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Turn your content into a podcast without recording a word

The age of audio and video marketing is upon us. For the younger generations especially, listening to podcasts and watching videos online is juts a part of life. It’s also a powerful marketing medium, and one that many businesses have yet to incorporate into their marketing routines. 

It may be that you are not tech-savvy enough to get to grips with making a podcast or video, or perhaps you don’t think you sound great. The options here are to get someone from your team to front a video or record the podcast or pay a freelancer.

There is another way, and it’s a clever tool called Listnr. We’re going to look at how Listnr works, the various features and benefits, and what it costs. 

How Does Listnr Work?

If you are looking to expand your marketing into audio and video, Listnr is certainly going to help. Put simply, it’s a method of making a podcast or video voice over without recording anything. Listnr works by converting text into voice. The method is simple: you provide the text in an appropriate form and choose the language – out of 22 – and voice you wish to use, and Listnr does the rest. Let’s check out some features of Listnr.

Features of Listnr

The clever bit about Listnr is not only the voice recording, but the many other benefits and features a business – or an individual – can gain from using this interesting tool. We’ve listed some of the features following.

Choice of Voices

Listnr allows you to choose from more than 100 voices, each of which is a high quality, human sounding AI voice. There are 22 languages and four dialects to choose from, so everyone should be satisfied. Voices include male, female and also children’s voices, as well as English as spoken by an Indian, an American and more.

Social Sharing

When complete you can share your Listnr podcast or voice over on all the major social media platforms that you are hosted on. This is a great marketing opportunity for all types of business.

RSS Feed

Your RSS feed is updated automatically every time you post new content on Listnr so you will be shared on all platforms that you’ve hosted on. 

Podcast Platforms

You can publish your podcast to all the major hosting services including Spotify, Google Podcasts, Transistor and many more, giving you plenty of opportunity to get the word out to your audience.

Custom Podcast Page

You can create a custom podcast page within Listnr that gives you and additional place from which to broadcast your message.

Embed to Website or Blog

Listnr allows you to share your podcast or video to your website or blog via an embedded link.

Let’s now have a look at the various price packages.

Price Plans

Listnr is available in three price plans each paid for annually. These are as follows:

Solo – the Solo plan is designed for an individual, sole trader or a small business user. It costs just $90 per year. For that you get access to 3 podcast shows, free hosting on Listnr, unlimited conversions, one-click publishing to Spotify and iTunes, and up to 30,000 words per month.

Start Up – this package is for the smaller to medium business and gives you all that you get with the Solo plan plus extras such as white labelling, commercial redistribution rights, 5 podcast shows and up to 100,000 words per month. The price is $200 per year.

Agency – for larger businesses and teams involved in collaborative productions the Agency package is the one to go for. For $500 per year, you get all the above, but with unlimited words, unlimited embeddings and summaries, plus analytics tools and further customizations. 


In summary, Listnr is a clever and versatile tool for producing neat and usable video and audio content spoken by natural-sounding AI voices that can be customised to many different languages and sounds. Easy to use, Listnr is designed to help those who have no experience in the field get their podcast up and running. 

Once a membership is opened you simply add the text you want and follow the instructions. There is a free 100-word trial on the website that we recommend you use to get an idea of what Listnr is capable of. 

We believe that each of the price plans offers value for money as they will all make producing spoken content far easier, less costly, and less time-consuming. Listnr is a good product that will appeal to both individual podcasters and business users. 


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