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Instazood Features

Instazood is designed to help you automate your social media growth. This automation tool works on some of the world’s biggest social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

You can try this platform out for free for three days.

The key features available include:

  • Instagram, Twitter and TikTok bots
  • Manual promotion
  • Manage and schedule posts


  • Get followers quickly on TikTok or Instagram
  • Automate your work on social media
  • Big following will give you new opportunities


  • In violation of the Terms & Conditions of the platform
  • Your account can be blocked

Instagram, Twitter and TikTok Bots

Instagram’s and TikTok’s bots are very similar and allow you to automate most of your growth. The platforms offer many of the same features, including:

  • Target users by hashtags and location (Instagram)
  • Automate likes
  • Automate follows
  • Automate comments
  • Automate unfollows
  • Filter bot actions

Instagram’s bot also incorporates a lot of additional function:

  • Social Bridge Android app that allows you to connect through the dashboard and move all tasks up to Social Bridge. You’ll be able to grow your following faster, block certain actions when needed and customize the speed of your account.
  • Target using accounts, hashtag owners, and location. You also have information higher conversion rates, so you know how your campaign is doing.

TikTok’s bot offers:

  • Targeting a competitor’s follow list so that you can build a similar following.
  • Target hashtag users to narrow down your potential followers.
  • Unique filtering option features to narrow your marketing strategy further.

Twitter’s Welcome tool is not as robust as the other bots on this platform, but it does allow you to:

  • Send welcome messages to new followers
  • Use a robust anti-spam system to reduce your account’s risk of being flagged for spam
  • Insert images into messages
  • Send 80 to 120 messages per day
  • Send multiple messages in one campaign

Bots help you automate your social media prospecting and outreach.

When you use Instazood properly, you can build up your major social media presence and form a strategy that allows you to confidently market on social media.

Manual Promotion

Manual promotion protects your social media profiles so that they are not detected. What happens is that a lot of people use automation tools, and this is against the terms of service of some of the platforms you’re using.

If you have too much activity in too short of a time, this can lead to your account being temporarily or permanently banned.

With the manual promotion tool, you’re guaranteed maximum safety and you have the ability to:

  • Target users
  • Target hashtags
  • Target locations
  • Recommends users to follow
  • Recommend posts for commenting on
  • Recommend posts for liking

You can also filter users and boost your conversion rate with manual promotion. The manual promotion tool is also part of the Instagram bot, so you’ll be able to take full control of your social media promotion. There are robust search tools built into the platform that allow you to:

  • Search by hashtag
  • Filtered by language
  • Mark posts
  • Filter by engagement rate
  • Search for users by location

Instazood’s manual and automatic promotion tools will enable you to constantly boost your social media presence and generate leads to your business.

Manage and Schedule Posts

Scheduling posts can help you save time and automate your social media profiles all in one day. Designed primarily for Instagram, you can automate the following:

  • Post scheduling helps you schedule posts and choose the best time for engagement
  • Schedule unlimited posts on the platform
  • Upload pictures and videos to the cloud to add to your posts
  • Schedule post deletion based on your own schedule
  • Watermark all of your images automatically to stop others from using your content without your permission
  • Schedule pictures and videos for your stories
  • Full post management that allows you to delete posts you have published, manage your comments and manage your posting schedule

If you want to be able to engage with your audience, you need to use the comment manager tool. The manager allows you to take full control of your comments and engagement. You’ll be able to use this to:

  • Read new comments so that you never miss a comment and can always reply
  • Manage all of your comments directly in one device
  • Mark comments as important so that you can reply to them in the future
  • View your entire comment history for both incoming and replied comments for later reference
  • Delete comments that are nasty or that are going to push your audience away
  • Mark as resolved so that you know which comments not to reply to

With Instazood, you can turn your bot on and off any time that you like. This platform ensures that your social media marketing campaign has automation built into it.

Instazood is an Instagram tool that works with bots to mimic user interactions on that social network. Instazood can give likes, share stories and posts, and send DMs, posts, and other things automatically, only by previously doing a configuration. This app was created to get more followers and achieve conversions. It also has a version for TikTok.
Instazood offers multiple benefits to increase views, and followers and makes it easier to manage your Instagram account. Among the features it has are: 1. Full account automation. 2. Scheduling publications. 3. Tracking comments. 4. Sending automatic messages. 5. Segmentation of hashtags and geographic locations. 6. Unlimited account management. 7. Keyword search.
To use Instazood you just need to access the program, click on the service tab and drop down the menu, select “Instagram Bot” and proceed to register. Then, enter your Instagram account information so that the bot can be linked to it, then go to the Instazood panel to configure it according to your needs.
It is a fact that using this automation tool greatly decreases the hours of work in managing and controlling Instagram accounts while helping to increase the number of followers and engagement boosting sales revenue. As it allows you to segment hashtags and geographic areas, it can help you attract more leads quickly.
No, Instazood is not a free tool. Instazood’s bot for Instagram offers different types of monthly services such as Instagram Bot $14.99, Auto direct $14.99, and Schedule Posts message $9.99. Additionally, it offers full automation services ranging from $70.00 monthly. It also offers a TikTok Bot for a price of $14.99 per month.
Among the benefits of using the Instagram, Instazood bot is: it can be used from any web browser because it is cloud-based, the number of Instagram accounts that can be automated is unlimited, it is compatible with iOS and Android, and it also adjusts the pace so as not to exceed the limits of interaction that Instagram has.


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