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Personalization plays a large role in gaining leads for growing businesses. Consumers like to feel individual and important, and that applies on a B2B basis too. By engaging the potential lead via carefully considered communications and targeted ads, you can bring in more leads that are most likely to convert and improve your ROI. Demandbase is an account-based marketing (ABM) tool that uses cleverly designed features to help in your marketing and sales campaigns and is popular with small to medium sized businesses that are growth-orientated.


  • Great way to align Sales & Marketing
  • Target strategic accounts
  • Insights into the entire funnel


  • No transparent pricing
  • Not for smaller businesses

What is Demandbase?

Demandbase is a suite of tools that provide first class ABM ability to businesses looking at finding more leads, engaging with them and converting them into customers. It is popular with all types and sizes of business and especially those that are experiencing or searching for growth in their market.

Using a mixture of user-operated features and functions combined with up to the minute AI techniques, Demandbase has a strong standing in the market for business growth and lead generation tools and is easy to use, effective in many areas and affordable. The following brief description covers its use in Marketing and in Sales.

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Demandbase for Marketing

Demandbase One is the marketing suite of tools that aims to help businesses and marketers find their leads, engage the leads and convert them into customers. It does so by way of cleverly automated functions that use both the user and AI in conjunction. With a broad reach across multiple channels, Demandbase is able to bring all marketing data into one place for use and analysis, making life easier for your marketing and sales teams.

The journey begins with the build routine, in which Demandbase brings together all the information about a potential target client and presents a comprehensive overall view of the data involved. BY way of automated systems it is able to measure engagement with your communications and analyse performance using account-metrics and data.

Demandbase One can identify potential clients that are in your target area by using its AI systems, and can send automated messages that are personalize to that client. It brings together website engagement and messaging as well as automating adds, interaction and further with likely leads.

With all the marketing and sales activity for individual contacts available for viewing and analysis in one place you are able to determine the point at which a contact is ready to convert and act on it. By prioritizing in this way you will increase your conversion rate.

Demandbase for Sales

For sales teams, Demandbase works in the same way as for marketing but also incorporates a powerful CRM. This can be used to monitor existing clients as well as pursuing new ones and offers a wide range of useful and versatile features.

Using a combination of AI technology and real time data gathering, the system looks at information from the CRM, emails, other communication methods and your website, as well as any mentions of your brand or product on other platforms. This comprehensive data gathering will then be used to notify your team of changes in behaviour either favourable or otherwise and enable them to get on to potential sales while they are live and fresh.

By coordinating these elements across the board and bringing together all the data on market movement from various platforms you are able to increase your sales and enhance your growth.

In short Demandbase is a clever tool that performs several important functions and keeps your teams in touch with what potential and existing clients are saying and doing in your market thus enabling you to act just in time and secure more business.


Demandbase features a suite of tools that can be purchased together or as a selection of those that are applicable to your business. Some features may be surplus to requirements, so you do not have to buy them all. For this reason you need to contact the Demandbase team for a quote for your individual business needs and they will offer a tailored solution involving the elements that will be of use to you.

As the market for B2B ABM tools is a competitive one you will find that Demandbase prices in line with other popular brands from competitors, yet you may also find it more competitive as you are paying only for what you need. There is no free version of Demandbase but there are video demonstrations on demand at the website.

ABM platforms are those that help marketers link customer experience platforms with lead information to strategically design and execute personalized campaigns based on selected accounts in order to save time and money. It is a way to align sales data with marketing data to evaluate campaign performance and unite efforts on a common goal.
To find out the price of the services offered by Demandbase, it is necessary to contact its sales representatives directly. On its website it offers two types of solutions: For Sales and For Marketing. The offered products are Demandbase One, Engagement Platform, Advertising, Personalization, Attribution, and Orchestration. Users can also register for a free demo.
Demandbase is used by B2B marketers to connect all customer data (sales and marketing), get the most important accounts in the market, interact with them by sending personalized messages and advertising, and to alert the sales department when a sale is close to closing so they can act in a timely manner.
Demandbase is undoubtedly the leader of all ABM platforms today. This unlimited platform is used to effectively search for B2B accounts, manage them and analyze their progress in detail, allowing you to act on them at all stages of the funnel. It is useful because it helps to target relevant online ads to companies with specific metrics and attributes.
The Demandbase platform is used in the B2B (Business to Business) sales scheme to facilitate the management of salespeople. Since this software can control all CRM activity in the company, it helps them to prioritize accounts at the right time and take coordinated action with the marketing department to close a sale and shorten the sales time cycle.
Demandbase’s powerful marketing tool, based on B2B account experience, has good technical support according to several user reviews. It offers around-the-clock, seven-day-a-week support via live chat, email and by phone at (877) 713-2564. A contact center is also available for general inquiries by calling (415) 683-2660 or emailing


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