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Looking for a CRM system assisted by AI. Try out Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM includes more than 40 integrated applications that allow you to manage, automate and connect your business processes across your operation. Trusted by more than 150,000 businesses in 180 countries, Zoho CRM helps businesses convert leads, engage with their customers, and grow their revenue.

Start with a free account, or sign up for monthly or yearly service. Free trials are available (15 days) for each tier of service. Zoho CRM helps businesses automate their sales process, nurture leads and grow revenue through three important features:

  • Sales force automation
  • Process management
  • Predictive sales

Other products from Zoho:

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  • Part of an entire suite of products
  • Easy of use and customization of the product
  • Connections with other tools


  • Lots of complaints about support & issues
  • Young company so lots of glitches

Sales Force Automation

Zoho automates mundane sales processes, allowing your sales team to focus on more important tasks, like closing deals, building customer relationships and nurturing leads. 

Zoho’s CRM offers a number of tools to help with sales force automation, including:

  • Lead Management: Automate lead generation from multiple sources, including social media, websites, chats, trade shows, and websites. With Zoho, you can identify and nurture quality leads while measuring ROI.
  • Deal Management: View your deal pipelines at a glance to see which ones are near closing and which ones need attention. Use this data to improve up-selling and cross-selling opportunities while analyzing past deals. 
  • Account Management: Zoho has a variety of sales account management features to help you better understand your customers and improve your relationships with them.
  • Contact Management: Manage contacts, interactions, and communication with customers right from your CRM
  • Workflow Rules: Automate data entry and operational tasks that waste the time of sales reps, like email notifications and creating tasks.

Sales force automation frees up time for your sales reps, so they can focus on more important core tasks. But they also eliminate human error while helping your team focus on the most important leads.

Process Management

Zoho makes it easy to manage your sales process, from lead generation to deal closure. With Process Management tools, you can ensure that your team is following the same process every time.

Zoho’s Process Management tools include:

  • Blueprint: Capture each stage of your offline sales process right inside of your CRM. Create a visual representation of your sales process and create actions for each stage.
  • Lead Scoring: See, at a glance, which lead sources are more likely to make a sale. 
  • Approval Process: Streamline the approval process for reviews, capital expenses, discounts, vacation time, document approvals and more. 
  • Email Parser: Streamline lead generation by gathering data directly from sales inquiry emails.
  • Validation Rules: Ensure that your sales reps gather all of the right information by setting rules for each lead. For example, you may have rules for lead ages or mobile phone numbers.
  • Escalation Rules: When cases aren’t solved quickly, Zoho will automatically escalate them to the appropriate sales rep or manager. Configure the rules based on specific criteria, such as the time the ticket was created, case name or priority.

Process Management Tools will save your staff time while keeping your processes organized and preventing human error.

Predictive Sales

Zoho uses Zia, an AI companion, to help with the CRM’s predictive sales features. Zia can gather information, take notes, predict outcomes, automate tasks and more.

Zoho’s Predictive Sales features include:

  • Sales Assistant: Zia can understand queries and commands over voice or text. Just chat online or call to ask a question. Zia will read the answer out loud or display it online. 
  • Predictions: Zia can predict the probability of every open deal and assign each one a score based on how likely they are to close. This helps your team stay focused on the right targets.
  • Anomaly Detection: Get real-time updates on anomalies in sales numbers and activities, so you can act quickly to prepare for a revenue decline or incoming surge of leads.
  • Intelligent Automation: Zia learns your team’s patterns and can make personalized suggestions for automation to streamline tasks and save time. Zia can even determine your efficiency to prevent mistakes. 
  • Data Enrichment: Zia performs periodic checks on your data to make sure it is up to date and accurate. She will also help you collect information to automatically enrich your customer records.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Zia can analyze your emails to identify emotional tone, identify angry customers and assist them more quickly. 

Zoho Predictive Sales services can help automate and streamline your sales process, whether you’re in the office or on the go. 

Zoho CRM is highly rated by users and can easily be integrated into the business apps you already use on a regular basis, including GSuite, Zoom, PayPal, Shopify, Office 365, Dropbox, MailChimp, Zapier and more.

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Zoho is a company, or more likely a collection of all the tools, applications, and utilities that could be needed to run the entirety of a business. It counts with spreadsheets, presentations, word processing, and besides it works with other tools like email, wikis, file sharing, poll taker and conferencing.
Zoho is a multi-platform that is meant to contain all the tools that brands or marketers may need, so its catalog of products is rather large with more than 50 tools for different purposes and needs. Some examples are Zoho Sales IQ, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Survey, Zoho Sites, and Zoho Social.
The main purpose of Zoho is aimed toward make the whole process of managing a sales team easy for the user. From helping to automate the flow of time consuming data to keeping track of the customers, and even other tasks like assigning scores to the business leads to help to organize and priories them.
Zoho is meant to help brands to automate their sales process and help grow their revenue, it does this with three main features Sales Force Automation, which automates simple processes, Process Management, which helps control processes like lead generation, and lastly, Predictive Sales, which works with Zia, an AI companion.
Zoho does not count with a free version but it does offer a free trial of all of its plans. These plans are the Standard plan, which is $ 14.00 per month, the Professional for $ 23.00 per month, the Enterprise plan which is $ 40.00 per month and the Ultimate plan which costs $ 52.00 per month.
“Zoho CRM is a collection of tools designed to provide all the utilities or applications that business may need. It allows B2B companies to have a common platform to keep track of their partners, clients, and vendors in industries like healthcare, media, travel, restaurants, taxes, insurance, freelancers, and non profits. ”


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