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Not that long ago it would have been acceptable to simply have a website made and engage in a little marketing and word of mouth. Not anymore, as the 21st century consumer likes to feel they are getting special treatment during their retail experience. Consumers want more than to simply be sold a product or service, and with online retail being competitive in all areas, the onus is on you to get your marketing exactly right.

This can take a lot of time and effort, and as trends change all the time you may find you begin to fall behind your competitors. For example, how do you approach video content? If, that is, you use video in your marketing routine? Many businesses have not yet woken up to the power of video as a marketing aid, but now is certainly the time to do so.

Video engages the consumer in a way that cannot be achieved with written content, and a tool such as Hippo Video can be of great help to growing businesses. Let’s have a look at how Hippo Video works, and then we’ll talk about some of the features.


  • Free plan & trial
  • Hippo video is great to increase conversions
  • Custom branding options


  • Integrations available in higher-tiered plans
  • low resolution for lower tiers

Why you should use Hippo Video?

Hippo Video is a video creation, publishing and marketing tool that allows you to make quality videos and engage with your customers. It is designed to be easy for the layman to use and can also integrate videos with email as well as being able to create videos for tutorials and much more.

Personalized video content is attractive to the consumer as it gives them the knowledge they are being treated individually while responding to customer inquiries with a video chat ‘humanizes’ the conversation in more ways than a text chat can do.

There are a number of functions and features included in the Hippo Video package, and we’ve looked at the most important ones below.

Video Selling

Sales teams can make excellent use of Hippo Video to create prospecting videos for sales. The easy-to-use platform is simple to learn and use and, with practice, the end result can be a professional-standard video that can then be shared across many platforms. Share via email, HubSpot, LinkedIn and many more social media business platforms, and you reach out to great numbers of potential leads.

What you can also do is track the interaction that your shared video creates. By following how many times the video is viewed and the customer’s reaction to it, you can streamline your sales videos for greater lead generation and increased sales.

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Video Marketing

As an extension of the video sales function, you can personalize your marketing videos to appeal to specific groups of clients. You can add your logo, ask users to record video testimonials and feedback, invite viewers to fill in a CRM form, and more, all with simple video creation and publishing tools that just about anyone can learn to use.

Hippo Video uses the latest video uploading technology to make sure your presentations are of high quality, and they can be integrated through the platforms mentioned above plus many more. Video is an under-used medium that adds to your social proof, so is certainly worth investing in.

Online Teaching and More

There are endless possible uses for the many features that Hippo Video brings to the table, and one of the most popular is that of online education and training videos. This is fast becoming a very popular way of hosting vocational courses, training for health and safety, and company training modules, and with an easy-to-use package such as Hippo Video gets easier still.

Furthermore, respond to customer complaints and inquiries with a video call and you will get a better response, while video promotions have been shown to increase lead generation. What do we think of Hippo Video overall?


Video is much overlooked by many businesses, yet it is the preferred method of getting information for many users and especially those of the younger generations. It is more effective than a wall of text, for example, and can be used to demonstrate a product or service effectively. Where Hippo Video scores highly are in its ease of use, quality results, and versatile ability – we have only covered a few of the functions above and there are many more to check out.

Hippo Video comes in four pricing plans – a free basic one that we recommend you try out to see what you think, then three more ranging from a single user to a Premium option – and all are at sensible monthly rates. Hippo Video gets a thumbs up from us.

Hippo Videos is a cloud-based video platform designed and used by marketers or sales teams. It allows its users to create videos with many features such as screen recording, webcam, and audio. It is useful for the creation of instructive and explicative videos, testimonies, capacitating videos, etc.
Hippo Video can be implemented as a Chrome extension, so it can be installed from the Chrome Web store. It is easy to use and is able to integrate with Zendesk and Freshdesk to help users to create videos for their work. It is also able to integrate with Slack and Facebook Workplace to make communication between users easier.
Hippo Video offers a free version of its network as well as a free trial. Its actual pricing starts from $ 19.00 per month but it can vary: for individuals, it is $ 19.00 per month and for brands or businesses it is $ 29.00 per month.
Hippo Video is an online video platform fully designed for the use of businesses and brands to make quality videos to improve their engagement with their customers. All the features and functions included in HippoVideo are really understandable and easy to use and totally aimed at marketing use.
This tool tends to be overlooked by many brands but is actually one of the preferred methods for getting information by many users, especially in the younger generations, this happens because the video is a more effective way of engaging with the customers than a paragraph or wall of text.
It offers in its package multiple features, functions, and all with the purpose of making the creation of personalized and engaging videos easier for brands, some of the more important ones are Video Selling, which allows tracking user’s reactions, and Video Marketing, which allows doing personalized videos for determined audiences.


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