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Anyleads Features

Anyleads is a leading platform that provides software to find, capture and convert leads. It is a real sales tool which helps SDR’s to scale out their outreach and start closing more deasl. You can also use this tool to create content and drive traffic. Over 100,000 companies have used this platform, including big names, such as: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

You can take advantage of a free trial that lasts seven days, or you can sign up for unlimited plan. The unlimited plan is a single plan, meaning that you gain access to everything under one plan without having to choose different tiers.

Three standout features of this platform include:

  • Prospecting
  • Sales Chatbot
  • B2B exchange
  • Content writer


  • Pricing; you will get a lot of tools for one price
  • They are full focused on helping you to grow your business


  • GDPR compliance


Prospecting is time-consuming, but this tool allows you to cut down the time it takes to research prospects drastically. All you have to do is upload a list of domain names, and the platform will find all the employees that work at the company and also provide information on the company itself. It is a great resource if you want to get started with Account Based Marketing.

The tool uses more than 40 different data points to get information.

A few data points that may be provided include:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Position in company
  • Email address

And when you have all of this information, you can choose to export it to Excel if you would like to add it into another tool. Once you have all of this information, you can add it into a drip campaign for email or send them a personalized email to try and make a sale.

Email information is only good when you’re able to use it in an effective way to convert potential leads to sales. You can use the platform directly to send emails and:

  • Create drip campaigns, where you can send multiple emails over time to nurture a lead
  • Manage all contacts in one central location for ease of use
  • Verify a list of emails to ensure that they are all accurate and able to be marketed to without the risk of bouncing

Sales chatbot, one of the six tools offered, can provide an easy way to talk to your contacts. You can install and customize unlimited chatbots that capture data on your website. You can use these bots to answer questions and also lead to a prospect calling or emailing your company.

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Sales Chatbot

Converting website traffic is an easy way to fill up your pipeline. By installing custom chatbots, you can generate more leads on your website and capture more data. Create pop-ups on certain pages on your website to increase conversion, customize the chatbot so they are in your look and feel. Export the lead data to systems like Slack & your phone, this way you can quickly follow up.

B2B Exchange

Anylead’s B2B Exchange allows you to boost your Internet presence. The exchange is an interesting tool because many competitors don’t offer this feature. You can send posts to the platform where other businesses can like or share your content.

What this does is allows you to build up your social media presence while adding to your overall search engine optimization strategy.

Social proof is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and create trust between you and a lead. Prospects love social proof, and there is a social proof plugin available that allows you to add social proof directly to your website.

If you’re like a lot of businesses that run multiple websites that generate traffic and leads, you can also add this plug-in directly to all of your websites. These notifications can be added to any website no matter how many you own.

Content Writer

Content can be expensive and very difficult to come up with, depending on your niche. With this personal writer, you’ll be able to use artificial intelligence to help you with your content strategy.

A virtual assistant will automatically begin researching keywords that can be added to your dashboard and will help you understand what your audience is looking for on major search engines.

What you can then do is add this information into your content strategy so that you can generate organic traffic from Google.

Organic traffic converts at a much higher level and brings prospects directly to your business.

The platform goes a step further by creating unique content that is SEO optimized and ready to use.

If you need even more ideas, there is a YouTube subtitle extractor that allows you to extract subtitles from some of the best YouTube videos on the Internet. This will allow you to get some ideas of what people are interested in learning about, and what people have talked about in videos that are already available.

Anyleads allows you to discover unlimited emails, drip campaigns, send emails, add teammates, verify emails, and do it all under one plan.

Anyleads Alternatives


You’ll find that Anyleads doesn’t provide the best documentation on their website about their features. It’s best to give this product a free try to really see the power that they offer when prospecting and some of the unique tools they have available.

Anyleads does not currently have a free version but Anyleads does offer a free trial. The paid version of Anyleads is available starting at $ 99.00 per month.
Anyleads is a lead finding platform that accepts content creation, search, content generation, and B2B sharing tools for users to build automated marketing content and email campaigns, as well as find and verify emails through emails, and automated electronics, among its more than 200 functions.
B2B lead generation is the action of identifying and engaging the ideal customers for a product or service and then attracting them to buy. It is the first and fundamental step that every business or company must take before making a sale.
According to various sources and reviews, the best options include Adoric, Lusha, Agile CRM,, EngageBay, Pipedrive, Salesflare, Proof Pulse, InTouch Tool, Bitrix24, Act-On, UpLead, and Influx MD.
“Anyleads has registered more than 200 functions, but among the main ones we can name: Automated emails, B2B social community, Campaign statistics, Company integration, Company miner, Contact discovery, Contact import/export, Content publishing, Custom macros, Customizable fields, Drip campaigns, Dynamic content, Email integration, Email verification, Enrich domains, Folder management, HTML editor, Images & GIF, Inbox automation, Industries stats, Landing Pages/web forms, Lead segmentation, Mass email delivery, Multi-language, Online editor, PDF download, Reporting/Analytics, Search functionality, Sentiment analysis, Social sharing, Spinner technology, Subscribe/unsubscribe, WYSIWYG email edito, and Zapier integration. ”
Among the most outstanding features that Anyleads offers are: campaign management, data import, and export, report analysis, search filter, API, contact management, reports and statistics, integration with third parties, template management, and content management.


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