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Totango is a Customer Operating System designed to improve the all-round performance of a business. It aims to increase lead generation, enable smoother customer interaction, and enable retention of existing customers which is often overlooked yet remains vital to the growth of a business.

Totango involves four products, each of which offers its own function, these being:

  • Spark
  • Zoe
  • DNA-CX
  • Shield


  • Customer Success is the best way for scalable growth
  • Free plan available


  • No pricing on their site
  • Understanding logical data modelling makes attribute configuration easier.

Totango works with may different types and sizes of business to improve performance, has many satisfied clients, and has won awards in the industry. Totango aims to deliver industry best practices by way of improvement and development.

Totango offers a ‘forever free’ basic version that includes most of the features and that will be viable for smaller business looking for improvement. The most popular choice is the ‘Enterprise’ solution which can be tailored to the business, and for which pricing is done on an individual basis. Let’s check out the four main areas of Totango:


Spark is based around a concept known as ‘SuccessBLOCs’. This is a Totango development that sees progress made in specified blocks, starting with the most essential, and moving through other areas of the business as each block is completed. The business chooses where to begin – usually a critical area such as sales or lead generation – and Totango brings it all together into one process.

This system enables a business to perform regular customer ‘health checks’ and see where it needs to improve, and to act on it in a shorter time thanks to the modular approach. Data is analyzed easily and efficiently, providing a better journey for the customer and growth for the business. Optimization of customer interaction is achieved using SuccessBLOCs as many satisfied clients will testify.


An integral part of the Totango system, Zoe deals with a problem that is rife in many businesses who have their roots in traditional business methods – the difficulty of cross-company communication and interaction. Where a business may have one team dealing with one customer, Zoe encourages and enables every employee to be able to access the information pertaining to that company.

The old adage that ‘many heads are better than one’ springs to mind, as the intention is to allow for more open communication across company borders, bringing potential solutions to the fore than may not have been discussed by an isolated team. Doing away with protected logins, Zoe allows for any employee to ask for help or suggestions from others, and for each to arrange to help and participate where they can. More a culture change than anything else, this is a forward-thinking module that will appeal to more up to the minute businesses.


Another central part of the Totango package is DNA-CX. Quite simply, this brings together all customer information so the behavior and health of the customer can be actively monitored, and changes made where necessary. No longer is the financial data kept separate from the user demographic and product usage information; all can be brought together to get an overall picture of how a customer is responding and acting, so that the relevant course of improvement can be enacted. Easy to use, clever and – again – something of a culture change, this area of Totango will find favor with businesses of all types and sizes.


Basically a built-in security assurance that gives Totango users a guarantee of data safety, Shield includes GPDR compliance, full terms of service, an explanation of the security practice with regard to customer data, ISO certification and a data protection agreement. Totango is also Privacy Shield certified. All of this is added assurance to customers of businesses using the Totango package.


While the basic package may be suitable for some users – it has many useful features and is free for life – it is no surprise that the Enterprise option is the one most users opt for. Buyers can tailor a package to suit the particular business requirements of their company, and the price is also bespoke according to what is included. Contact the Totango team for information or start with a free 30-day trial.


Totango is an interesting product in a number of ways, not least the fact it is unafraid to go against the traditional business models and encourage a more forward-thinking and open-minded approach to customer data access. Such practices will increase productivity as is desired, and while we do not have access to the cost of the bespoke packages, we believe that Totango certainly has its place as a customer operating system with some unique attributes.

Totango alternatives:

Every successful company wants to maintain a satisfactory relationship with its customers. Totango is an operating system designed to help companies achieve success with their customers. With this cloud-based platform, the entire customer journey from lead to conversion is automated on a large scale. It has several integrated solutions that connect customer data to enable effective communication.
The Totango customer success platform has 2 service plans: 1: Community Edition, completely free with no time limit that includes up to 3 seats and up to 100 accounts, and 2: Enterprise Edition, which is customized, and to know its price you should contact the sales area (includes 30 days free trial and unlimited accounts).
The Totango platform has an Integration Center to connect all customer data with the most popular applications and programs that exist in real-time. Totango integrates with any and all HubSpot functionality, you can take any data or information from there and pass it unmodified to Totango and use it to improve communication with your customers.
DNA-CX: It is a customer data platform. Easily connect all your data, from any source. Integrations, analytics, and artificial intelligence. SPARK: Lifecycle Management Tools and Customer Engagement. ZOE: Technology that allows the collaboration of the entire company with the success of the client. SHIELD: Totango Shield protects its customers’ data with security and privacy integrated into the platform.
Totango’s best-known alternatives or competitors are Gainsight, ChurnZero, HubSpot Service Hub, Heap, Mixpanel, Pendo, Act-On, AskNicely, SharpSpring, Zoho CRM, Mailchimp, Birdeye, Amplitude Analytics, Reputation, AdRoll, Smartlook, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Salesforce Email Studio, iContact,, Zendesk, Salesforce Essentials,, Thought Industries, among others.
1. Customer Information: Customer Health Scores, Customer Monitoring, Customer Profiles, Customer Segments, Product Commitment. 2. Predictions: Custom Triggers. 3. Platform: Reports and dashboards, APIs and integrations, Data import and export tools, Workflow capability, Notifications, Personalization, Scalability, Performance and reliability, User, role, and access management.


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