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Growing a business means being up to speed with the latest in online digital marketing techniques. There are many packages available that provide B2B lead generation solutions, each with its own unique attributes. Most major on bringing together elements of contact gathering and message delivery to streamline a campaign and hubsell is one. The following are descriptions of its main features.


  • Clear ROI on product
  • Integrates with your current tool stack
  • Get all your outreach in one place


  • High starting price

What is hubsell? 

hubsell is a comprehensive sales automation tool that is proving popular with small to medium-sized businesses. It is designed to be easy to use and to integrate with popular CRM platforms, as well as being GDPR adherent and accurate. hubsell claims to be able to provide at least 95% data accuracy with on-demand contact gathering, which is an impressive achievement. The main functions are split into three areas – Contacts, Campaigns, and Integrations. Each is described below.


hubsell Contacts focuses on data acquisition and does so in a manner that is impressively accurate and efficient. A team of trained researchers, each carefully vetted and selected, use the hubsell’s proprietary technology and methods to gather contacts for you, ensuring that those provided are relevant to a high degree for your campaigns. This takes away the problem of bulk data that is largely unusable, difficult to sift through, and time-consuming to deal with at little benefit.

All contact information is GDPR adherent – usually it has been self-published by the contact and is freely available – so data gathering is kept within the law. A high level of personalization is built into each contact by way of as many as 20 variables for each one. These range from simple data such as name and title to more specific information such as seniority. This allows for fully personalized messages to be sent to potential leads.

The accuracy and level of data gathered means that contact information will not decay at the usual rate when hubsell is used.


The Campaigns element of hubsell is designed to allow for successful campaigns that are streamlined and efficient. Rather than switching between channels to get a point out there, hubsell offers a dynamic multi-channel outbound sales facility that allows you to campaign across several channels (e.g. email, Social, and phone), putting the brand where it needs to be across the board.

Personalized messages and campaign content ensure greater success in gaining leads, with hubsell allowing for flexible and scalable campaigns designed to hit the target. Standard emails rarely elicit a response, so the personal touch enables greater reach and better returns.

Email and LinkedIn messages sent through hubsell are 100% personalized using technology that decides on an ‘if this then’ basis, making your messages auto-adjust to the ones that will read it. Despite being automated, a human-like message is guaranteed thanks to using your personal accounts information and goes directly to the contact’s personal account for greater uptake.


hubsell Integrations recognizes that any successful sales and marketing campaign necessitates the use of at least six separate tools. By bringing them all together under one umbrella, hubsell can reduce the workload and improve efficiency. 

hubsell automates updating of your CRM thus reducing the time spent on manual data input. All outbound tools come onto one dashboard for ease of use, and hubsell campaigns ensure all is updated in real-time so you have accurate information. hubsell can be used with all the major CRM solutions including HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Freshsaless, and more, so is likely to be aligned with the CRM you already use.

hubsell also allows for you to sync your social media account along with your email enabling personalized messages across all relevant channels more easily. Further providing Click-To-Dial for seamless transitioning between automated and manual sales activities. This cuts down on time spent creating and sending messages and increases productivity in outreach.

The value of integrated packages cannot be overstated in terms of efficient management of a marketing and sales campaign; hence this sector is one of the most appreciated of the hubsell package.



hubsell is a fine example of a well-designed and carefully thought out sales and marketing automation tool, and one that is certainly worth a look. Combining on-demand generated data with multi-channel personalized automated outreach, hubsell provides more than your average sales automation package.

Pricing starts at €8500 per year however the vendor is known to make quotes for packages larger than the entry package.

We believe the use of genuine human-led data processing and outreach automation across email, social and phone gives hubsell a head start on many of the products in its vertical.

Hubsell is a B2B sales automation tool primarily used to find new opportunities by taking care of data creation using email and calls but without the hassle. It is designed for ease of use and integration with known CRM platforms, as well as being accurate and faithful to the GDPR.
Unfortunately, Hubsell is not free at the moment. Hubsell does not have any free options. They also do not have a demo version. The paid version is available starting at $ 800.00 per month.
Campaign analysis, customer and contact database lead search, CRM, lead capture, reporting and statistics, lead qualification, lead generation and distribution, lead campaign and lead management, managing email and contacts, pipeline management, third party integrations, email marketing, activity dashboard, customer and lead segmentation, and source and interaction tracking.
Currently, Hubsell is only fully compatible with Google Chrome. If you use another browser, errors and difficulties may occur when working with hubsell. Using the correct browser is vital to your success with Hubsell.
Alternative programs or software to Hubsell include: Zoho CRM, ZoomInfo, ActiveDEMAND, Adapt, Pardot, Groove, Marketing 360, Lusha, Salesflare, Nimble, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Yesware, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Act-On, , Agile CRM,, SharpSring, EngageBay, Keap, CartStack, Magileads, Marketo Engage, Bitrix24, Teknovate CRM, and Net Results.
Hubsell provides the required contacts and enables interaction with them in the desired way. These contacts are created on request with high data precision and up to 25 variables per investigated contact. Hubsell campaigns enable communication with contacts through social media, email, and cold calling from one dashboard.


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