The Best Sales & Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2022 (250+ tools)

The Best Sales & Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2022 (250+ tools)

Anno 2022, there are more sales and marketing tools on the market than ever before, and they all promise the same thing; to help you grow your business. We believe that not the amount of tools you use will make you reach your targets, but is about using the right tools and connecting them together. 

This is also what our website is all about, aligning sales and marketing as they both work towards the same goal; growing the business. Tools can play a crucial role in this, as they can give insights into what the other department has been doing. 

As it isn’t anymore just CRM systems and Marketing automation which are used within businesses, we have created the following Categories for all the tools listed on our site; 

The best CRM systems for businesses


A business grows parallel to the increase of its customers. One needs to build a deeper relationship with their customers, learn what brings them back, and learn their problems too.

What is a CRM system? 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  CRM plays a critical role in marketing, sales management, and business development. It assists in keeping a systematic record of customers while monitoring the business relationship with previous current and potential customers.

Looking for a Sales CRM software? See our CRM comparison here. 

Benefits of using a CRM? 

Good customer relations are vital for the growth of a business. That is one of the benefits of CRM, Here are more benefits:

  1. A business is bound to grow, and as it grows, and the contact list too. With a CRM system, one can organize the contact list and build a solid relationship with the customers
  2. CRM system helps predict revenue by following up on a customer from the onset of interaction to the day they purchase 
  3. A CRM system allows your sales and marketing team to reach out to potential customers by personalizing offers and sales. Our website has more on marketing automation tools.
  4. A CRM system helps you focus on the right kind of customers, therefore allowing efficient marketing and generating more revenue for the company. See here mor information on how to develop a marketing strategy

Why should you use a CRM? 

A CRM is a software that manages your contacts, potential customers and sales leads. It also tracks the history of all communications with each individual on your list so you never have to waste time looking for information about who you’ve been in contact with before. If you’re going to be making connections with new people every day, it’s important to take care of the ones who are already on your team or else they might get lost! 

The question is probably not whether you should be using a CRM. The real question is which CRM to choose? There are many options out there and it can seem daunting to figure out what is best for your company’s needs. See the best ones out there listed below.

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What are the Best CRM systems?

If you are a marketer or sales professional, then the best CRM system for you is one that meets your needs. The first step in determining this is to determine what specific needs you have. For example, do you need a system that automatically updates your prospects and customers with information about their order status? Do you need something that helps organize your client’s contact lists? 

A good place to start when looking at different CRM systems is by checking out our full reviews on them. 


Hubspot is a dream team of your online marketing, sales, and service management software all in one. You don’t have to be CEO-level tech–savvy or a spreadsheet guru to do everything at your business; HubSpot has got you covered. Forget about long hours as you obsessively waste time updating and monitoring every aspect of the process manually: get back valuable time with HubSpot’s powerful software suite!  Try ou their FREE CRM


Simply put, you deserve the best. This is why Pipedrive has a drag-and-drop project pipeline that will make increasing deals look like child’s play. You’re going to have more free time without having to worry about forgotten tasks because of this non-crunchy CRM system. See where you stand with lightning fast analytics, and never miss a step again!

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FreshWorks CRM

Freshworks CRM software is the perfect companion for any small business. It has an easy to use interface with intuitive features that will make every day tasks a little less painful! With it, you can manage your customers from when they first discover you to when they start buying from you and even long after their last transaction. With the software suite of Freshworks you can easily connect to any other side of your business.  


EngageBay is the customer engagement solution for your business. Based on a firm understanding of how you work, EngageBay will help you make informed decisions and focus resources where they matter most. With the integrated parts (CRM, Marketing Automation & Support) of the tool and the comprehensive reporting tools, you’ll keep all your customers happy! is a CRM specially designed for SMB sales teams. With close, you can spend less time on data entry and more on power-sellers. The system handles everything from contacts to scheduling and prioritizing leads so that you never miss an opportunity again!


AgileCRM’s team of experts have created an unprecedented platform that will truly make your sales, marketing and service more agile. Forward thinking companies use AgileCRM to manage their customer interactions all in one place. No more data leaks or inadequate customer service communication. With tools for the modern customer-centric organization, you’ll be able to automate many time consuming tasks such as emailing customers on a regular basis with targeted content relevant to them… because we know no two people are alike!


A tool that makes customer management, project management and invoicing in one nifty place. Think of Teamleader as a project manager’s lifesaver: it automatically tracks tasks on the go and helps you take care of your to-dos even when you’re not at your desk. And with 200+ compatible apps and programs, Teamleader is really going places!


Streak is the world’s first space-saving CRM that follows you everywhere — inside of Gmail! Streak does all the things you need it to do without having to switch between apps or websites. There are no downloads, long config screens, or clunky integrations— just point and click and go. Manage leads with a fully featured lead management system complete with custom templates for various types of outreach. 


The SalesForce Discover Customer 360 will help you connect with your customers in a more intelligent way. With their offering, you’ll be able to unify sales, service, marketing communications and commerce efforts on one product all powered by their global community of Trailblazers. Focus on the customer and grow your business with the top customer relationship management platform.

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No need to enter contact information for every new customer. SalesFlare will do this for you. You can search, create deals and follow-ups without a single keystroke. Stay in touch with prewritten emails and personalized custom messages sent at the perfect time or just by right clicking their email address – all stored in SalesFlare’s CRM system complete with reminders. 


Zoho CRM is your life line to growing and managing customer relationships. Churning through your data to find insights that will arm you with the knowledge of what’s going on in your business and how you can turn things around. Go from reactive to proactive, tracking behavior across all channels so each customer has a targeted experience tailored specifically for him or her. Automate tasks like lead qualification, funnel progression, affirmation campaigns – anything which brings more value to customers while freeing up time for other important work!


PipelineDeals is the all-in-one sales platform that lets you sell easier and faster than ever before. With Pipeline, just one click gets you a sleek sales dashboard where tasks are laid out in an easy-to-navigate system for quick action—not only to track your success, but also to identify trends and opportunities. Get from idea to sale with the slickest tools at your fingertips so you can take on more deals with greater ease and win more of them!

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The best lead generation tools for businesses.

Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of generating leads, or prospects. It can be done through many techniques such as paid ads, email marketing campaigns, SEO and even word-of-mouth referrals. 

Leads will often be guided through a Lead Generation Funnel to keep track of conversions per a certain stage. Using a funnel is a common practice in generating B2B leads. 

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How To Generate More Leads?

A big pitfall a lot of companies fall into regarding lead generation is; “we need more”. No matter how many leads they are already producing. Often they have gone for volume instead of focusing fully on their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). This should be step number one, as it is the core of conversion, client retention and renewals. Attracting the right companies is key, ABM (Account Based Marketing) is a great example of this. 

Recommended reading: 9 powerful marketing ideas for Lead Generation. 

When you have defined your ICP it is time to get yourself familiar with ideas for lead generation. Get yourself familiar with techniques to improve conversions to get the most out every stage of the funnel. 

Lead generation is not just creating a lead magnet or scoring contact information via any other form, again, it is about building a lead funnel which is focussed into converting them into clients. 

Metrics you want to keep track are; 

Recommended reading: Marketing KPI’s to measure performance

If you have no idea on where to start with generating more leads, you might want to spy on your competitors marketing strategy. This will give you insights into what they are doing, and it will  allow you to learn from it. 

Once the strategy is defined you will probably need tools to help you generate, nurture and convert leads. Lets dive into that now. 

Best Lead Generation tools

The best lead generation tools can be the difference between a successful marketing campaign and an unsuccessful one. Our goal is to help you identify which tool will work best for your needs! Below are some of the most popular lead generation tools used today. They provide different services which can be extremely helpful when trying to generate leads or find new customers. 


Leadfeeder identifies the companies visiting your website, it turns the visitor numbers into real companies. A must have tool for any B2B company. You will know what the companies visiting your website were interested in and how they ended up on your website. Knowing this information can make all the difference when you need help in closing your next sale. They also offer an option to change the content on your website, based on the company visiting your website, which will increase your website conversion rates. 


Instapage is a smart, intuitive and feature-rich platform. Users can transform their websites into effective marketing tools to convey professionalism and capture leads on every channel. Instapage offers you the best features in one package that combines six pieces of digital marketing software: landing pages, templates, forms, surveys, A/B testing and real-time analytics. 

Instapage’s drag and drop interface makes doing business fast easy. Achieve immediate success with hundreds of prebuilt templates for all your projects including blogs and sales pages; no HTML experience required!


Freshchat brings together bots and messaging tools to deliver personalized customer service across familiar channels. Through a blend of human assistance and AI powered bots they make sure your customers are taken care of from start to finish – no matter the query or channel used. Their chatbot can help you tailor responses based on geo and purchase history, so your customers get the answers they want, when they need it.


Outgrow Marketing is an innovative, content-driven marketing automation company for the modern marketer. Their team of experienced marketers have tested the latest conversion optimization tactics to produce no-code tools that allow you to retain qualified leads with adaptive content. If you’re interested in boosting your marketing with interactive content, check out Outgrow.


If you are looking to reach out to new contacts an you don’t have a database yourself, Hubsell is a great option. They provide on-demand generated contacts with accuracy above 95% and 25 different variables. You will be able to reach out to your prospects via email, social and phone from one dashboard. 

Who Knows

Who Knows is an omni-channel sales and marketing automation software for startups and small businesses. An B2B lead gen platform driven by AI, it offers a scalable solution to get more leads with less staff. Utilizing email campaigns, call center data entry, paid ads, LinkedIn automation, and SEO among other features.


With Cognism, you can have a truly personalized and data-driven experience that will allow you to break through so much more than digital clutter! Capture real-time leads and conversations from thousands of websites, by replying on the fly with powerful insights like their email address or phone number. Boost outbound conversions with measurable lead generation that reconnects people who might never buy. Track campaigns back to their source for maximum efficiency and accuracy, transforming missed opportunities into new revenue streams. Automate tedious tasks while ensuring timely responses using advanced scheduling tools. The best part? No skill is required – all this power at your fingertips!


DragDropr is a drag-and-drop software that lets you create, edit and design the content for your website, webshop or any other web page by just dragging around buttons. It’s not an annoyance to learn – DragDropr literally does what its name says and simply “drags” everything together into one easy process so that you can spend more time focusing on other areas of your business. 


Vainu is all about making life easier for the modern entrepreneur. With Vainu’s data you will be enriching your entire sales and marketing funnel. Vainu is like bringing in an experienced B2B marketer on-board within your company. 


The Drift platform is your next-generation means for a better and faster customer experience. Offer more interactive, personalized, and streamlined communication through their intelligent features. It has for example the ability to understand sentiment and intonation as well as identify many different nuances like excitement level or urgency from what customers


A Partner Management Tool for B2B SaaS companies, they will open up new markets for you as they are able to connect you with new potential partners for your software. When you found product Market Fit with your SaaS and you are ready to grow further, we would recommend looking into Reditus is the fastest, most effective way to make your content interactive without a lot of money or time wasted, freeing up resources for other aspects of your business. Increase conversion rates with Spott by building user engagements across all channels and making even the smallest improvements seem monumental.

Keep your pipeline flowing with a personalized marketing database that captures highly marketable contacts for each of your targeted personas. Increase revenue per selling rep by establishing which persona gets deals done, or go deep into any target customer segment to identify hidden decision makers and unearth potential troublemakers before they can derail campaign initiatives. And never worry about forecasting again as predicts optimal lead numbers so you always have enough in- hand leads to fulfill scheduled deals while still fishing for more opportunities at the same time!


LeadIQ gives you access to almost anything available on the internet, which means you can pick out all those people itching for their next big purchase. With LeadIQ, it’s like taking bread-crumbs out of an enormous maze – leave no stone unturned. 


An ABX software designed to maximize efficiency for both those who sell and those who produce content. With ABX, you can grow pipeline faster, drive revenue more efficiently and increase customer retention rates!


GetAccept automatically creates a personalized video chat reminder for your customers and prospects with just a few clicks. GetAccept helps you win more leads and meet your sales goals. Full suite of engagement tools: live chat, workflow automation, e-signature.

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The best marketing automation tools to grow your businesss

Marketing Automation

If you are looking to upgrade your company’s marketing strategy, marketing automation could be your way to go; Why Marketing Automation could be your next big move. In short; it will save you time, give more relevant follow-ups with prospects and it can create more business opportunities. Automated marketing software will help you get new leads, cultivate them and reach out to them in maximum.

When you want to start working with marketing automation, make sure you have the right skills to do so. Read this blog with the skills needed for a marketing automation job

There are different reasons why you should use marketing automation, some of the most common knees are; 

  1. Marketing automation tools will assist you in generating more profits from existing customers as well as new ones.
  2. Marketing automation saves you time and a lot of hassle. With the technology you can automatically reach the right customer at the right time, with the right message. 
  3. Automation will help save time, reduce costs, and improve results
  4. It will give you new marketing insights. 

Recommended reading: Advantages and disadvantages of Marketing Automation

Automation is a very powerful tool for marketers and sales professionals. Many tools are out there that promise to help you automate your marketing and sales efforts, but not all of them can do the job well. See below our list of marketing automation tools which will help you grow. 

The thing you need to know is that there are two types of marketing automation: lead nurturing and lead scoring. Lead nurturing includes activities like sending emails, creating content on social media platforms, and posting status updates on blogs or news sites (also known as drip marketing). Lead scoring includes assigning points based on user engagement with these messages – the higher the score means they have more interest in your products or services. As a result, when someone hits an “opt-in” button for example

Recommended reading: How Artificial Intelligence is going to change Digital Marketing. 

Best Marketing Automation tools

The marketing world is constantly evolving and every day, new tools are being released. From email marketing to social media campaigns, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve compiled a list of some our favorite marketing automation tools that will make your job easier. 


Hubspot’s marketing hub is the workhorse to help your entire team grow faster. Get inbound marketing software to automate email drip campaigns, and organize leads into lists for easy follow-up until they become customers. Own every step of the customer journey without worrying about logistics or time consuming tasks from start to finish – all on a single platform.


ActiveCampaign is a dynamic, cloud-based marketing system that removes the barriers of data entry and manual work. It’s intuitive interface saves you time while improving your campaign execution. With ActiveCampaign automation, everything from lead generation to email newsletters are streamlined and automated to create incredible customer experiences.


Sendinblue is a simple to use marketing software. It can help you dominate your competition so that you see a dramatic increase in conversions, traffic, and revenue. Thrive digitally as they guide your business with the right marketing & sales tools. Be everywhere your customers are.


Sharpspring is the ultimate sales and marketing automation suite for today’s businesses. Lead generation, conversion optimization, social media engagement – it’s all here. Why not have a conversation with your customers instead of running ads? 

Recommended reading: Marketing Automation tools for Small Businesses. 


Create the perfect campaigns, templates, and newsletters with the simple drag-and-drop editor. Easily design interactive marketing campaigns without pro knowledge or set up time. Choose from gorgeous templates that never look outdated or boring – you’ll always get amazing results whenever you use Autopilot’s beautiful designs to reach out to people who care about your brand. Imagine staying in control of your inbox while getting more leads and making more sales than ever before! is the ultimate dream for those of you who need to manage your marketing, sales, and support teams efficiently! With’s single workspace, you can trade messages with anyone across all channels; from creating a new ad campaign that auto-schedules to text notifications—all in one place! You’ll waste no time getting responses because everything is right at your fingertips on this platform. 


Marketo Engage turns customer journey complexities into easy, measurable successes. Get results all the way from acquisition to advocacy with experiences that keep customers engaged and coming back.


Use the powerful Act-on marketing software to customize your entire website, from top of funnel content all the way down through lead nurturing and upsell opportunities. 

Get in control of every aspect of your online marketing experience with their suite of engagement tools that’s driving conversions. Use automation, understanding personas, location targeting, dynamic pricing and personalized shopping cart experiences – it’s never been easier to maximize ROI for any industry.


Mautic is the World’s Largest Open-Source Marketing Automation Project, with more than 16 million monthly users of its free product. It is customizable to your business needs and compliant with all industry regulations. With Mautic, the possibilities of marketing are endless. With an open-source project powering everything, you have complete freedom to maneuver through marketing automation like never before. 

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The best SEO tools to grow your business


What is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization, it has become a lot more complex over the years and no one really knows the exact algorithms of the Search Engines (as they also keep changing). What is the goal of SEO? Ranking with certain content when people search something within a search engine.

You want to start trying to rank for certain keywords, to do this well a proper keyword research is required. You should be able to do this yourself, or you can outsource it to a SEO agency when you don’t have the time or knowledge. 

When SEO is done properly, it will increase your website traffic

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One thing to keep in mind always, everyone has a certain quality. A SEO person or company who is doing optimisations every day will have a lot of knowledge around the topic, so we do recommend getting help when you want to get the best results. Especially when it comes down to technical SEO or backlink building

A great first help would be looking at the tools below, they can help you to get started. Also they will allow you to check your website ranking on google for certain keywords. 

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Best SEO Tools

Are you a marketing or sales professional who is looking for the best SEO tools? Search Engine Optimization is critical to your success and it can be difficult to find the right tool that fits all of your needs. Look no further, see the best SEO tools listed below; 


Do you want to find out who your true competition is? What are the keywords that can help improve your site rankings on search engines online? How do you get more traffic for your website? The answer to all these questions and more, is SEMrush

It is one of the best ranking tracking tools and it lets you track everything from one platform so that you never have to switch back and forth between different websites looking for stats.


ContentKing is a unique real-time SEO audit and monitoring site that makes it easy to keep an eye on your precious page ranking. With Content King, you can view comprehensive reports of content changes including SERP position shifts (good or bad) along with detailed analytics about the underlying causes. Whether you’re working out onsite SEO strategy for hours at a time, or just need to see how things are coming along while you’re off getting those lattes, this will be your new go-to tool. 


The idea behind Spyfu is to provide a business with all the information they need in order to find what their competition is doing and use it against them. Forget second-hand information — give yourself an advantage using this addictive and comprehensive data service! 

Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO automates the technical optimization on posts and pages, while taking care of social discovery in international search. This makes it easy for bloggers to focus on articles instead of keywords.


UberSuggest helps you get a head start by giving you specific information that successful competitors are using that let them dominate their markets: SEO strategy (including keywords and content), social media marketing techniques (like posts by day), email campaigns etc. The goal of Ubersuggest is to reverse engineer successful competitors’ marketing practices. 

Recommended reading: Ubersuggest vs SEMrush


Moz’s comprehensive set of tools will provide you with all the resources, information, and automation needed – so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most: your product or service. See also our blog comparing Ahrefs vs Moz


Ahrefs is a software platform that does everything you’d expect your SEO company would do for you. With Ahrefs, it’s just out of the box and right there, with all the features already in place waiting for you to start marketing; spend time doing what counts – growing traffic with Ahrefs.It’s one of the best-ranking SEO analysis tools.

Recommended Reading: Ahrefs Alternatives

Keyword Tool

It is a free SEO tool and also a chrome extension that gets data from various SEO tools. It simplifies your work and saves on time because you don’t have to keep moving through numerous websites

Keywords Everywhere

Looking for new keywords to rank for? Why not make it ridiculously easy and search “keywords everywhere?” Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome or Firefox browser add-on that can be easily installed to see monthly search volume, CPC data, and competition on multiple websites. You’ll also get People Also Search For data from their database of 500 billion searches. Get your hands on CTR’s in seconds and know what the public is really searching for right now! 

Google Search Console

You might have heard about it, but you should always get this installed. Google Search Console is a critical companion to your site with features that can be found nowhere else in the market, like the Web Core Vital-checker for all pages.

With this tool, not only can you see the keywords that best match your product (via Google Search Console data), but also find out what tweaks have worked by running tests—that’s right: run SEO tests on your own site and see what works on GSC data. 

SEO Spider

When was the last time you crawled your website? Crawling is essential to good SEO. That’s where The Screaming Frog comes in, crawling 500 URLs for free with its Windows, macOS and Ubuntu versions, or buy unlimited crawls with a licence to analyse poorly optimised web pages that are blocking your precious rankings.

Rank Math

If you’ve ever felt confused by “best practices SEO” like noindex meta tags, canonical URLs, or HTML headings – Rank Math handles all these for you. Just make sure to follow some basic guidelines and let it do the heavy lifting for everyone else. Even if people remember all those complicated best practices but want them made simpler without forgetting anything important – Rank Math will help you. 


Built by SEO experts and web developers, it not only crawls your site to identify risks but also suggests fixes that often make significant improvements in search rankings and link acquisition efforts. Sitebulb is the tool for you if you want to provide your clients with some data-driven insights. Their perspective will guide you through a website audit with intuitive next-steps.


With an SEO toolbox of 95+, PrepostSEO is the quiver that will help take your site to new heights.

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The best email tools to use for your business


Email is still a great way to communicate with your prospects and customers, it can help you build up a relationship when done right. Emails are used within the sales funnel and in the marketing strategy, making it consistent is therefore key. A new way of sending the right email and the right time is Drip Marketing

Recommended reading; Email marketing strategy for B2B Business

Before you start collecting email addresses or start emailing you will need to take some things in mind. With the Privacy Shield Shot down you can’t use all the US tools anymore and still comply with GDPR when you are located in the EU. See here what you will need to do as an EU company. 

Need more help with sending out emails? 

Learn here how to make money using email; 

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Email tools

Reply is a robot that automatically and dynamically engages with your prospects and customers across all the channels you use. It handles everything from algo-driven content creation to phone calls for you so you can focus on closing deals. Tired of irrelevant emails and need qualified leads fast? Well then, time to say hello (and goodbye) to manually chasing down leads!

Recommended reading: Converting clients using cold email templates is an all-in-one sales tech start up, designed to increase your outbound sales team productivity. Ditch the phone tag and let automate tedious tasks so that you can focus on what really matters — closing deals! Stop wasting time and valuable resources chasing dead leads and irrelevant conversations with platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Save precious time by turning off constant updates from these social networks so that you can reach your target prospects at just the right moment in their buying cycle when they are more likely to be interested in hearing more about a product or service of theirs. Outbound marketing automation has never been easier!


Anyleads is more than your average lead generation software. It’s a complete set of tools that can help you farm leads with email scraping, cold email automation, data enrichment, and efficiency still top-of-mind. 


NeverBounce is the answer to not hitting the spam inbox or having undelivered emails. The service automatically checks your email against online databases and makes sure you have the best, up-to-date contact information. NeverBounce can be accessed via a web browser or on mobile devices, or with an API. So no matter where you are – just log in and verify contacts before sending emails.


Whatever you do, it’s with emails. Flowmailer gets that, and has your back. They have integrated everything that happens under the hood of your emails into an all-inclusive, reliable email API with endless capabilities and features so when you send campaigns or reach out with a relationship offer, your message always meets its destination in the inbox. 


SalesHandy is the perfect email and business communication aid. It provides you with a lot of important information through your emails to boost up your sales opportunities! 


Get insight into what prospects are thinking before and after opening emails— before they know who you are! Let outreach map out all of the top upsell opportunities and then work with other members of your team whether it is for sales alignment, training, or just showing off how much work everyone is doing together as one big happy family.


You’ll never forget to send a newsletter again with Mailchimp’s user-friendly service. Easily design and publish an attractive email newsletter with their drag and drop builder.  Mailchimp boosts the engagement and conversation between a buyer and a seller. It has a free version, and it has been in the market for over a decade now. It is an all-in-one functional software.


Connect with more prospects, book more meetings, and generate more sales. Fill your CRM with consistent leads using Mailshake’s automated prospecting outreach via email, social media, and phone. Get results from day 1 — they promise you’ll get a qualified lead in just 72 hours or less. And the best part? The intuitive set up only takes 5 minutes to get started.


MixMax is an email app with a lot of advanced functionalities. It features conditional text and IF-THEN statements, powerful segmentation to create focused groups in Gmail, interactive message threads that update dynamically as new emails come in (AKA the most on-brand feature for business), polls, surveys and questions to get more clarity from customers or clients.


Automizy is an email marketing platform that lets you send personalized messages instantly and professionally, without having to code each one from scratch. Your emails can have personality alongside professionalism, just like you do want to work. Automizy is easy enough for even the littlest of businesses with limited tech experience or time — but powerful enough for any business looking to scale their marketing strategy!


Woodpecker will reach out across channels and deliver messages directly into the main inbox where they are sitting front row at all times waiting for contact. 100% messaging guaranteed with no chance of going unseen or ignored thanks to our unique algorithm thats based on human behavior.


Rebump is the friendly emailer. After you spent time crafting your most thoughtful emails, Rebump does the grunt work for your follow up messages. Catch recipients’ attention before they forget about what a great company you are or how much they need one of your products by writing customized responses in a personal voice, right after an interaction to help nurture and keep them interested in you. With Rebump, send that perfect following-up message to all of your contacts without ever having to write another email again. Entertain with engaging content with creative grammar and spelling


It performs a series of validation checks to determine whether the computer or device has access to email and if it can be connected to the internet. This way, they filter out emails which cannot be generated remotely -even though they may look like a valid email address–dramatically improving five-star campaign deliverability. Xverify also flags any suspicious activity, like spamming other members while you’re never even signed in.


The Gmelius solution is a mix of document management, email automation and workflow solutions that make the everyday work life of your team more efficient. Powered by artificial intelligence software, it learns from every interaction to anticipate what you’ll want next so that your day runs even smoother than ever before. 


A powerful tool to search for the right decision maker’s contact information based on their job titles, departments they work at and interests. Growbots is created by a team of sales experts and marketers who understand how important it is to have your target audience in front of you when reaching out.


Your company is one of the most sought after places on the internet. You have loyal followers with a thirsty inbox and what’s better than drinking from it? Monetizing your email newsletters with programmatic native ads is an easy way to get even more out of your awesome content. With InboxAds you can automatically turn them into a revenue machine! 

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best sales and marketing tools

Growth Hacking

What is Growth Hacking 

Growth hacking is a hot topic in the marketing industry. At its simplest, growth hacking is about testing and iterating on what works to get your product or service in front of new people as quickly as possible. You can also call this the Lean Startup Methodology

If you want to get into Growth Hacking, see here how to get started or our other blog on growth hacking strategies for startups

In this article we will show you the best Growth Hacking Tools to use. 

Our other Growth Hacking content: 

Best Growth Hacking tools

Belwo, we’re going to outline the best growth hacking tools and what each one does. We’ll also show you how they can be used for a variety of purposes, such as generating leads or tracking conversions. If you want to grow your business using some of the most effective marketing techniques in 2022, read on! 


Create a more captivating landing page in minutes with the easiest to use design platform online. Creating your impactful campaigns has never been easier than with Unbounce, completely designed around getting results.

Recommended Reading: Unbounce vs Clickfunnels


Uplead, specifically designed for B2B prospectors. With 95% accuracy engendered by huge data sets and proprietary algorithms, you can quickly tailor your lists so you have pretty good assurance of being notified in advance if something is out of the Tatum-Dixon Analytics parameters.


Everyone wants free publicity right? That is exactly what PressCloud will help you get. With their service, send a press release to 8000+ journalists and spread your company’s story. Save time and money on finding the right journalists. 


Proof is the fastest way for businesses to make their website more engaging, visible and trustworthy—with real proof. That’s because Proof does all of the boring work for you while increasing your conversions. 


Get smart about building a quality prospect list with GrowthGenius, an intelligent and easy-to-use database of more than 500 million profiles and billions of data points. They know what clients are looking for, enabling businesses like yours to reach exactly the people they want to sell their product or service to.

Find targeted leads by using an assortment of filters like industry, title, location or company size and then choose from one of our pre-written emails or write your own personalized note today. Outreach has never been easier than with this innovative self-service software.


Clearbit makes all of your customer interactions come to life. With the Clearbit data engine, you can know more about your customers and prospects than ever before. You’ll be able to use this intelligence to help create personalized messages that resonate with every person who enters contact with your organization.

With Hunter, you can search email addresses and get valuable information about the person that will give your business a boost. No more time-consuming searches and hundreds of entries at a time! How? Upload a list, get the Google Sheets add-on, or try out the API. makes it easier for you and your team on the front lines with Sales CRM tools that help manage targeted leads, find better ways to stay in touch with prospects, an easy way to share leads with teammates so they can work them while you focus on other areas. 


Sniply doesn’t just shorten links, it allows you to overlay your own content on the destination site. Best of all, you can send your followers to third party content without disengaging them with Sniply sleek interface. Just embed a button that links back to your own site or curate an entire education journey that guides them through each step!


lemlist – the one-stop solution for sales automation. Personalize cold emails in just 5 minutes, use snooze while away mode on full auto pilot, or automate your following up with leads across all channels – yes even LinkedIn!


Similarweb is the ultimate traffic analytics and data hub. The SimilarWeb TrafficMeter plugin for Chrome allows you to see behind the scenes numbers of every site as you surf. Similarweb TrafficMeter reveals analytics such as: rank, estimated current pageviews, location & languages across countries or regions, and information about audience demographics.

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The disco ball of personality assessments! DISC is so fun and easy to use. In just minutes, you’ll know who your customer or new employee might be and how they’re likely to respond. You can even track progress in hiring, trainings, sales calls, emails – anything!


Airtable is the ultimate organizational tool for keeping your contacts, markets, and production schedules all in one place. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or leading a global organization, Airtable will help organise your data. Drag data between records to change the way you manage projects – use conditional rules, spreadsheet-style calculations and finder functions to build workflows with infinite customization. 

Instant Data Scraper

Instant Data Scraper is the fastest way to gather data. It extracts and exports intelligently from any web page as JSON, XLSX, or CSV. Powered by artificial intelligence, Instant Data Extraction creates a virtual keyboard for every text field on your webpage for the fastest possible formatting. Just download the tool, set up your site URL and go! 

Dux Soup

LinkedIn is one of the most important sources for generating new clients and closing deals. With Dux-Soup, it’s easy to create automated campaigns that target specific groups and regions of people – all with just a few clicks. 

Recommended Reading: How to Use Linkedin As A Salesperson. 


Did you know that LinkedIn automation can be dangerous territory? Linked Helper has created the perfect tool for keeping your account safe and sound. It is a new, state-of-the-art web app that ensures as much security as possible. 


BuiltWith helps you build lists of websites using certain web technologies. For example, you can find out which sites use shopping carts (like Amazon). When analyzing a company’s website data in comparison to its competitors’ site metrics, you’ll more effectively understand customer behavior and how this aligns with the best marketing strategies. With a tool like BuiltWith at your fingertips, finding high-value prospects just became simpler than ever before.


Let the Instagram Bot of Instazood take care of all those pesky little tasks you don’t have time for, like buying likes and following more people on Instagram. Your account will look active and well-liked, even if you don’t have time to do everything yourself. Using a bot, is a well known growth hacking strategy for Instagram. 

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You can’t ask for attention without giving something first. And, nobody cares what you say about your business. Social proof marketing is when customers sell for you. FOMO offers an easy way to display authentic positive feedback that will get viewers to trust and buy from you too.

Google Optimize

Google Optimize was made to put you in control of your digital marketing. Google Optimize helps you figure out what your audience really wants and most likely enjoys, so that you can stay ahead of the competition with increased CTRs and conversions.


BuzzSumo is an expert tool that lets you analyze your internet marketing strategy and find the most popular content shared on social media for success. You can use it to profile a competitor’s posts, track influencer activity, monitor what people are saying about your business, or get ideas for new campaigns. BuzzSumo is essential because it gives you insight into how people truly feel about you so that you can make a significant impact with your marketing strategy. 

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Marketmuse is for all of us who publish on LinkedIn, Medium, or any other publication that needs engaging content. It arms you with AI Content Intelligence so you can craft winning snappy headlines on autopilot—no more hours wasted researching keywords in Google Adwords Keyword Tool and coming up with clever puns for titles we just literally had no time to think about! 


Wappalyzer is an affordable, and accessible way to find out the technology stack of any website in a few minutes. With features like “find websites based on technologies used with email addresses and phone numbers,” this tool will help anyone from developers in marketing, to media buyers looking for prospects to quickly jump start their campaigns and connect with prospective clients from across the country.

Click to Tweet 

The Click To Tweet button lets you share your blog posts on Twitter straight from the web and what’s more, it tells other followers of who shared it so they can retweet – that means a lot of retweets for your content. 

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The best productivity tools for you to become more productive


With the fast-paced world we live in, it can be hard to keep up with everything. Productivity tools can help you stay on top of your workload and better manage your time! We are going to dive into our favorite productivity tools for professionals so you know what is out there.

Not looking for tools but ways to get more productive? See these blogs; 

The Best Productivity tools

There are so many productivity apps out there to choose from, but not all of them can fit your needs. We’ve compiled a selected list of the best productivity tools that will help you get things done! 


With FreshTeam you’re able to handle all of your HR work in one place. Start tracking recruitment, interviews, employees, job feedbacks and more. You’ll never miss a key step again thanks to their user-friendly features, 


As the newest design tool in your arsenal, Canva is all about making your brand pop. With literally thousands of templates to get you started and easy-to-use editing tools, we’re letting you take total control of a whole mess of tasks so that when customers see our designs, they only know it’s as authentic as can be! Get ready to dominate the graphic design industry with this new and improved software that takes pride in being 100% safe for starters.

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Up your game in the battle for customers’ attention with Hippovideo. Offer prospects what they want—a personalized experience they can’t get anywhere else and a much better idea of who you are. Make it easier for potential buyers to make up their mind about buying from you, so that less time is spent explaining yourself and more time is put into doing business.


Running a project is tough, and so is getting any feedback on it. With you’ll be able to solve both those problems with only one button. You can streamline your tasks into one streamlined program, and be confident in the results—no more worrying about what happens without your input.


Adding video to your content marketing has never been easier. Vidyard is an easy-to-use online platform for storing, sharing and tracking videos that helps you take your B2B sales lead outreach efforts to the next level. Vidyard gives you a suite of tools like tracking analytics, customizable dashboards and social integrations that takes the hassle out of video creation and curation


With Calendly, you’ll never need to waste time planning calendars ever again. People just tap “schedule” in one click! You can also limit your availability for specific times that work best for you and customize notifications based on how much notice someone needs for an appointment request — they’ll get an email reminder before their meeting starts so they don’t forget anything! It’s free for all users with 10 or less invites a month. 


Have Grammarly analyze your writing and find those pesky grammar errors before your prospects get a chance to read them. Don’t worry about commas or semicolons, just simply click on “correct” and get ready for that reply. 

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Maintain your focus and keep all of your projects in the loop with Asana. Asana’s easy to navigate interface helps you work on time, meet deadlines, and deliver incredible results. Save yourself headaches by avoiding traditional email chains or meeting overloads – use our intuitive task assignment system!


Slack takes the pain out of team chat, it turns old fashion emails into conversation-based, synchronous, and messaging-oriented. It can be set up to follow your favorite app integrations so you’re never out of the loop again without having to switch messaging tools. 


With Trello, planning out projects can be as easy as dragging and dropping cards between lists. It’s intuitively simple boards of checklists let you add checkmarks to marking completed tasks while still tracking what needs to be done in the future. Use color coded cards for different phases of each section so ideas are clear at a glance. 


Zapier is the ultimate tool for making your Business run smoother. Unlike other tools, with Zapier you can use different apps to work together in a single workflow automatically by just filling out a few forms when each of them are set up. You don’t need a developer to be able to make everything happen. Don’t get stuck on tedious work that needs days and weeks to complete; instead, automate it so that your business continues growing!

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It can be hard to keep everything in mind, but ToDoIst is here to help you! With a swipe and a tap, get everything out of your head and onto the screen, where it belongs. Bring all those projects into better focus with customizable reminders that suit your life. Setka


Toggl is a centralized, simple-to-use tool that lets you track the time you’ve spent on projects, create detailed reports of where your team spends the most time, and more. 


Textexpander is the best way to save time when you work. Say goodbye to typing out long, complicated words and phrases each day – Textexpander can do it for you with a single keystroke! Textexpander saves you countless hours by creating shortcuts and abbreviations for common phrases that you use to speed up all your typing.


Sending a business proposal is typically a very tedious and time-consuming process. With Better Proposals, you can send a proposal for any size project. Create amazing looking proposals in just minutes with standard templates available or if you want to take more control compile one from scratch

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The Sketch app has been completely redesigned from the ground up to make every stage of the design process – hand drawing, wireframing, hi-fi product creation and all that’s in between — more fluid than ever before. Sketch Mirror enables you to see any changes as they happen so it’s much easier to iterate on your designs.


Notion is the ideal way to collaborate, because it never feels like you’re in a team alone. The nice thing about Notion is that everything’s in one place—not distracted by notifications and updates from other services. Drag and drop to organize docs in infinite ways, collaborate one-on-one or with an entire team


Let Typeform do the hard work for you. Keep responses coming in with interactive, beautiful forms that bring out your creativity and give you something amazing to show off at work. This is more than just pretty templates – Typeform saves time and helps you craft better conversations that get results

Chili Piper

Chili Piper understands brands need more than just meeting and call scheduling capabilities – they need a complete solution. With their advanced scheduling system you can increase conversion rates while also making things easier on customer service with features like auto publishing of broadcasts and events across all channels in one click. It has a great user interface that drives huge productivity gains so your employees will be happy too!

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You’ll find yourself editing in seconds with Photopea Online Photo Editor. No need to download anything; all you need is a web browser. Turn your pictures from bad to photoshop with Photopea, the online photo editor that does all of this: crop, resize, rotate in 3D space and more.


Stay on top of project deadlines without the traditional hassles. Basecamp makes it easy to communicate and keep track of work with any team. Need a place for everything? Basecamp is everyone’s digital space. 


Missive is a team inbox and chat tool that empowers teams to truly collaborate around email.

Every message, file attachment, link, and mention of your business in Missive are synced with your contacts’ calendars and maps so you know what’s happening no matter where or how it happens.


Remembering things is hard. You have to do it over and over, every day. But with Evernote, you can give your memory a break — this app does all the remembering for you! Search through old notes to find that perfect graphic idea from last week or snooze email reminders without losing track of them. Give your brain a rest and let Evernote handle remembering instead.


Aircall is the voice of your business on calls. Easily connect with customers and handle support requests directly from your phone, tablet, or computer browser. Aircall offers built-in integration with leading customer relationship management (CRM) & help desk software to provide a truly streamlined experience every step of the way.

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With this tool you can keep your work organized, and on top of deadlines with three in one software: project management, file sharing for those who need to collaborate with others all the time, and task management or “to-do” lists that will help make business sense out of everything. 


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best sales and marketing tools

Customer Support 

The best way to keep clients is by providing excellent customer support. Customer support can be broken down into two general categories: pre-sales and post-sales.

Pre-sales refers to anything that happens before a sale has been made, such as answering questions about the product, informing potential buyers of what they need in order for it to work properly, and making sure products are in stock. 

Post-sales refers to anything after a sale has been made from warranty coverage on products, troubleshooting problems with installation and use of the product, or upgrading their account. 

Retaining your clients longer will increase your Life Time Value

See these blogs about Customer Service; 

Customer Support Tools

The customer support field is not an easy one to get into. There are many different aspects that you need to be aware of and it can seem overwhelming at first. However, if you know the basics, then the task becomes much easier and more manageable. In this blog post we will highlight the best customer support tools for your business so that you can provide your customers with the best possible experience. 


Freshdesk’s innovative Web-based solution does away with the need for time-consuming installation or updates and allows businesses to focus on delivering better service to their customers 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. 


As IT Manager, you’re in need of an efficient and dynamic way to provide high quality customer service for your clients. Freshservice helps automate both the help desk, monitoring incidents as well as asset inventory management where we show what needs attention or has been fixed automatically. 


Deliver delightful service at scale without taking on the cost and complexity of legacy software with a cloud-based solution for managing voice calls from anywhere. 


A powerful, interactive platform designed to help you turn your customers into valuable assets has arrived! Ask them questions in any category: happiness, needs, wants, overall experience with company/product. You’ll get detailed insights which will provide you with measurable marketing success that doesn’t require an extensive educational background or years of experience. 


Userlane is the go-to for automating your customer onboarding and employee training. Userlane guides are interactive to help you communicate with employees in a personalized way while saving countless hours on redundant processes. With real-time integration, they make it easy to know what your employee do at every step of their journey, so they feel confident from start to finish

All successful marketing messages are built for a specific audience. Get the most out of your email, social media posts, and SMS messages with’s automated messaging platform to provide you the tools to create personalized campaigns using data-driven OR traditional marketing tactics. 


A new way to improve your digital conversations. Trengo is a streamlined and easy-to-use inbox for teams that lets you automate regular tasks like scheduling meetings or sending replies through voice commands. By using this single app to manage all of them from a unified inbox instead of independently checking each one for new messages and notifications, you can be more efficient and provide an improved customer experience.


Live Storm is the easiest way to host webinars and video meetings for growing companies,  using a browser-based platform. Exploring technology in easy steps made simple, Live Storm enables you to easily engage your audience through live streaming chats. Start hosting live events from any (mobile) device with just one tap on your phone of desktop computer.


You should always think about the potential for churn when you’re in B2B SaaS, and it’s even better to see it coming so you can prevent it. Freshsuccess makes sure that customers stay happy with your product, while you reap the benefits of higher profits.

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Zoom is the fastest way to have a video meeting from virtually anywhere. Zoom combines all best-in-class features of webinar software, chat rooms, screen sharing and more — perfect for enterprise needs with tens of thousands of users.


Intercom is a fast, easy way for businesses to connect with their customers and prospects. Intercom gives you a messaging solution that helps build customer relationships by providing real-time feedback-driven assistance. Message at any time which means you never have to choose between answering an important email or call, and responding to customers or prospects in chat mode.


Zendesk is all about making sense of your data for both businesses and consumers. It’s not an easy task to get down to the “why” something happened, but with Glowing under the surface it has never been so easy to see past just what customers have said in support tickets.


Talk to your customers, receive support requests and questions, and manage all of your customer communication from one place. HelpCrunch is a customer service software that’ll leave your customers wanting more.


Prodsight is an artificial intelligence tool that allows you to get the most out of your customer conversations. When you enter a word, phrase, or even sentence in Proodsight’s automatically updated tagging feature and hit ‘enter,’ AI will analyze your conversation and provide tailored tags for any words used within it. These tags allow you to search those keywords later on for relevant support tickets, product reviews or surveys so you can track trends specific to a certain issue faster than ever before!


Surveys are a cost-effective way of getting the feedback you need to make informed decisions. It’s easier than ever with SurveyMonkey, with their free to start survey tool it makes it entirely possible for anyone to get started!


Totango will increase customer engagement, provide intelligent insights on revenue opportunities and decrease churn by setting up a dedicated, personalized plan for your customers that improves their experience with you every step of the way.

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best sales and marketing tools

Social Media

Social media is a great way to get the word out about your company. It’s inexpensive, and it can be more personal than other forms of advertising. It can be a powerful tool that can be used to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and create a positive company culture.

It’s also an effective way to monitor your competition. These are just some of the reasons why you should use social media tools in your business strategy. 

Some of our Social Media blogs to check out: 

There are tons of great tools out there for you to choose from, so it can seem overwhelming at first if you don’t know where to start. To help make things easier on you, we’ve compiled the best social media tools below; 


Brand24 is a way to know what people are saying about your brand, no matter where they’re saying it.


Vero is a different Social Media platform because it doesn’t use ads or any shady algorithms. It’s just you and your friends, curated for quality and significance.


Finding good content to post has never been easier thanks to Quuu, which allows users like you to put forth less energy while receiving maximum results. Searching for unique article ideas will now be a thing of the past because Quuu automatically finds trending content so there’s always something new and funny being shared

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Looking for the perfect audience or conversion rate? AdEspresso is the answer! Created by an ex-Director of Google Ads, AdEspresso does all your advertising work for you. Whether it’s through Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram or even YouTube – they do it all.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great way to start finding your next big sale. Keep up with the latest sales leadership and your prospects without scrolling the timeline. Boost your sales productivity with the paid version of Navigator. 

Need help? See our Social Selling Services


Hootsuite is a central hub for all your social media activity. Seamlessly post on Twitter, Facebook and numerous other networks with Hootsuite’s intuitive dashboard interface. 


Save time and money with our content production app! Gain visibility into your team’s work, collaborate on strategy, churn out articles without a problem.


There are so many awesome things you can do all from Messenger! Schedule appointments, send messages to leads, collect information, then nurture them through the process of turning them into customers.

Recommended reading: Inbound Marketing Strategies 


Easily manage your social media accounts with a buffer! Boost and schedule posts to all of your favorite profiles in one place. Take control of how you represent yourself on social media.

Open and honest, is the first social infrastructure in advertising where raising awareness isn’t just a way to expand your campaign reach; it’s also an opportunity for you to give back with every ad click. Connecting brands with projects putting money where mouths are can help make more conscious decisions when buying products or posting messages that could have potentially negative effects on people or animals alike, so choose Boon today!


Effortlessly post on social media. The Later app is an all-in-one social marketing platform for the top networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Manage all aspects of your campaign from one place; plan content and optimize channels wherever they might be missed. 

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It’s hard to put a dent in the competition when you can’t find out what people are saying about them. Mention helps keep up with all that talk going around and show you who’s talking about your brand or competitors.


As your social advertising is getting more and more sophisticated, you may find it hard to juggle between all the best practices. takes care of every aspect of your social media needs while realizing that you are a human being with other responsibilities beyond posting content on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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The best analytics tools for your business


Marketers and sales professionals have access to an abundance of data from various sources. The problem is not how much data they are able to collect, but rather the ability to extract insights and take action on it.

Analytics tools provide you with all the information you need at your fingertips, connecting different data sources which empowers marketers and sales professionals alike to make better decisions that will help them find success in their careers.

See below our selection of the best analytics tools. 


Supermetrics is a data mining service that gives you all your marketing information in one place. It gathers information from numerous sources, such as Google Analytics, Facebook, and Mailchimp. Supermetrics then converts the raw data it collects into pretty reports or charts so all of your critical campaign information can be accessed quickly and easily.


Cervinodata Engine is an user-friendly software that collects all your ad campaign performance and Google Analytics data in one place. Cervinodata’s easy to use interface makes it quick and simple to get an overview of everything you need for effective digital marketing.

Recommended Reading: How to Gain insights in website traffic.


It’s time to see what your audience sees. Are they using your website like you want them to? Is it meeting their needs? Hotjar shows you how visitors are really interacting with your site by letting you watch recordings of their sessions. You can then collect feedback in the form of surveys and polls, helping turn more visitors into customers.


Amplitude is a powerful analytics tool for digital products. The software can be used to measure and analyze data points about traffic, engagement rates, user behavior, even the impact of changes to the website or app that you’re using.

Google Analytics

The best and easiest way to understand how traffic on your website is doing, and where they are coming from. With Google Analytics, users can access actionable insights that include which pages are most visited, bounce rates for each page, what percentage of visitors who arrive from organic search clicks versus social media sites or ad campaigns. 

Recommended Reading: Google Analytics G4


Collect and organize all your marketing data for analysis with Funnel. From collecting it, organizing it automatically, assessing the effectiveness of your campaigns across channels, to generating high-level stats… funnel has you covered. A new way to work with marketing data.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio lets you bring your data to life in a more dynamic, compelling way. Whether it’s providing insights, showing trends in the industry or just visualizing something fun, Google Data Studio has a lot of interesting features that will make your next project really pop!


Klipfolio is a business-friendly dashboard and analytics tool that lets you monitor, explore, and share metrics. You can easily integrate data from popular sources like Google Analytics or Salesforce so team members on the go can have insights at their fingertips. With Klipfolio’s real-time dashboard, teams stay in sync without meeting up in person. 

We Can Track

We Can Track provides full visibility over your affiliates, ads, and sales for maximum results. Refine marketing with immediate access to data you can track in one place while getting a clear overview of everything. 


Now you can take back your data and easily find attribution leaks with top-of-the heap analysts or unleash the power of technology with TraceDock: an intelligent forensics engine for app developers, mobile marketers, ad networks, publishers & more.

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