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Never Bounce Features

Never Bounce helps brands reach their customers by offering real-time email verification and specialized email cleaning services. The service integrates with popular platforms, like HubSpot, Mailchimp, MailerLite, iContact and more.

Never Bounce verifies and cleans billions of emails and is trusted by major brands, including Uber, Quicken Loans, Dell, Indeed, DoorDash and Yelp.

Three automated functions verify and clean email lists through Never Bounce’s platform:

  • Clean
  • Verify
  • Sync



  • Don’t have a Paypal payment option
  • Customer support is not that much effective

Clean emails

Never Bounce will clean your email list, so you never have to deal with bounced emails. Just upload your list, or connect to 85 integrations. Download your clean list, and enjoy a 99.9% email delivery rate (guaranteed).

Never Bounce uses a 20+ step cleaning process and checks each email 75 times from around the world.

Here’s a peek at the process:

  • Real-time verification combined with accepting all detection.
  • Advanced verification of mail services to check user identification using SMTP and other proprietary methods.
  • Automatic removal of duplicate emails and bad syntax.
  • Domain check to view the current status.
  • Removal of potentially harmful emails.
  • Validation of all email types and from all major providers.

All results are broken down into categories:

  • Valid: A verified real address
  • Invalid: An invalid address
  • Accept all: Unverifiable
  • Disposable: Temporary address that’s unsuitable for sending
  • Unknown: The server cannot be reached, so emails are unsuitable

Results are also segmented for download, so you don’t have to do any extra work in Excel or other software.

Never Bounce will even recommend emails you should send. Once an email address has been categorized, it will be labeled as “send” or “do not send,” so you don’t send emails to addresses that are invalid or cannot be verified.

The Clean function helps you maintain a list of valid email addresses.

Verify emails

With Never Bounce, you can verify emails at the point of entry to save you time and frustration. Just add Verify to your registration forms, lead pages or wherever else you collect emails.

  • Verify the one-off emails you collect
  • Save verification history
  • Export your results
  • Custom API and JavaScript widget allow for easy integration
  • Sync with Zapier to add email verification to thousands of third-party apps

Never Bounce’s wrappers give you more control over the integration process:

  • Java
  • CURL
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Go

Never Bounce’s Verify tool saves you the time and headache of having to clean your list of bogus or invalid email addresses by preventing them from being used in the first place.

The verification process is crucial. It’s the heart of Never Bounce’s service, working behind the scenes to check and verify the email addresses on your list. Being able to verify emails at the point of entry keeps bogus or invalid emails off of your list, saving you time and money.

Never Bounce Sync

Automate your list cleaning by connecting to your email provider or CRM. Never Bounce has a simple, one-time setup process that makes it easy to automate your list cleaning. Sync will work daily to clean your list.

Sync will check and verify that your email data is valid automatically and on a near-daily basis. About 2.5% of emails become invalid every month, so it’s important to clean your list regularly. Never Bounce’s Sync tool will take care of this tedious task for you.

Never Bounce can be integrated into a number of platforms, including:

Sync is a separate service with an individual subscription plan, but prices are more than affordable. You have the option to pay yearly or monthly, making payments flexible and accessible for brands of all sizes.

Never Bounce helps brands clean their email lists and reach more customers. Their pay-as-you-go pricing model allows brands of all sizes to maintain their email lists. Prices start at less than a penny per email, and the more addresses you verify, the lower the cost. Enterprise packages are also available for lists with over 1 million email addresses.

Lightning fast service allows you to clean 10,000 emails in as little as 3 minutes. Never Bounce guarantees up to 99.9% delivery. If more than 3% of your emails bounce, the company will refund the difference.

Never Bounce offers free verification of 1,000 emails when you sign up for an account. You can test a bulk list, single emails or use their API. Once your data has been tested, Never Bounce will send you a report of which emails are okay to send and which need to be cleaned.

Never Bounce Alternatives

Never Bounce is a tool for email marketers that ensures that a mail doesn’t bounce, making it so that the email gets to the destined address.
Never Bounce can be said to be in the top tenth of accuracy for tools of this line of work, thanks to realizing a verification accuracy test by checking 200 email addresses of mixed types. Out of them, 91.5% of emails is accurately verified by Never Bounce
“Never Bounce possesses different payment rates depending on the number of emails that your account has these rates being: Up to 10,000 emails, you pay $ 0.008 per email, up to 100,000 emails, you pay $ 0.005 per email, up to 250,000 emails, you pay $ 0.004 per email, and up to 1,000,000 emails, you pay $0.003 per email. ”
Never Bounce is not free but it offers a free trial.
Never Bounce ensures companies reach their customers by dramatically increasing the delivery of their emails to the inbox. By checking email validity against a database of 6 billion emails and removing outdated email addresses, Never Bounce improves deliverability and helps businesses adhere to strict email provider guidelines.
The speed and accuracy and the price of the service are very reasonable.


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