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Getting your press out there to the right people is a vital part of promoting your brand. It often seems as if it’s a chore, with many different channels needed to be attended to. PressCloud can help with this by making PR a lot easier, more secure, and faster. Let’s start with a brief description of what PressCloud is about before we talk about the main features that will interest you.

What is PressCloud?

PressCloud is a tool designed to allow your bloggers and content writers to have a place where their work can be accessed. Or to create a private press room where readers can go to check on the latest offerings. Time-saving features allow for the elimination of the need for bulky and unattractive emails, and personalization makes your press room a representation of your brand. 

Easy to use and available as a free trial, PressCloud might be the product you are looking for if you publish new content readily, whether press releases or news items, as part of your marketing and sales campaign. Below we look at some of the main features of PressCloud.


  • Access to great number of PR people
  • One tool for your PR
  • Personalization options


  • Press releases have to be well-timed
  • Not available in all countries

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While PressCloud is a content and press room publishing tool it also pays attention to how your campaign is performing in this respect. Clever analytics mean you can keep on top of data regarding downloads, connections and files that have been shared. This means that detailed information as to who has viewed, downloaded and shared your files and who with can be accessed instantly in real time, and by individual user profiles.

Analysing performance in this way allows PressCloud to be an accurate tool for keeping abreast of your PR management and campaigns and helping understand where you need to adjust your campaign and approach to reach a more relevant audience. This is a useful feature that puts PressCloud at the front of the queue in terms of performance analysis.


The PressCloud press room can be created to your own personalized design to reflect the brand you are promoting. You can use your own logo and corporate colours, upload your own CSS and create a room that is your own individual space. Whether you are uploading blog content, news items or press releases for product launches your press room can be private to the extent you wish. 

You can control who has access to your documents by restricting access to certain people or groups, and PressCloud guarantees security of your documents by offering secure sharing. As a cloud-based system there is no need for concern about file sizes: large files, HD pictures and more can all be accommodated easily. The press room can be accessed 24/7 for added exposure.


It is often mentioned by users that PressCloud is surprisingly easy to use. Documents can be added to the press room by way of simple drag and drop routines, thus saving time on uploading and waiting for files to complete. As you will be using your own CSS and a personalized press room design you can create the room to be operable in the same manner as your other dashboard operated tools. 

By allowing for drag and drop files can be added in a matter of seconds so your news will not only be fresh but can be published at the ideal time for maximum exposure. The flexibility of PressCloud is one of its main selling points, and it has many satisfied users in the small to medium-sized business sector across various markets. Is PressCloud for you? Let’s finish with a short summary of the job that this innovative tool performs.



PressCloud performs a simple yet vital role that many businesses will appreciate. In basic form it is a publishing tool that allows for the user to create a private press room where they can publish blogs, press releases, news items and introduce new products. This eliminates the need for mass email marketing, which is not efficient or effective.

By personalizing the press room the user can create a go-to location for all the latest announcements. Security is provided by the ability to restrict access, and by the storage being cloud-based. Simple and yet surprisingly effective, PressCloud offers an innovative method of increasing brand exposure quickly and consistently, and also enhances targeting the most relevant contacts.

Available as a free trial in the first instance, it may be a sensible move to take a closer look at PressCloud and what it can do, as it is a clever tool that will benefit many business users.

PressCloud is a tool specially designed to help bloggers and content creators to have a place where their work can be accessed more easily by the public. It is also used to create private press rooms where users and readers can access the latest offerings of a brand or business.
PressCloud offers a free version as well as a free trial but its actual pricing starts at the Essential plan, which is $ 49.00 per month and it goes to the Pro plan which is $ 149.00 per month, the plans offer different features that should be considered at the moment of buying one.
There are many tools that offer similar services to PressCloud. Its three main features are making this tool special: keeping track of the performance of campaigns released in press rooms, the personalization and security of these rooms, which can be designed and its access controlled, and the simple and friendly software.
A digital press room (also known as news room) is an informational hub placed on a brand or business’s website where are placed and showed the brand’s image, news, articles and more. Essentially, it is a digital news tab whose only purpose is to fit a brand’s press releases.
A press release is a text document specifically prepared for the media with the purpose of getting the public’s attention, creating the news, and/or generating publicity. It is considered to be a cost effective marketing technique because of its low risk and they are usually used by marketers to create brand awareness.
Press releases are considered to be a really useful marketing technique to get instantaneous exposure for a product or service; some of the things that press releases are known for are: affordable costs, social sharing potential, providing authenticity to a brand, establishing a new marketing channel, sales increase, and general SEO benefits.


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