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Automizy Features

Automizy’s email marketing platform can improve your open rate by as much as 34%. The platform offers a free trial, with no credit card needed, and multiple tiers of pricing based on the number of subscribers on your list.

There are also free tools available that can help you with your email marketing campaign.

Three standout tools include:

  • Email Automation Builder
  • Predictive AI
  • Analytics Tracking


  • Easy Visual Automation Builder
  • A/B test automated emails
  • Email templates & automation blueprints


  • No landing pages feature
  • No free version

Email Automation Builder

Automizy as a powerful platform that helps you from start to finish with your email marketing campaigns. You can grow your list with several different features, including:

  • Mobile-friendly sign up forms
  • CSV import
  • Contacts profiles
  • Subscriber management
  • Segmentation

When you want to create your emails, there is a visual automation builder that allows you to drag and drop all of your email elements and start creating highly converting emails with no HTML background.

There is a simple email editor plus the ability to add custom column HTML if you want further customization. If you don’t know HTML, no problem. There are email templates that you can use to get started with your campaign today. All emails are mobile-friendly so that your users will be able to view them on their smartphones.

You also have a robust scheduling feature that allows you to send emails at a time that makes sense for your subscribers.

Visual builders allow you to use already proven tactics to quickly leverage your subscribers.

A form builder also allows you to add email sign up forms directly to your website, and you can also add custom fields to track where subscribers are coming from. This allows you to know which pages or content assets are performing best for email subscribers.

Pro tip: see here everything you need to know about drip marketing.

Predictive AI

Artificial intelligence is weaved into this product to allow you to use big data to your advantage. Automizy allows you to access their data to better understand what works and what doesn’t work in email marketing.

Data from over 1 million campaigns is provided and will allow you to automate you’re A/B tests so that you can write four subject line variations. The algorithm will optimize the subject line for you.

AI eliminates the need to A/B test over a long period of time so that you can immediately enjoy higher click through rates with better subject lines.

You can send emails based on website behavior. This allows you to provide a better experience for customers and increases conversion rates. What behavior sending allows is for you to customize each email in a timely manner that makes sense for your audience. If your audience is asleep and you send an email, it is likely to get buried under a variety of other emails before they wake up.

Timing is everything when you want to send emails and have them opened.

Along with the power of AI, you can collaborate and cooperate with multiple users on the same account. Work with your team without any kind of restrictions or restraints so you can collaborate in a way that makes sense for you.

Collaboration allows you to get more out of your email marketing in less time.

Analytics Tracking

Email campaigns can only be improved when you’re able to track and improve your results. Inside of Automizy, you can track your emails every step of the way. A few of the analytics that you’ll be able to leverage are:

  • Automation analytics
  • Campaign analytics
  • Email performance metrics
  • Form analytics

You can follow analytics on overall campaigns, forms and for key metric reports. There’s also a built-in click map function that allows you to understand where users are clicking on your emails so that you can change positions of buttons or CTAs to improve click-through rates.

Analytics come with beautiful graphs and refinement options that allow you to choose by date and narrow down your current progress.

Over time, analytics will allow you to refine not only your email campaign but also your website so that you can generate more subscribers and increase your list’s reach.

A/B testing is available for your subject lines and includes a full report so that you know which subjects get the most clicks and which are less profitable.

When you have all this information available to you, plus all the other tools including integration with multiple different platforms, you can expand your email campaigns drastically. There are unlimited users, unlimited subaccounts, customizable unsubscribe pages and premium support available to users.

Automizy does offer a 14-day free trial so that you can give this platform a try.

Automizy Alternatives

The price of Automizy email marketing tool has a monthly fee ranging from $ 29.00 and up. It can vary depending on the number of monthly active contacts the account has. An advantage of Automizy is that it has an attractive sixty-day money-back policy with no major hassles and a totally free fourteen-day trial period.
Among its benefits, Automizy has the ability to integrate with different software for contact generation, eCommerce, automation, sales, Public API or Email Verification such as Zapier, Elementor, Unbounce, Beacon, Agile, Zapier, Integrated, and REST API, among others. These in turn will help you to automatically link two or more applications such as Twiiter, Facebook, Gmail, Linkedin, etc.
Automizy has a support center in English where users can go when they need information and technical support with using the tool. It also has a general content section on topics such as managing contacts, landing pages, campaigns, integrations, automation, and FAQ Frequently that will help solve your doubts more quickly.
Yes, Automizy is definitely an excellent online tool to boost your email marketing campaigns because you will get to optimize their performance. It works in real-time, is practical, and functional, has a visual and intuitive interface, is easy to use, integrates with many programs, and much more.
Automizy is a cloud-based platform that helps you create, design, and boost your email marketing campaigns, increasing your open rate by more than thirty percent in a short period. It also allows you to personalize your emails, increase your contact list, integrate data from other applications, analyze different metrics such as click-through rates, etc.
In Automizy, the number of users and sub-accounts is unlimited. It allows you to create landing pages and responsive registration forms, email templates, subject line checkers, AB testing, DKIM authentication, detailed campaign analysis, website tracking, and many other benefits that will greatly improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns.


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