Want to find the email address of a person? | Hunter Features is a robust tool that allows you to find email addresses in seconds. Over 2 million professionals, including some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Google, Adobe, IBM and Microsoft, choose this platform to connect with potential leads.

With Hunter, there are over 100 million email addresses already indexed, and the tool will use a large number of signals to find email addresses that match the domains or companies you input.

Users can start and receive 50 free searches per month, but the premium plan is what most companies choose. The key features of this product include:

  • Domain search and email finder
  • Email verifier
  • Campaigns


  • Great way to find anyones email
  • Comes with the free version


  • GDPR compliance concerns


Domain Search and Email Finder

Domain search is a powerful email finding tool that allows you to find email addresses from a company name or website. All you have to do is enter the name, and click the “find email address” button and it takes half a second to find all publicly available email addresses on the Internet.

Hunter takes it a step further by including:

  • Confidence scores
  • Department filters
  • Detailed sources

If you have a list of companies or websites that you would like to reach out to, you can upload your file to the dashboard. This allows you to search for email addresses for all of the companies in your list.

There’s also a powerful API tool that allows you to search for email addresses through a simple API call.

If you need a custom solution, a developer can use the domain search API to find companies and their respective email addresses directly on your own platform. For example, you can use an API to connect to a WordPress plug in that would allow you to conduct your search directly inside of WordPress. But this would have to be developed on your end, or you would have to use a third-party tool that already uses Hunter’s API.

Email Verifier also includes an email verifier tool. Designed to work with the email finder, this tool will validate the emails found on multiple levels. The tool will conduct its own search on its 100+ million professional email database first, and it will also verify new email addresses that you found using:

  • Format
  • Response from the email server
  • Domain information

Just like with the domain search and email finder tools, you can bulk verify a list of email addresses by uploading your file to the dashboard. The platform will enrich all of your email data with validations so that you know which emails are likely to work, and which you should remove from your list.

Verifying your emails reduces your bounce rate when sending out mails, and it can also reduce your overhead if you’re paying for far more emails than will actually reach a person’s inbox.

You can then use your validated emails in your marketing campaigns and upload your email addresses to your preferred email marketing platform.


Connecting directly to your Gmail account, you can now create simple cold email campaigns right inside Hunter. The platform also works with G Suite, and it is built to get replies. Hunter works to get you replies in two different ways:

  • Automatic cold email preparation
  • Automatic follow-ups

But you do have to add in your own personal touch to every message to make sure that it is appropriate for your demographic. You can choose to follow up in different increments to further nurture lead and hopefully turn your lead into a customer.

Hunter’s campaigns include some very powerful features, including:

  • Full personalization to review and edit all of the scheduled emails in your campaign
  • Scheduling with daily quotas so that your email address is never flagged for spam
  • Full email tracking so that you understand what happens after you’ve sent an email
  • Custom attributes that allow you to integrate your own data into every email, such as first name or company name

Campaigns are included for every user. Even free accounts can begin using this feature today. You’ll be able to start your own campaign within seconds, and you’ll be able to verify, find and search for email addresses using

Hunter does integrate into many CRMs, and there are Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons that you can use to begin using Hunter today. If you use Google Sheets to list all of your company names and websites that you’re trying to search for, there is an add-on offered by Hunter that will allow you to connect your sheets directly to the platform.

With this in-depth integration, it’s easy to get started using Hunter while also utilizing the tools that you’re already using today. Alternatives, (sometimes known as Email Hunter), is an email search and verification tool, bulk tasks, propagation and lead generation activities, used by marketers to help find contact information associated with any domain.
“Domain search, to get the email addresses behind the entire website. Email finder, to discover anyone’s email address. Email Verifier checks the deliverability of an email address. Author Finder, allows you to find article authors and their email addresses. ”
What features does have? Bulk tasks, to do checks, verifications, and searches in large numbers of email addresses. Leads, this tool Manages, allows reviewing and classifying email databases. Campaigns, are a campaign management tool, to aid in dissemination. Outreach, a tool that allows to connect with a Gmail account and collect leads.
All the operation of is in accordance with GDPR and other data protection protocols, which allows the use of email search functions without any problem. The data it tracks is in the public domain; however, the use made of it is something else and could lead to a breach of the GDPR.
The Starter version costs $ 49.00 per month, the Growth version costs $ 99.00 per month, and the Pro version costs $ 199.00 per month, the Enterprise version costs $ 399.00 per month. There is a free version that offers 25 searches and 50 verifications per month.
The tool searches the web for the requested email results. In the search bar, enter the address of the website of interest and press “Search email addresses”. A list of email addresses will be displayed to be verified, purged and then can be exported to a database.


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