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Allign Sales, Marketing & Devops with is described as an ‘Enterprise-Grade Revenue Operations Intelligence Platform. It is one of many tools designed to enhance the growth of a business by enabling contact gathering and sales automation, as well as data collection and analysis. We will explain it in more detail below and also look at each of the separate features of the tool.


  •  All-in-one Enterprise tool
  • Use of AI
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Training options for beginners


  • Only web-supported software
  • Not for freelancers

What is

There are many tools available that enable data gathering, automate lead generation or help with sales growth. promises to help with all three. It is a popular product that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to great effect in automating the simple parts of the process, and provides valuable insights into relevant potential prospects, as well as into customer behaviour and performance. It covers three main areas: Sales, Marketing and RevOps. Following is a description of each. 


The Sales element of uses clever AI technology and algorithms to run in the background with no input from reps required. It uses historical and current data to assess and analyse each lead for relevance. 

It also keeps an eye on the performance of teams and individual reps. This gives the opportunity to see where improvements can be made for greater efficiency and where teams are running well and smoothly. Where individuals are concerned may track each one and notify where targets are not met, so you can administer the help required. 

By using AI powered playbooks can help score leads for potential custom and engage with the consumer for better conversion rates, using tools embedded in the Salesforce package you more than likely already use.


By automating the generation of contact data, taking information from email and meetings data, can create and manage a useful and lucrative database of potential leads and keep the information archived and also compliant with regulations. uses SmartMatch™ which is a clever tool within the package to drive leads to your CRM automatically, updating them with no need for manual input. It can also automate the analysis of successful or other leads and in the case of those that do not convert, pinpoints and reports on the point where the transaction failed. monitors leads and conversions and is able to spot those that need to gain more attention to become a customer, and also monitors the individuals who are the decision makers in potential conversions for greater efficiency. Analysis of marketing to sales data is comprehensive and will help with targeting future campaigns.


The RevOps feature of – or Revenue Operations – is a clever tool that helps identify the accounts that are not getting attention or need more work. By combining this with data analysis of reps’ performance an account needing more attention can be transferred to a rep who has shown the ability to boost accounts of this sort. can also run an assessment to ascertain the optimal number of accounts each rep should be handling based on performance and historical evidence, allowing managers to ensure they have the right people on the right accounts. RevOps is also aimed at keeping on top of predicted sales and targets by integrating the comprehensive data gathered with the forecast models and tools you use. It scores the predictions by risk allowing for greater allocation of resources to those most likely to be successful.

Marketing leads and sales opportunities are combined by the tool presenting accurate predictions and potential sales, ensuring that your next quarter revenue predictions can be met. is designed to be fully scalable so will perform for smaller companies that are growing and stay with them throughout. It can be integrated with tools such as Zoom, Slack and others for greater flexibility, is easy to use and has many satisfied users in a wide range of industry and commerce sectors.

Pricing and Final Word

The comprehensive nature of makes it one for the shortlist if you are looking for an integrated marketing and sales automation solution that has good analysis and data collection capability. The AI used in is usable and neatly designed and works in the background so does not impact on the reps’ time, and takes data from available info such as emails, meetings and other contact.

Pricing of the package is by individual customer. If you are interested you should run the demos available on the website to get a better idea of how it works and what it can do for you, then contact the team and they will put together a price based on your individual company needs and size. is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for data-driven business sales, marketing and customer success. Sales teams get an overview of business activities and can leverage AI to manage their teams based on real data. does not give information about the prices of products or services. According to external sources, prices start at $ 50.00 per month per user, but to have official information about it, you have to contact However, they have a free version, as well as a free demo.
The founder and CEO of are Oleg Rogynskyy. Before he created, he helped found and grow three big data and machine learning companies. He has an interest in text analytics, machine learning, and data science. Interests that he takes advantage of in for problem-solving.
To measure sales productivity, analysis of sales metrics should be used to calculate progress toward sales goals or objectives, identify strengths, adjust compensation, provide incentives, discover weaknesses, and allow anticipating changes in the market or future growth.
A sales productivity tool is any type of software that helps sales professionals improve their daily activities related to the profession, whether it is creating leads, extracting and analyzing data, making calls, writing proposals, and approving documents. They help professionals manage sales in a more efficient and productive way. is used for: 1. To grow reps quickly, increase revenue per rep, and close more deals. 2. To feed the marketing database with strong marketable contacts, know the current status of leads going to sales, and highlight the people who close deals and influence. 3. To convert neglected accounts into revenue, generate more precision in existing forecasting processes.


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