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Xverify Features

Xverify’s services aim to put your emails in a recipient’s inbox without the risk of spam complaints or high hard-bounces. Xverify does a lot of the preliminary work your email campaign needs to be a success.

Intelligent email verification is the backbone of Xverify.

Digital marketers need a trusted solution to send emails that have high conversion rates. Xverify uses built-in intelligence with three main features:

  • Accurate email verification
  • Spam complaint detection
  • Easy to read reports


  • Build in spam blocker
  • Robust whitelisting / blacklisting of emails


  • No shared inboxes
  • No email archiving
  • No signature management

Accurate Email Verification

Powerful and intelligent, Xverify’s main feature is email validation. Sending emails to the wrong email address costs you time and money. The tool works in real-time to verify and check individual mail servers.

The goal is simple:

  • Verify that usernames exist

Accuracy is done without data caching, so every time an email is added to a list, a unique transaction is made to verify the email address. Data caching is great for speed purposes and for reducing reliance on process-heavy queries to a mail server, but a lot can occur between data caching and refreshing.

Eliminating the cache allows Xverify to increase their accuracy rate.

When someone is added to your mailing list, verifying the mailing address will save you a lot of time and wasted resources trying to communicate with a lead that doesn’t exist.

If you’re buying traffic to your new landing page, you may be the victim of fraud. Traffic may be fraudulent, and those that sign up to the campaign can be bots. The end result? A lot of lost money.

Xverify will detect fraud and automatically block emails that come from:

  • Temporary email providers
  • Disposable email providers

Affiliate marketers that are buying traffic to a landing page can use Xverify to ensure that all of the email addresses added to their sites’ mailing lists are verified and legitimate.

Spam Complaint Detection

Sending mails too fast, hard bounces and complaints of spam will cause your reputation to decline. It’s not uncommon for many email providers to have strict filters in place that will put your email address into someone’s spam box.

If your email is marked as spam, the chances of anyone reading it drops drastically.

An email address that is associated with spam is an address that will cause you to lose money. Lists convert well, and a spam-marked email address can put an end to a healthy email marketing campaign.

Xverify will take the risk of spam and turn it into a quick and easy way to determine when and where spam complaints are being generated.

The built-in spam complaint detection tool will:

  • Pinpoint spam complainers
  • Alert you to complainers before mailing them

Since Xverify takes a proactive approach to helping you filter through email addresses and ensures that you’re not sending an email to a routine spam complainer, you’re able to maintain a better relationship.

Emailing every prospect, lead or subscriber requires a lot of diligence, and Xverify takes care of the entire verification process for you.

Easy to Read Reports

When you need to verify emails, you need an easy way to find out how your data performs. If you’re purchasing traffic and 90% of the traffic is from temporary email addresses, you need to bring the issue up with the traffic provider.

You need a way to make sense of the data, and you can with the advanced reports built into your Xverify account. You can use the Email Verification on one or multiple domains, with reports separated for each platform.

The report will include key information you can use to understand your mailing list and recent additions, including:

  • Valid data
  • Invalid data
  • Why email addresses were blocked

You’ll have a complete overview of why some email addresses were blocked so that you can further understand why certain addresses were flagged as “bad.”

Reports can go a step further for affiliate marketing by providing a way to validate affiliate leads that are being sent. If an affiliate is sending bad leads, these reports will alert you to an issue that can lead to terminating your agreement with the affiliate.

When running an affiliate campaign and working with affiliates, it’s important that fake leads are detected and eliminated promptly. Xverify allows you to catch these fake leads so that you never send a payout for fake leads.

Being proactive can help weed out fraudulent affiliates and attract high-end affiliates that drive high-quality traffic to your offer.

Multiple implementation options allow you to use Xverify alongside other email tools. You can use a JavaScript email validation, API, uploads or implement Xverify into your form builder.

Xverify is as real-time email verification tool that specializes in helping marketers to improve their email deliverability by making sure that they capture legitimate contact credentials, avoid hard bounces, reduce spam complaints and minimize fraud. It verifies the email address provided by the user and makes sure that it exists.
This tool is aimed toward the use of online marketers, e-commerce companies, email marketers, online retailers, bloggers and affiliate marketers but every industry could be benefited from having clean data; the one that most uses Xverify is the lead generation industry, followed by the retail, health care, insurance and the medical
Xverify does not offer a free version of its services but it does offer a free trial of 100 free verifications. The standard for a single verification is $0,01 and plans offered in their official website start at $5 per 500 verifications, then $70 per 10k verifications, $400 per 100kand up to $2500 per 2.5k verifications.
Xverify is a leader in the email verification industry, but that does not mean that there are no other options in the market. Some of the most popular or remarkable ones are probably Anyleads, Hunter.io, MillionVerifier, EmailAcademy, NeverBounce, Deliverability, Emailmarker, TowerData, and Pabbly Email Verification.
The main purpose of Xverify is to help digital marketers improve their email deliverability. It does so by checking a user’s email address in milliseconds to make sure that the username exists and is valid so it does not bounce or get marked as spam and damage the sender’s reputation.
Xverify fulfills its purpose by applying three main features. Accurate Email Verification, which goal is to verify that usernames exist. Spam Complaint Detection, where the tool identifies the emails marked as spam to determine what the reason for complaints is, and Easy to Read Reports, which provides the key information of the data recollected.


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