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One of many tools that are designed to provide marketing automation resources, Outgrow provides a unique approach to the problem of generating leads and getting conversions. Outgrow is not a traditional automated marketing tool as it is optimised for engaging with potential customers in a way that others may not.

Outgrow is a CRM automation tool but one with a difference, and for a growing business with a customer base that likes to feel as though they are part of something significant, this could be a platform of considerable interest.

A comprehensive package that can be integrated with most of the popular platforms, Outgrow is popular with a wide and varied range of market sectors, so let’s have a look at how it works, and discuss some of the notable features.


  • Effective way to generate leads
  • Easy to use marketing automation


  • Minor script issues

How Outgrow Works

Let’s reiterate that Outgrow is different. If you’re looking for a standard CRM package, this is not it. What it is, is a cleverly designed package with integration and engagement with a target audience in mind. The Outgrow software allows you to create quizzes, for example, which means readers of a blog have something fresh to get involved with. Such things are great for enhancing brand loyalty and grabbing leads.

This package is vast on interactive content, while others may major in reporting perhaps, yet also offers a comprehensive analysis and lead generation data collection. Following, we look at some of the features that Outgrow provides, with an emphasis on the interaction side of things.

Interactive Content

This is Outgrow in essence – a marketing software package that allows you to create automated, fully interactive content that your target audience can engage with. It’s a simple-to-use package that also goes into some detail. The interactive content includes quizzes, which are great at extracting essential information from potential customers yet in a fun and engaging way, as well as calculators which can be automated to answer incoming questions such as ‘how much is a xyx’ or other numerically answered inquiries. This makes Outgrow far more interactive than a simple automated marketing tool and makes it attractive to a wide variety of potential businesses.

Targeted Sales

The method of information gathering that Outgrow uses, as described above via quizzes, questions and the like, means users can build a more detailed picture of what the customer wants. A reader is more likely to give answers on a quiz on a blog that are indicative of their desires than they are to answer a direct question. This is a clever way of enabling a targeted sales and marketing structure and is just one of the ways in which Outgrow wins over some of its rivals.

Templates and More

With the Outgrow package comes a range of templates for quizzes, forms and other formats. These are cleverly and carefully designed as either generic templates – which you can tailor to your own needs, or you can choose from a wide variety of templates specially created for a variety of different areas of commerce and industry. The templates include designs for giveaways, surveys, HR use, and more. Industry-specific templates cover every business possible, and all are customisable to the needs of the individual company. Outgrow is very strong on versatility and customisation, as evidenced by this feature.

Lead Generation and Sales

We’ve covered the essence of Outgrow above and highlighted that it is very much aimed at interactive digital marketing, so just a bit about why this is. 21st-century consumers are used to being given service above and beyond the norm, so any extra you can offer them is seen as a bonus. By engaging them with quality original content such as quizzes, you can get them to talk to you in more depth about what they are looking for, and give them something they feel adds real value.


Outgrow is something refreshingly different in a world of generic and similar – if very effective – marketing automation software. While it does perform that job, it does so in a stylish and unique way by offering the consumer more than just an introduction to a product or service, and hitting them with automated emails. 

When using Outgrow you have a genuine opportunity to engage with your potential customers, as well as gathering information that they may not have felt ready to give with a direct approach, and the quizzes in particular have met with great praise, especially when marketing via a blog. Outgrow is worth checking out in more detail if you want a fresh way of getting more leads.

“Outgrow allows you to better acquire, qualify and engage leads by making it easy to build personalized quizzes, calculators, assessments, contests, forms/surveys, recommendations, polls, and chatbots. No developers or designers required! Outgrow has a host of design templates which are fully optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet, and are easily embeddable into your advertising, websites, mobile apps, social media, SMS and email communication. In addition, there are over 1,000 pre-made content pieces and funnels that are optimized to improve conversion so you can change the questions, make a few tweaks so it’s consistent with your brand, and have your own interactive content ready in minutes.”
Outgrow pricing starts at $ 14.00 per feature, per month.
They do not have a free version. Outgrow offers a free trial.
The most common users of Outgrow are Small Businesses and the Marketing & Advertising industry.
Ion, by Rock Content, SnapApp, by Uberflip, and Ceros are common alternatives for Outgrow.
One of the best features of Outgrow is the ability to provide more than one result to clients who fit multiple categories.


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