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Do you have questions regarding any sales or marketing topic? Get your answers at quora. It is a great way to get and share knowledge. Besides, that is a great platform to promote your own product.


  •  Large user base
  • Answers are moderated by Quora
  • Easy to use


  • work slowly in quora space

Quora is a question and answer website or platform where people search for information. The users create the content and the answers to the questions on the site under a rating system by the user community, which means that the content is created, edited, reviewed and organized by the same people who use the website.
Yes, Quora is free; it is a free service for both those who send questions and for those who read. People who answer questions are not paid and there is no charge for linking the answer to the question. The only expense is the time it takes to ask and answer the questions.
Currently, the platform is classified for adolescents 13 years and older and can be used safely by children under the supervision of adults. It should be noted that although Quora has observers and moderators who filter inappropriate content, responses and users, there could be adult content and/or negative opinions on some topics that can be found by children.
It is used to get answers to questions from business owners. It allows professionals and business owners to show their expertise in their areas. It facilitates market research and it can help professionals and fledgling business owners with its networking and communications capabilities.
At first, it was released only in English, but over the years support for several languages ​​has been added (24 in total so far). Apart from English, it is available in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Arabic, Bengali, Danish, Dutch, Gujarati, Finnish, Malay, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Marathi, Malay, Kannada, Hebrew, Támil, and Telugu.
Some of the alternatives to Quora include 4chan, Answers.com, Ask.fm, Baidu Knows, Bloomfire, Digg, eXo Plattform, Experts-Exchange, Fantastical, Fixya, Get Up Genie, Guru, Hubski, Hyvor Groups, Inkling, Instapaper, Jodel, Jostle, Knowledge IN, Medium, Moxtra, News360, Paymo, ProfNet, QAPop, Reddit, Riple.io, SABIO, Stack Exchange, Steemit, UseResponse, Vimeo, Whisper, Write.as, and Zhihu.


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