9 Skills You Need To Bag That Hot Marketing Automation Job

Marketing automation is the hottest buzzword in the realm of digital marketing today. With more and more digital platforms incorporating marketing automation features, the career path for a marketing automation expert sure looks promising! Now, here are 9 top skills that you need to bag that hot marketing automation job.

marketing automation job

1. Be tech-savvy

You have to be well-versed with all the tools that are required in this field. You have to know about tools that integrate various channels and platforms such as e-commerce platforms, tools for content management, tools that generate leads, and much more. Be confident about at least two to three top automation platforms, and you will learn more once you get to do the job.

2. Know what your customer wants from you

You as a successful marketer have to optimize your campaigns in such a way that it will comply with all the various phases of the buying cycle. You have to devise a strategy, and of course, you have to be empathetic about it by engaging with your target audience in real-time. Make sure you always have defined a marketing strategy and you have a clear understanding of your Ideal Customer Profile.

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3. Acquire practical knowledge

You can learn a lot of useful experience from experienced fellow workers. You can learn how the graphic designer is creating innovative designs for the campaign, how the content manager is generating content for more click-through rates, what is the strategy of the social media manager for successful campaigns. If you are looking for specific knowledge, you can always hire a freelancer on Fiverr.

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4. Practice thinking logically and practically

If you have flair for innovation and creation, then nothing like it! You have to make sure that the design is looking perfect on all devices and different screens, the sufficient gap between sending emails, creating a convincing call to action, and much more. Using a tool like Canva will help you to quickly create design which you can can scale to all different sizes and formats.

5. Learn to say ‘no’ for the greater good

As stated earlier, the effective gap between sending emails should be kept in mind; you can’t send your customer 5 to 6 promotional emails per day. So, in case you find yourself in such a position, say no and strategize a better plan with time. Avoid having people marking your emails as spam, this can have a high impact on your email deliverability rate.

6. Learn how to be a great multi-tasker

Use tools that will help you to move on smoothly, such as use reminders, calendars, project management tools, and much more. Within Marketing Automation, you will need to be able to run a lot of projects at once while keeping an overview.

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7. Know each phase thoroughly

Always pay attention to making an effective strategy, then oversee whether the operation is moving as per your plan and be tactical. You should have command over each level as a marketing automation expert.

8. Aim towards highest accuracy

Type the emails carefully to avoid typos, and the images should be appropriately sized, targeted and meaningful content should be generated, maintain the UTM parameters, and so on.

9. Work smart

Find out an intelligent way of getting a job done such as don’t upload CVS files to Facebook ads, use tools that will facilitate the screening process of custom audiences and so on… the bottom line is technologically sound.

For modern businesses, nothing can be better than being able to automate online marketing campaigns across various channels. Regulating sales activities has also become much more comfortable with marketing automation, and this all set to evolve and expand.

So marketing automation aspirants – this is your chance to make the most of this lucrative career path.

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