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Growing a business is all about leads and conversions, ROI and other jargon. While these are jargon terms, they are nevertheless important. Targeting leads means crafting a streamlined marketing campaign, especially online and via social media. Once you get a lead onboard your aim is to convert that consumer or business into a customer. But it’s not that easy, as anyone who has run a business will have experienced.

There are tools and apps that can help, and a well-designed and optimized website is the first step to engaging your customer. Then there’s your blogs, your social media presence, and other ads and publicity streams. Still, converting that lead is sometimes the hardest part.

We’ve looked at an interesting tool that might help a growing business improve their conversion rate. It’s called ConvertFlow.

What is ConvertFlow?

ConvertFlow developers call the product a ‘conversion marketing platform’ and we think that is a sensible tag. Essentially it is a tool directly developed to enable businesses to increase their conversion rates using a variety of available functions that simplify the process. ConvertFlow recognizes the importance and value of personalization in this respect which puts it right at the forefront when targeting an audience. The consumer wants to be treated personally and as a customer of value, and ConvertFlow helps you – the business – do this. Let’s briefly talk about how it works.

How Does ConvertFlow Work?

ConvertFlow is aimed not just at eCommerce businesses but also at SaaS users and agencies. It is a versatile tool but in fact quite a simple one. That’s not a negative point as simplicity is essential in this market. What ConvertFlow enables the user to do is quickly design and produce a wide range of marketing materials that can be personalized to a high level.

The basic premise behind lead conversion centers around data collection. ConvertFlow features many templates for quizzes, questionnaires, pop-ups., landing pages, forms, messages and more, each of which has been carefully optimized towards conversion with a choice of powerful and effective calls to action.

Let’s move on and talk about the core features and functions of ConvertFlow that are of benefit to growing your business.

Features of ConvertFlow

So, how does a user put ConvertFlow to work for them? There are certain steps within the process that we feel should be explained, so here’s our take on how ConvertFlow does its job.


The business owner or manager begins the ConvertFlow process by creating the elements of the marketing campaign. We listed many of these above – the templates for landing pages, for example, as well as for ads and social media posts and more. The versatile editor takes a chosen template which can be fully customized and branded for consistency throughout the campaign.

Pages can be mobile-responsive – an important feature in a world where the smartphone is the device of choice – and there is no coding needed at any point in the process. Anyone can use ConvertFlow and it is simple to learn.


The next step is to personalize the marketing material using data gathered. You will know who your customers are and the ConvertFlow tool can enable the inclusion of personalized calls to action very easily. This is a vital point to make as everyone wants to be treated as an individual.


Sync all your campaign material to your chosen CRM – ConvertFlow works with all of the popular platforms – to get notifications of actions, data analysis and real time information on the lead’s behavior.


ConvertFlow can be integrated with major eCommerce platforms including Shopify, as well as other platforms such as HubSpot and Mail Chimp thus enhancing your data gathering ability. Finally, let’s talk about the pricing packages.

Pricing and Final Word

The Free version of ConvertFlow is limited but gives a good insight into how the tool performs. It is limited to just one website and 250 conversions, but does allow for unlimited pages and calls to action.

The most popular package is the Pro version which is aimed at eCommerce users and smaller businesses. This allows for use on 1 website – others can be added for a fee – and a sliding scale of visitors between 5000 and a million or more. The price for 5000 per month is $49, and as a comparison for 100,000 is $150 per month.

Business is the fully-featured version aimed at larger enterprises and is priced individually for each customer.

In summary, ConvertFlow is a useful and effective tool aimed at improving the conversion rate of all businesses whether eCommerce, sole traders or bigger enterprises and is worth a second look.


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