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In the digital marketing world, content is king. MarketMuse helps you create content that drives traffic to your website and improves your rankings. This is a top-level tool and platform aimed at agencies and content creators that receive high volumes of traffic.

MarketMuse is used by leading content creators, including and Healthline. While the platform has a variety of features, three of the most important include:


  • Get full control over your content
  • Reach your content goals
  • Deep insights into your content


  • High pricing

Content Strategy

MarketMuse gives you the tools to create effective content. AI-driven tools allow the platform to make content predictions and help you achieve your goals. Creating content strategies can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. MarketMuse simplifies the process and saves you time, so you can create an effective strategy quickly and easily.

Customized metrics allow for better predictability and will consider your site’s individual content. Analysis will tell you your site’s strengths, weaknesses and potential opportunities. Tailored results will ensure that you create the best content for your target audience.

The platform will also assess your content to see how well you’ve covered a topic and how successful your content has been in the past. This helps you find opportunities for new content and to ensure that you content succeeds. MarketMuse will take keyword difficulty into account and adjust it based on your authority. The higher your authority, the less difficult keywords will be.

Predictability allows you to create an effective content strategy that drives the results you want with your content.

MarketMuse can help with content creation for:

  • New sites
  • Site optimization
  • Category optimization
  • New categories
  • User intents
  • Local services
  • Landing pages, news articles and service pages

The tool harnesses the power of AI to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and gaps that you can fill.


Content Research and Creation

Research plays an integral role in content creation, but it’s also a time-consuming process when it’s done manually. MarketMuse uses the power of AI to perform content research in minutes.

The goal is to help you create expert-level content to solidify your brand as an authority.

Along with research, MarketMuse also helps you create content faster by creating content briefs. These briefs provide detailed information on what will be required to provide authoritative content that’s search-engine friendly, including:

  • Structure
  • Important topics to cover
  • Subheadings
  • Questions to answer
  • Audience profiles
  • Best pages to link to (externally and internally) and the anchor texts to use.

Topic Reports provide you with topic and competitive research that’s relevant to your niche and audience.

Content briefs and topic reports can be used to create the most relevant and effective content for your niche.

Of course, MarketMuse also has keyword tools to help ensure that your content includes all of the right terms, including:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Keyword suggestions
  • Search volume data for your keywords

With the keyword data provided by MarketMuse, you can track your rankings and even view history reports for a variety of search engines. You can also receive keyword ranking information based on geographic location and receive rank alerts for when your website’s ranking changes.


Content Optimization

Before you publish your content, MarketMuse will analyze and help you perfect it to get the best results.

The optimization process begins with helping you find the best topics to cover. MarketMuse even helps you write in your audience’s language. Analysis will let you know whether your copy will be engaging to your audience and search engines.

The Content Analyzer tool is powerful. You can directly import the content on a page using the URL tool, or you can copy and paste it right into MarketMuse. Content analysis will provide you with a wealth of information, including:

  • Content scores: Depth scores to see how well you cover a topic, best content score for top ranking pages and average content score for your highest-ranking pages.
  • Related topics that should be mentioned in your content.
  • How often you mention certain topics and what your mention target should be.
  • How long your content should be and your average word count target.

Using all of this information, you can optimize your content to improve rankings and user experience. The optimizer will give you a score for each piece of content that you analyze as well as a target score. Reaching the target score will help ensure that your content contains all of the elements for improved rankings.

MarketMuse offers a free 30-day trial for Pro accounts. A variety of other packages are available, and users can sign up for a custom demo for each one.

You can predict the success of content through personalized difficulty score based on site and content. Help create better content through detailed content summaries which contain all the necessary information. It allows you to create content faster by bringing the generation of natural language to content marketing.
MarketMuse is a content intelligence, research, planning, development, optimization, and strategy tool or platform based on artificial intelligence, SEO strategies, trend data, and predictions. It helps you create high-quality, optimized content to improve search engine rankings and reach a larger audience.
Content library, categorization / grouping, filtering, SEO, campaign, opportunity and content management, audience targeting, data visualization, keyword suggestions, long tail keywords, search volume, SERP rank tracking, location, rank alerts, link building, competitor analysis, custom reports, ad hoc analysis, trend analysis, planning tools, and data transformation.
MarketMuse uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make suggestions to content writers to help improve SEO, based on comparisons and content scores over the competition. The content is automatically compared to a database and predictions are made on the most optimal content, length, and keywords.
The plans and prices offered are as follows: the “Optimize” plan costs $ 79.00 per month; the “Plus” plan costs $ 179.00 per month, the “Pro” plan costs $ 499.00 per month and the plan costs from $ 1499.00 per month. The amounts are billed monthly. They do not have a free version, but they do offer a free trial version.
Among the main and most prominent alternatives to MarketMuse are: Clearscope, Semrush,, Surfer, SE Ranking, Serpstat, SpyFu, Ahrefs, BrightEdge, Act-On, Moz Pro, Conductor, Siteimprove, Bloomreach, AgencyAnalytics, Raven Tools , Topic, Netpeak Spider, cognitive SEO, and Similarweb Pro.


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