIs and metrics from any device, access finance, marketing, sales or business dashboards quickly, manage an unlimited number of users, connect to a large number of data sources, and combine data from social networks with data from other platforms, retrieve data automatically, among others.


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