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Missive as a tool that allows your team members to be able to collaborate around email. The tool is used by over 1,000 organizations, and it acts as a team inbox and chat tool in one. This is business class collaboration that will help businesses grow.

The features that are available to your team and your business include:

  • Inboxes
  • Social media
  • Chat


  • Get all communication in one place
  • Great tool for collaboration


  • Sometimes there are issues when one platform upgrades and the functioning between the two stops.


Team inboxes are available for your entire team. You’ll be able to assign two different roles to these inboxes: member and observer. The members of all inboxes will receive notifications, while observers will not receive notifications.

The platform offers a flexible email setup that allows you to use:

  • Share inboxes
  • Personal inboxes
  • Google Groups

Messages can be archives, closed or assigned. This function will remove them from the team inbox for everyone.

If you want to create responses that you can share with your team or use multiple times, you can create canned responses. There are also managed signatures that allow you to use the same signature for yourself or your team, and there’s collaborative writing that allows team members to create emails together. These emails can be reviewed in real-time and attachments can be shared.

Read receipts are available so you always know when someone reads the emails that you sent. If you want to schedule your emails, there’s a simulator feature that allows this to be done. Conversations can be pinned to the sidebar if they are important, and you can even integrate into your favorite apps to enhance your team’s productivity.

Custom signatures with rich text and HTML are available, and you could also have response variables. The response variables allow you to customize your response to create dynamic content. When you have dynamic content to send out, this can mean the difference between spending hours writing personalized emails or spending minutes.

Workflows can also be controlled through the use of rules. Rules allow you to control the workflow for:

  • Incoming messages
  • Outgoing messages
  • User actions

Social Media

Social media and SMS can help you expand your team’s reach. You can do this by replying to customer inquiries via email, or you can use social media. There are multiple options available, including:

  • SMS
  • Facebook messages
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp

Twilo is what powers the SMS / MMS messages that you send. This works directly with Missive. Sharing options are available that allow you to share new accounts with anyone on your team. This allows for a complete workflow customization with multiple members. You’ll also be able to create new messages and assign them just like you did with the email options available.

If you make a mistake when you send out a message, you can also undo these messages. This is available not only in email, but also in social media and SMS messages. This helps your members reduce the amount of errors they have when sending out messages to potential or current clients.


Chat functionality is available that allows teams and everyone to discuss ideas. You can leverage multiple different chat room types, including:

  • General chat rooms
  • Team chat rooms
  • One-on-one rooms

There’s also an in-depth one-on-one chat feature. This feature allows you to chat with visitors and users directly on your website. This feature is far more advanced in the normal chats that you’re used to because it offers:

  • Custom branding to match your company’s branding efforts
  • Online schedules that allow you to add in new people to call or chat with
  • User authentication so that you know that you’re talking to a real user

You can create or join multiple organizations with your company as well as share conversation links. If you have a chat with a customer, you can copy the link and share it with your coworkers.

Chats also have formatting available so that you can highlight certain parts of the chat, bold, strikethrough and italicize parts of the chat. While this may not seem like a valuable feature at first, it does allow you to put emphasis on certain parts of your chat, which is especially helpful when providing customer service.

Missive is an extremely powerful tool for collaborative environments. You’ll be able to control accountability and efficiency of your team while having better clarity of how your team is doing. Teamwork is a lot easier with collaboration that is able to be done through email, tweets, web chat, and SMS.

Teams can collaborate from around the world as if they were operating inside the same office. There is no credit card needed to start and book a demo, and multiple pricing options are available.

Missive app is an email collaboration tool that unites work teams by allowing them to share inboxes, files, tweets, WhatsApp, SMS, chat and distribute tasks instantly from one place. Among its many benefits is that it has four modules to balance the load of work teams and can be synchronized with Google contacts.
To start using Missive app you just need to create an account (you can import your emails) (optional)). Then, you create an organization in “set up my team / create an organization” and that’s it, and you can invite as many people as you want to participate. If you want to chat with a collaborator just mention him/her like this: “@elon…”
Among the features of Missive are share inboxes for team members or observers. You can import emails from any email provider, the app allows the assignment of conversations within emails or chats, collaborates in any inbox of another platform or social network, can use multiple email accounts, has templates or paragraphs of responses, manages contacts, etc.
The Missive tool can be used totally free when you have up to three members in a team, two personal accounts for each person and no more than two shared accounts (Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, or email). Its Starter plan costs $10.00 per month p/p and shows saved data for up to 6 months and the Productive plan is $15.00 per month p/p, with no history limits.
The Missive app can connect with several apps to create continuous and unlimited workflows. These include FullContact, Pipedrive, Asana, Shopify, Trello, Todoist, Chargedesk, Drive, Dropbox BuildYourOwn, etc. With Missive, you can also create your own HTML, JavaScript or CSS integration that will work for mobile, desktop and web version of this tool.
Shared inbox software is software that allows multiple users to use the same email inbox in a single interface and share useful data and information to enhance communication between team members. Generally, it can be configured by levels of authority, roles, functions, departments, and other factors relevant to the company.


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