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Relevant and informative content is a vital constituent of a good business or eCommerce marketing campaign. In fact, there are many in the marketing world who put content at the top of the list for brand recognition and awareness. Content can be that on your website, your social media posts, on your blog and in adverts. What your content needs to do is grab potential customers and bring them to your brand. In other words, good quality content builds leads.

The rise in eCommerce and increased online searching for products and services has created a market for business enhancement tools. One such is Baseline, a package that is designed to help users create attention-grabbing, memorable content for the mediums mentioned above and more. Let’s look at what Baseline is, how it works, and some of the innovative features it offers.

What is Baseline?

A dedicated content creation tool aimed at growing businesses that need to establish their brand on the market, Baseline is a versatile tool that is popular in many market sectors. By combining images, text, diagrams and colour choices, Baseline is easy to use and offers many functions that are one-click activated. It’s primarily an editing tool in some ways but one with much more to offer than many of its competitors. Next, we want to look at how it works, and the features that users can make use of.

How Baseline Works

An appealing feature of Baseline is the free ‘Brand Guide.’ This interesting and useful feature is the first step in the Baseline process. The user supplies a logo, and Baseline cleverly shapes a brand guide around that logo. The idea is to create a brand guide that will ensure consistent results in terms of content both written and in images.

This free feature is a great way of getting an idea of how Baseline works, and we feel that by explaining some of the main features we will build a better picture for you, so let’s talk about the features and functions available with Baseline.

Features of Baseline

Where Baseline tops the opposition is in its many features, each of which is aimed at providing quality branded content with little effort. The following are some of the most important features of the tool:

One-click Branded designs can be created in very little time making the development of adverts, notices and other content simple and attention-grabbing. By keeping your content consistently on-brand across your website, blog, social media pages and any other mediums you use, brand awareness is enhanced.

Baseline features an AI tool that can remove unwanted backgrounds from the user’s own images or from any of the many stock photos that come with the package. This one-click feature keeps the focus on the brand.

Once you have signed up and created your brand guide there are hundreds of templates available that you can pick and that come already branded. All the user needs to do is amend the text to suit a template of their choice.

Branded Assets in many forms are included in the package and will be automatically provided in your brand colours. These come in a variety of images across many genres, plus different shapes, and ideas.

Baseline offers the user a wide and comprehensive selection of text effects that will be automatically on-brand, or you are free to create your own should you have an idea.

Multiple Brands can be managed in one account at Baseline, this being a handy feature for the entrepreneur with more than one project on the go. The user can upload their own assets and edit them using the tools within the Baseline package.

We believe we have  provided a good overview of what Baseline is all about, so let’s move on to look at the pricing rates.

Pricing and Final Word

The basic version of Baseline is free. You can use it with 1 brand, and you get most if not all of the features. Use of some is limited, but for a sole trader this package may be sufficient. However, as the ‘Solo’ package offers you unlimited designs and downloads – rather than just one – we think it worth looking at for $12 per month.

He ‘Professional’ version is the same as the Solo but allows management of 5 brands for $25 per month, while the ‘Business’ package is $99 per month and permits up to 30 brands. There is also a lifetime package for a one-off payment of $199, but it only permits one brand.

In short, Baseline is a good content development and editing tool that will appeal to businesses of all types and sizes equally and comes with sensible pricing options.


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