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Reditus is a tool which helps other SaaS businesses to grow their business, by the use of Partners & Affiliates. Within the platform you can manage all your partnerships and others partners can find you via the marketplace. When you have had your first testers, you found your ideal customer profile and have established product market fit; Reditus will be your next step.

One misconception people have about using affiliate marketing or partners is that it helps your product market fit, it could. However when you have established this before and start fuelling this channel after it will help you grow a lot faster. As you will be shown in the marketplace after sign up you wan to make sure you leave a good first impression.


  • New revenue channel for your SAAS
  • Great Support
  • Easy to use


  • Will require work from your side to grow

SAAS partner management

When growing your SaaS you always want to keep control right? Reditus is built this way as well, as a SaaS business you always keep control over the affiliates and partners joining your program. You will be shown in the SaaS marketplace, where they can see the details of your partner program. A partner can easily apply for your program, you always have the ability to approve/decline them. This way you keep control on who is joining your program.

Setup your own terms. Not every software is the same right. Within Reditus you can determine quickly how long you want to offer commission and what percentage easily to affiliate marketers. Once set however you can’t change it that easily, they have done this so the affiliate marketer is protected and gets what is promised. You however can contact them easily via the in-app chat to make any changes when really needed.

SaaS Marketplace

The founder behind Reditus is an affiliate marketer himself, the biggest reason why he started Reditus is because he had so many logins to keep track of his performance. With Reditus this is over (as long as the programs are within Reditus), you can easily join other programs plus keep track of all your metrics within one platform.

As an affiliate marketer it is easy to find new Partner Programs to join, this way you as a software founder don’t have to do all the heavy lifting. They have a feature on the roadmap where you can quickly see which partners are marketing agencies, this should give you more potential to grow even faster. You can offer them different terms than the standard ones in the marketplace.

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B2B stands for; Business to Business. It means a form of transaction, a partnership between two businesses. When you talk about a partnership it means they help each other on a certain topic, this can be in different areas.
A B2B SaaS partner program is a way for SaaS businesses to grow, where other people will do the marketing for them. When they set up a partner program it means other people will start referring clients to them, in exchange for money/discount or any other agreements they made between each other.
Reditus is a partner management tool that offers a marketplace. Within the marketplace, you can see SaaS companies that offer a partner program, their terms, and request to join it. When accepted you are able to create a recurring revenue channel for yourself by referring that software to others.
SaaS stands for; software as a service. B2B stands for Business to Business. Combining the two means the following. For a business that sells software on a subscription basis to other businesses, contacts can be monthly, yearly, or even multiple years.
SaaS is short for; Software as a Service. Affiliate marketing means other people do the marketing in exchange for a reward. SaaS affiliate marketing works often as follows; a business or individual recommends the software to others, they will get a kickback fee for the paid subscriptions they generated.
If you are looking to create a new revenue channel for yourself or your business but don’t want to make a product or service yourself, affiliate marketing is the best way for you. You can earn money by selling someone else his product or services.


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